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Her Betrayal

Clenching my eyes shut , I let a few fat teardrops roll down my cheeks. The blazing anger in his eyes , the accusations in them were too strong to bear. It literally hurt to look into his steel grey eyes that were now burning with hatred....hatred towards me. ..................Braelyn Taylor never thought that she would again cross paths with her highschool sweetheart Evan Lewis after that fateful day, let alone work with him. With her betrayal burning strong in his heart till date, what does destiny have in store for these two ?[#15 in love][#2 in hot]

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His Betrayal

Annabelle isn't your typical 17 year old werewolf. For starters she hasn't even shifted yet. Her parents believe that since she hasn't yet found her mate it might be what's causing the problem.So they send her away, to her grandparents pack where the soon-to-be mysterious Alpha is not yet mated....What are the chances of him being the one?And even if he was....Even if she did fall hopelessly in love with him....Would the betrayal be worth it in the end?

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Perfect Scars

When a case of mistaken identity leads to an innocent girl being kidnapped by a gangster, will one man bent on revenge push them together or destroy them? *****Hayden King and Violet Smith couldn't be more different. While he was a feared gangster, she was a simple college student, a delicate flower whose petals had been crushed by a stranger a long time ago. But what they didn't realize is that they had more in common than they initially thought. Their lives were interlinked in a complicated way because of some sick twist of fate. So how will the big revelation affect their life? Will he able to save Violet from the demon of her dreams? Let's find out.[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]

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The Twins Betrayal

I walked out of my room and closed the door.I started to go downstairs where I could hear my siblings talking. I was almost to the stairs when I heard a door open and close. I turned around to see Makayla right behind me. "Hi, Little Brother." She said viciously ~~~"You didn't do that stuff to Makayla, did you?" He quietly asked. "No, I didn't." I shook my head and paused. "She did it to herself." He was quiet for a moment. "Why would she blame you for all that stuff?" I lightly shrugged. "They'll believe her, though." I said quietly "Everyone always believes her and now that you're here it's going to get a lot worse." ~~~Twins that were given up for adoption together. For a reason they do not know yet. The girl was seen as young, Beautiful, and innocent. They couldn't see her for who she really was. But he could and he was none other than her twin brother of course. He was the one that always suffered because of her. He loved her, she was his sister his only family. But she hated him and wanted them to hate him too. They used to think that he was the same as her until she made them think differently. Then their biological family showed up. He thought that they would love him, no matter what she did. But, maybe he was wrong. *I do not own any images or videos in this all images from Pinterest and videos from YouTube*EnjoyStarted: 1/3/2021Finished: 1/17/23#1 in Older Sister on 03/08/21#1 in Evil Twin on 03/08/21#1 in Little Brother on 5/24/21#2 in Sister on 11/29/21#5 in Reunited on 2/28/22#2 in Mafia Prince 11/29/21#92 in LGBT on 9/12/21

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Omega Pete is happily living his life with his Alpha Vegas and their 4 year old son,veniceBut their happy life crumbled when Vegas ex-boyfriend came back and accused, Pete is the reason for their separationHow will Vegas react to his husband's betrayal?

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When Ash returns from the Alolan league he gets betrayed by most of the people he had once called as friends . Now he is back and ready to get some revenge

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It's a story of love misunderstanding and betrayal ............I am seriously not that good in writing fanfiction but since i love writing so I thought to post it here plz ignore the mistakes ................And I hope you enjoy the story#4 toptaebottomkoo#24 fyp

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An Impossible Deception

FOR FANS OF BRIDGERTON. To save her family's reputation, Isabella must impersonate her twin sister to deceive her sister's husband in a scheme that depends on her not falling for him. ****** Identical twins Isabella and Arabella Garvey have nothing in common except their looks: where Arabella is a confident socialite, Isabella hides from society, ruined by scandal. But when Arabella runs away with a secret lover to escape her loveless marriage, Isabella must impersonate her sister in order to save her family's reputation. The only problem? In order to outfox Arabella's cruel and clever husband, Isabella must start living with him, and it doesn't take long for her to discover a passionate and respectful man under his icy exterior. But is she willing to destroy her sister's reputation in order to be with the man she loves?[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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(This is a story about Luffy getting betrayed by his only crew, except for two people) read the story/book to find out what happens next.PLEASE follow: @animeafton12 π’ŠΉοΈŽοΈŽοΈŽin here:•Ace is alive•WhiteBeard is alive

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In her fifth year, Y/N Granger meets the new guy Mattheo Riddle. They get to know eachother and get closer and closer to eachother. Everything seems to be going perfectly, but nothing is what it seems like. Will Y/N find out what Mattheo has been hiding? And will she ever not be compared to her sister, the brightest witch of her age Hermione Granger?Y/N Granger X Mattheo RiddlePSA: I don't own any of the characters or names of places. They're created by J.K. Rowling. Mattheo Riddle was created by @YasmineamaroFinished on 3-8-2023

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How much can one girl take? After being betrayed by two people, hunted. but she finds love! Raine is a 16 year old werewolf that is promise to an Alpha of another pack. She thinks this will all work out, just like her sisters did. Find out what happens to Raine when she been through Hell.

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The Betrayal

The famous CEO of the most popular company's son needs a bodyguard. That's when they take their chance. He becomes his bodyguard. "Lee Felix, the son of the famous CEO of SMDL company is now said to be the next CEO after his father" "What?!" Betrayals, blood and revenge. These are all the things the group wanted for the sake of their family. While, the poor son just wanted a family. A perfect one.

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Shikwa~Echoes of Betrayal

𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐀 # 𝟏 𝐨𝐟 π“π‘πž π‘πšπšπ³ 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐒𝐞𝐬. Love or betrayal?Consumption of betrayals. Internal betrayal? Yes! Will they be overcome?Or Will it overcome them??? Buckle up your seats to witness their internal betrayals. Ansh, an arrogant and ruthless tycoon, reigns over both the corporate and underground realms. His life takes a turn when he encounters Kanika, a lively Punjabi girl who tests his principles and values.

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My Mate's Betrayal

When you are at your lowest there is only one thing you can do and that is to rise. Our protagonist went through some tough sh*t and then like a phoenix she was born again from her ashes. Every time someone tries to take you down you must not feel degraded or keep wallowing in self pity. Be the champion you wish for to come and rescue you. This story is about one of those people who choose to become their "Knight in shining armour" rather than waiting for one to show up.A sneak peek of what's inside. Have a look. I am sure you will like it."Romantic dates, public declaration of love, standing by her side when going gets tough. Girls were jealous of her for getting such a loving and attentive mate or so she thought. It wasn't jealousy that seared their bond but the hidden truth that she stumbled upon.Daughter of an alpha, a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, sheltered from world by her herculean father, over protective twin and annoying younger brother. A girl that looks at world in good faith. Sooner than later her faith was shredded to pieces.It happened a week before her 18th birthday. It was a moon less night but her pack was awash with light and cheer. It was for marking ceremony, where she would be marked by her mate and then after a private family gathering they were to leave for secluded wood that were sacred in its own way. It was a way to welcome her mate into the family and getting to know what was in store for him after they complete their mating when she turned eighteen. All in all it was a big day and she was supposed to be happiest person alive as nothing seem better then bonding to someone for life that makes you happy and love you for who you are. But alas! it was an illusion, a beautiful mirage that ended that day."To know what happened next you have to tag along, i will only say one thing, HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMEN SCORNED.~SK.

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(UNDER MAJOR EDITING)IF THE STORYLINE SEEMS OFF, IT IS DUE TO RECENT EDITING. SORRY.What would you do if your friend betrayed you? That's exactly what happened to Ava Reeves. Her long time friend Ryder Jacobs ditched her a year ago, and not just for popularity, but for his girlfriend Rebecca. Ava thought she had finally gotten over him. But she soon finds that she was wrong, when atrocious circumstances undermine everything she has worked for. She finds that nothing is going her way. And she sees that she will have to reconnect old friendships and maybe fix them or end them forever.

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This story is not about ERKENCI KUS, the previous stories that I have written for Wattpad. I have watched to many dramas on cheating spouses and the wives are always pitiful. I wanted them to be strong and fight back. These stories are about heartbroken but strong women who have the perfect revenge. They are from my imagination only and the cover picture from Pinterest is the only thing I have used that is not mine. Please enjoy these stories and as I am not a writer I appreciate lots of feedback. (Just so you know I have never been in a cheating situation and my one and only husband and I have been married 49 years this month of April 2022.) Thank you for reading.

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To her , it was his ultimate betrayal but to him , it was her redemption. ~****~(Reviews)•Can't get enough , just want to keep on reading@Vimbainashe91•That was such a haunting beautiful story@Mystery-Angel6•That was a lovely twist@DhrutyMody•l loved this book. It's one of the best emotional stories l have read@KdandaFeatured:@dangerouslove~~Love triangles and Affairs reading list@NA~~Trials of Love|| Romance reading listCover credits goes @xxinloves(Completed)

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Betrayal by you

Spider man gets betrayed by someone close to go

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Love In Betrayal | βœ”οΈ

"Let's break up" She stated.~~~~~~It took her just three words to tear his simple world.In this vast world, two different words exist - "LOVE" and "BETRAYAL". Though, those words have separate meanings as well as different aspects.When one symbolizes felicity, another one denotes annihilation.But when these two different words with opposite essence are put in one sentence, the definition comes out to have strange exterior which happens to be a cycle of Love-Betrayal. Peep into know :)

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Risen from Betrayal

Ash Ketchum, with Pikachu and the rest of his Kalos team (except for Goodra & Greninja), return home to Pallet Town, where his former travelling companions and rivals are already waiting for him. Some tell him to give up on his dream on becoming the Pokemon Master while others stay by his side. What will happen to Ash when some of his friends and rivals betray him? Read on to find out.Some of the movesets of each trainer's Pokemon will be different to what it was last seen in the Pokemon Anime. Aside from the mainstream anime characters in the story, the game character Calem and maybe a few other game/manga characters will also be included. This is my first fanfiction story, and sorry if I get any Pokemon information wrong, so feel free to correct me as well as commenting on where I can improve. Hope you enjoy.All of the artworks, photos of characters and Pokemon that I uploaded belong respectfully to their rightful owners. Only the storyline belongs to me.

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Game of Betrayal (Completed)

"Betrayal betrays the betrayer." - AnnonymousSanskar: "It was always professional, but you made it personal Ms. Swara Mehra. Now you have to face the menace Sanskar Maheshwari. And I promise, I will ruin your life to the fullest. You will regret to mess up with me for each moment of your upcoming life. You will be tagged as "betrayer" in front of society, the tag which you hate the most. Welcome to my Game of Betrayal."Swara: "Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, I will make you regret for the day you were born in this world. You marked me as betrayer in front of everyone, but now I will take my revenge. I will give you beliefs, hopes, dreams, love and then, I will betray you. I will snatch everything from you step by step, to break you, to ruin you, to bring you on your knees. You will be finished soon Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Welcome to my Game of Betrayal."Destiny: "HAHAHAHAHA. Dear Swara and Sanskar, plan whatever games you want to play, but when I will make my moves it will be check and mate for you both turning you both into SOULMATEs. It's my time for payback and my payback is never easy, I hate to make paybacks. You have to fight and win over your own demons to get blessed with your angel. Welcome to my Game of Love."This will be rollercoaster story for Swara Mehra and Sanskar Maheshwari. Two egoistic, sharp minded, cold, arrogant, meticulous and hard personalities with their mysterious past clashes with each other for their oath to win over and destroy the other, with their extreme willpower, unknown to the mastermind of this game is DESTINY. This is Game of Betrayal in which each character will play a role of betraying other and at the same time being a victim of someone else betrayal.Will love bloom in this Game of Betrayal?@1 at romantic-thrillar@13 at forcedmarriage

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Estella was presented as "Dead". After a dark past, she becomes Angelina Clark aka Trigger. Angelina was filled with hate and sought revenge for her past. Becoming the world's most wanted assassin. She killed any corrupt person Mafia, dirty politicians, and even royals.Her next task would change her life... kill the world's most wanted Mafia man. A man whose name had been said but never seen. But once she meets the devil herself she falls in love.What can go wrong?------------------------------------------------------------------------After years of getting beaten, manipulated, and humiliated it all ended with my first kill.It won't be my last and that is for sure. No one knew who Estella was but the fucking world will run from Trigger.

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Jennie KimShe thought that everything was fine, her relationship with her best friend and girlfriend. But what would happen and what would she do if she found out about the betrayal of everyone to her. Her circle of friends, family, and even her own girlfriend hide something that will surely not just break her heart but someone too. THE EVENTS THAT HAPPENED AND NAMES THAT USED WAS JUST FOR FANFICTION. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE OF THE SAID NAMES WAS NEVER INTENTIONALLY, AND JUST USED IT FOR THIS FANFICTION.

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The Price of Your Betrayal

Naruto sits in his cell thinking about all the events leading up to this. He was betrayed. Not thinking that it would actually happen he was slightly shocked even though he prepared for the slim chance of it happening. However, he can't help but smirk now that all is going according to plan.I've been working on the rewrite for a while now. If you enjoy this story, be sure to check out the rewrite and leave feedback. I want to make it an even better version of what it could be.

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The Betrayal

After the incident with Master Chen during the tournament of elements Lloyd starts to feel alienated from his team and his own mother. They ignore him and even flat out pretend like he's not even in the room. Noticing this Sensei Wu give Lloyd an opportunity to heal by going to Paris with a friend of the family, the Dupain-Cheng's. Get ready for an unexpected twist.

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The Betrayal

Perseus Jackson, the boy who has saved the world countless times, has been betrayed. Thrown away like some broken toy. A cast away, banished, forgotten. His actions has not gone unnoticed though. The government is after the hero, and is going to stop at nothing to get him.

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"Isn't she is pregnant and I was pregnant when her mother did this to me,"before I process what she was saying. I saw my life flash into my eyes. She pushed me down the stairs.Everything goes blank. That is how I died.Read to find out more and this book is not a dissapointment,you will surely enjoy it. :)

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Percy Jackson was betrayed by everyone, accused by the gods for a crime he did not do, an alliance he did not join, and sent to Tartarus as punishment. Down there he meets a hooded, winged person that helps him get out. What will happen?(Y/N) (L/N) is an 18-year-old girl with wings as black as night. She is a daughter of Hades, and someone else. She travels throughout Tartarus to meet Percy Jackson. What will happen?

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