'I looked beautiful?' You thought.

Your face went crimson red and you suddenly felt really hot, you looked down and began fanning yourself with your left hand like an idiot as Tengen stared at you like an idiot.


"What's up with your aim! You just have to hit one target!" Tengen yelled feeling frustrated.

Tengen had taken you and the other wives to an open field reserved only for him, where he could train you.

You sweated nervously, holding the kunai in your right hand. You looked at the target straight ahead.

Your hand tremored uncontrollably as beads of sweat formed on your forehead.

She threw the kunai again and missed.

You turned around to see a pissed off looking Tengen.

'What was he thinking of right now?' You thought.

He suddenly raised his hands and caressed his forehead before saying, "Okay Y/n take 10, I'm hungry anyways."

Tengen left to get himself some food and collapsed on the under the shade of big oak tree.

Before the kunai training, Tengen had made you do fifty push-ups, had you run around the field so many times you lost count and he wouldn't even give you water.

You felt like this guy was trying to kill you, a year of enslavement was no match to the torture you had endured today.

Hinatsuru soon came and sat down next to you with a wooden water bottle.

Before she could get a word out, you grabbed it from her chugging it down feeling relief.

'What a sad little creature.' Hinatsuru smiled.

"Y/n?" Hinatsuru called.

"Hm." You answered with gladness, now that your thirst had been quenched.

"Why don't you tell Lord Tengen that you wanna go be with your family?" Hinatsuru asked "I'm sure he'll understand and gladly take you to them, after all your marriage is not official, he just owns you like mere property."

Hinatsuru's words hit you hard. Lord Tengen didn't see you as a wife but as his property.

He had told you that himself, not directly but he hinted at it strongly. As for your family? What even happened to them? Did they sell you off? Did they die? How on earth did you end up in that slave trade?

Suddenly Hinatsuru held your hands and gave you a warm smile.

"Talk to Lord Tengen tonight, I'll back you up."

But you couldn't do that, you had nowhere to go and even if you did, ain't no way Tengen would just free you. Just like that?

Before you could reply, Lord Tengen returned with some food wrapped up.

"I just had a flamboyant idea when I was out," Lord Tengen said, speaking to all of us in general.

'So what was it?' You thought anticipating his idea.



You were all out at the city, you stood over a bridge by yourself watching the fireworks.

Or you thought you were alone, Tengen was soon by your side.

His hair was let down and you couldn't help but stare at his beautiful maroon eyes for a few extra seconds.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Tengen asked looking amazed by the sparks.

You've been meaning to ask Tengen those for a long time, but out of all the beautiful girls why did he pick you?

"Lord Tengen can I ask you a question?" You asked instantly regretting your statement.

"Go ahead." Tengen nodded.

"I.. I j.just wanted to kno..know out of all the girls, why did you pick me? I was dirty and ugly- and I'm still ugly."

Lord Tengen finally turned to look at me, he had a serious expression.

He looked back to the fireworks and smiled suddenly.

"I actually had no particular reason for picking you," Lord Tengen admitted "It was just an attraction I guess, plus it wasn't the first time I'd seen you. You always looked so miserable."

So Hinatsuru was right, he only pitied you and had you as a mere commodity, he didn't see you as a wife.

"I see." You replied simply, gripping tightly to the rails of the bridge.

Lord Tengen took notice of your reaction and reasoned it out.

"However it was not pity," Lord Tengen said "Trust me I don't waste my money on sympathy."

You looked at Tengen confused, "So it was just an attraction?" You asked slowly.

Lord Tengen turned to you and smiled.