My Possessive Murderer

My Possessive Murderer

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Category: Romance
"Why are you running away from me?" He pinned me to the wall, leaving no chance of my escape.

I looked down at my feet, not being able to find the courage to talk.

"Amelia," The way he took my name, sent down shivers through my body. "I asked, why are you running away from me?"

I somehow gathered the courage to speak but couldn't look at his eyes.

"I know you're gonna kill me. I saw those photos. I read those papers." I whispered as tears started rolling down my cheek.

He sighed and turned away from me showing me his athletic and muscular back.

I cleared my throat and spoke again looking at his back.

"I don't want to die."

He turned around and our eyes locked. There was no expression in his eyes.

"I wish I can save you but, I cannot." He came closer and whispered into my ears.


Beautiful cover by @bangtanboyzarelife



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