Lord Tengen led you to the rooftop where you could be alone together.

Lord Tengen didn't feel comfortable, he was anxious but you didn't notice. You were too busy fidgeting and playing with your fingers.

Suddenly Tengen put his hands on your shoulder, the sudden contact made you shiver but not in a bad way and Tengen felt it.

"Y/n-Chan can I ask you a question?" Lord Tengen asked, right now Lord Tengen looked so vulnerable, he couldn't seem to meet your eye.

You nodded your palms sweating from nervousness.

"Y/n-Chan do you want to stay with your family or come back home with me?" Lord Tengen asked.

You were taken aback.

"I'm not blackmailing you Y/n, I don't want to be selfish, I want you to genuinely be happy." Tengen said still not meeting your eyes.

Your words were cut in your throat, you couldn't answer. Your siblings you cared about them so much but you also cared about Tengen and the others.

You opened your mouth to speak but no words came out. What the hell was even happening.

To be honest, you had never thought about this. Of course you couldn't have both siblings and Tengen at the same time.

But was Tengen even worth it, he had three wives surely.. Wait what were you thinking, Tengen's the one who'd saved you so many times, even if he didn't always show it. He cared about you and your personal interests.

That's why he asked you this question.  He didn't take you as a mere object, he took you as a person whose choices and wants mattered.

You looked down at the ground, shutting your eyes. You couldn't answer, you wanted both sides.

Suddenly Tengen had you in his embrace and you couldn't help but cry softly.

"It's okay, it's okay Y/n. It's okay to pick your family, I will totally understand," Tengen ran his fingers through your hair "Stop crying now, you face will get puffy."

You both slept in different rooms.

As you laid on your bed, you couldn't fall asleep. You kept tossing and turning thinking of an answer to give Tengen the next day.

You finally decided and went to sleep.

When you woke up it was quite late in the morning.

You took your bath and got dressed. You went downstairs where Aoki and Tsuki sat in a big spacious living room playing some kind of board game you'd never seen before.

"Good morning O nechan." Aoki greeted, he seemed okay today he wasn't angry.

"Good morning," You greeted back "Where's Rin?"

"She went out." Tsuki and Aoki choroused

You nodded walking away and was stopped by the voice of Aoki.

"Where are you going?" Aoki asked.

"To find Tengen, I need to talk to him." You replied simply.

Aoki and Tsuki looked at each other.

"What's the matter?" You asked.

"The thing is, Tengen left earlier this morning." Tsuki replied "He said he wanted you to be happy with you family."

Your heart sank and you felt absolute sadness and despair.

"I though--" Before Tsuki could finish you ran out of the house then out of the compound.

Tokyo was back to its busy self even in the morning.

You ran across the streets screaming Tengen's name but he was gone, he wasn't here, people just looked at you as if you were a mad woman.

You felt awful, why did he have to leave you like that? No, if only you had given him a direct answer.

Knowing his speed, he was probably long gone by now.

You fell on your knees feeling defeated.

Aoki and Tsuki finally caught up with you.

Aoki grabbed your hand, "C'mon O nechan, let's get out of here."

You pulled your hand away, tears forming in your eyes.

People were staring at you and some pointing, it bothered Aoki but you didn't care about what people thought right now.

"O nechan, people are staring and murmuring," Aoki sounded annoyed "Do you want people to make rumors and gossips out of you."

You didn't listen and just lowered your head, your tears staining the sand.

Tsuki and Aoki looked at each other not knowing what to do.

Tsuki crouched to your level, "We can send for him. We'll find him, we'll tell him you want to stay with him," Tsuki said but to no avail, you wouldn't get up or stop crying "O nechan, come on. At least come back to the house, peop--"

"I don't care about the people," You looked at Tsuki with teary eyes "Tsuki you're 7 years old, you wouldn't understand."

'Dammit, I've never seen Y/n cry so much in my entire life. That bastard, Tengen. What's so special about him anyway?' Aoki thought.

"O nechan," Aoki spoke softly "You must not let yourself be reduced to this level," Aoki took a deep breath "I understand that you care for that man, Tengen and I'm sorry for being rude about your marriage," Aoki shut his eyes feeling sick "Let's go back into the house at least, when aunt returns she'll resolve everything."

You looked at Aoki with wide eyes, for once he made sense.

You sniffed and got up slowly. "Let's," You took a deep breath "Let's go back home."