'Female assistance?' You thought, he definitely wouldn't pick you, you were too weak.

You turned around going back to bed when..

"Y/n-Chan get dressed you're coming with me." Tengen said.

You turned around to face him rather quickly, did he just say you were following him and even worse, did he just tell you to wear that embarrassing uniform again.

Why did female ninjas even need to wear such exposing clothing. You shivered at the thought of wearing that uniform again.

"But I'm not from the corps." You replied trying to get out of this.

Tengen raised an eyebrow, honestly Lord Tengen didn't care about that. As long as you were his wife, he expected you to assist him when needed.

By assistance, he didn't need you as a fighter more as bait.

His designated mission was in a city where lone women had continuously gone missing when walking home leaving demon remnants behind.

You'd be fine as long as Lord Tengen was there. But you had no idea about his plan, you just thought he wanted you to fight demons.


You walked with Lord Tengen to the city through a forest.

You had worn the uniform, but used a big scarf to cover your exposed breasts. You still felt embarrassed though.

Your legs ached, you'd been walking for hours it was already noon.

Suddenly Tengen stopped walking and you bumped into his back.

"Walking is getting us nowhere, we'll never get there on time." Lord Tengen sounded quite annoyed, not at you but at different circumstances.

Lord Tengen knew you wouldn't be able to run as fast as him, not even the other wives could. If you tried, you'd probably pass out from fatigue.

You looked at Tengen in confusion.

Suddenly Lord Tengen crouched down. You looked at him confused, what was even happening?

"Climb on," Tengen said "I'll piggyback you there."

'But.. But won't that just make you guys slower.' You thought.

You slowly climbed onto Lord Tengen's back, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Without warning Tengen dashed off with great speed, you shut your eyes 'cos of the great wind.

So this is what he meant by you slowing him down? He would have gotten to the city hours ago if it weren't for you, you felt kinda bad.


When you arrived at the city it was night time, probably around 7:00pm.

The city was rather solemn and boring, people going on with their daily lives, but deep within all that you could sense deep anxiety. It seemed to be coming from the women.

Lord Tengen crouched down again and you got off his back.

Tengen stood up right looking around.  "Come with me." Tengen ordered and you followed him.

You came to an empty part of the city, It looked totally deserted.

You looked around anxiously and when you looked back at Tengen, he was gone.

"Ten-- Lord Tengen," You panicked running searching for him "Where are you?"

Your heartbeat raced in fear, what if a demon had taken him? It hurt your heart just thinking about it.

Lord Tengen watched you from a high rise building's roof, where you couldn't see him.

He watched you get all panicky, he felt bad, he felt horrible. Was he really doing this because of the mission? No, he wasn't he just didn't want to leave you for so long.

What was wrong with him? He barely knew you.

'Nothings happening,' Tengen thought 'Was he wrong about--'

Wait something-- there's a demon here, Tengen gripped his dual nichirin cleavers ready to attack.

He watched you intently.

As you ran around, you stopped abruptly. A cold chill ran down your spine, there was someone with you and it definitely wasn't Tengen.

You felt something cold grab your legs, you looked down in horror.

You were faced with an ugly looking demon with purple cracky looking skin.

You opened your mouth wanting to scream but nothing came out.

Before you could react, you were suddenly dragged into the ground but you were drowning in water for some reason, where were you?

Lord Tengen landed on the ground, 'Damn it! Where--'

Lord Tengen dodged the punch from a second demon, it was a female and this one could pass off for a normal human being. The demon had a strange permanent scared-looking expression on his face.

"Where did your partner take y/n?" Tengen asked before kicking the demon to the wall.

"I'll ask you again," Lord Tengen took his stance spinning his weapons in his hands "Where is she?"

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