'Poor Tsuki' You thought as you stroked her hair while she slept on her bed.

You never wanted her to experience those horrendous demons again, but yet it happened. You really wondered if it was inevitable, after all you had a winning streak for always encountering them one way or another.

Just then a maidservant walked in.

You turned to her, wondering what the Intrusion of privacy was about.

"Young mistress, the young master Aoki-sama has awoken."

You rushed over to his room quickly, there he was seated on his bed. His face looked pale and he had this blank expression on his face until you approached him.

"Aoki-kun," You called feeling relief, you thought he would never wake up again. You approached him and sat on his bed by his feet feeling relief "Are you feeling alright."

Aoki looked at you, his expression tainted with guilt and at that very moment he began to cry.

"O nechan, please forgive me!" He wiped his face trying to hide his tears but he couldn't.

Before Aoki-kun could continue to speak you waved away all servants, you didn't want anymore rumors circulating the city.

You closed the door after making sure they weren't waiting to eavesdrop and went back to Aoki.

"Aoki-kun what are you talking about--"

"I couldn't save them," Aoki choked.


"I remember everything," Aoki continued "I let the demon into our home, I thought it needed our help and.."

Aoki took a deep breath before continuing, "It was all my fault, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't protect anyone, I caused it then! Then why am I still alive o nechan? I ought to be punished, I was supposed to di--"

Before Aoki could finish, you brought him to your embrace.

"You're not to blame Aoki," You spoke "You're a good person you were trying to help someone--"


"There are not buts Aoki," You broke the hug and held Aoki by his shoulders tears forming in your eyes "You're being selfish right now Aoki, just think! If you killed yourself how would that have made me feel, how would that have made aunt feel! Were you just thinking of yourself!"

More tears streamed Aoki's cheeks.

"Mum and dad didn't die because of you, that demon would have broken in either ways. You aren't responsible for any mishaps do you hear me?"

Aoki looked at you unable to speak through his tears. You wondered if you were getting through to him at all.

You gripped tightly to his shoulders, "Aoki-kun if you died what would happen to Tsuki, me or aunt Rin?" Tears streamed down your cheeks "Think about it Aoki, do you know how sad we would have been? Or did you just think that you meant nothing to us and we would just forget you?"

"I thought it would be easier for all of us to carry on with our lives," Aoki spoke "That way, you could live happily with your husband and Tsuki could grow up as Rin's daughter.''


You closed the door on your way out, what.. what was even going on in that boy's mind.

'Had he completely lost it?'

You opened a room's door where Tengen was standing looking out the window. He was dressed in his demon slayer uniform, you knew very well what that meant.

"Tengen-sama," You called his attention as you closed the door.

Tengen turned to you and smiled, "Y/n-chan, I heard your brother woke up. How is he doing?"

"I..." You thought about telling him but changed your mind "He's still healing, I don't think he's in his right senses yet. There's a maid posted in his room at all times so nothing bad happens."

"I see, I'm glad." Tengen spoke walking up to you.

"What about you," You looked up at him "Are you leaving already?"

"I have to," Tengen held your face lovingly "I long for a day where I didn't have to be away from my family constantly, but for now I have to serve my duty."

"I understand." You replied.

Tengen smiled immediately at your maturity. "Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru will posted in the entertainment district for a special mission as well."

"Special mission?"

Tengen nodded, "There have been recent disappearances and murders happening there," Tengen replied "The corps think it could be the work of a demon and have assigned them to work as courtesans in the brothels there."

I flinched at his words, "You're really going to allow them do that kind of job?"

"Y/n-chan I assure that nothing bad will happen to them, they're trained ninjas. They'll be fine in the face of danger. I promise you."


You watched Tengen leave from your bedroom window, you weren't sad. You knew he'd come back, you were rest assured nothing bad would happen to him. But concerning the other wives you weren't so sure.

Author's note: I was about to name this chapter I PROMISE YOU but then I realised that I'd already done that before. I hope you like this chapter, I'm home for 2 weeks so I can update more.. I hope 😜. Do you guys watch Violet Evergarden, i started yesterday night and I'm in like episode 10 and I am literally sobbing in like every episode. I don't even know what to say like, that anime is complete 11/10 I really recommend it.