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Slow Changes (Whizzvin)

They were both damaged. One was damaged from the other, one had been already damaged and was even more damaged from hurting the other.They both somewhat wanted each other back. And they got back together at that baseball game. We all know that story.But do you know the story of what happened during their time apart?#1 in Whizzer#2 in WhizzerBrownAs of July 8th, 2021#1 in WhizzerBrownAs of July 30th, 2021

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Confetti-A Whizzvin Story

Hey! So- this is my first story... so it'll probably be trash- but here's what I generally have planned out.It's Marvin's Birthday! And Whizzer completely forgot.... Yaay... anyways, Whizzer goes out to buy Marvin some stuff and then shit goes down.

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Whizzvin Oneshots

Just some Whizzvin oneshots. i've gotten into falsettos recently and it's currently my will to live so. enjoy.

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 whizzvin oneshots

romantic, act one, angst, smut, ect!a gathering of little whizzvin one shots!

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Whizzvin Oneshots

The title says it all! Just Whizzvin oneshots, mostly fluff, because I just want my boys to be happy. I might do some other ships, I have honestly no idea.

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Whizzvin Oneshots

Oh boy howdy I'm in love with this musical.

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A Million Stories - Whizzvin (Falsettos) One Shots

A collection of Whizzvin one shots/short stories - mostly fluff.Comment any suggestions or requests!

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The Dynamics of Primitivity || A Whizzvin Fanfiction

A community theatre AU with an impulsive twist of over-analyzation, alcoholism, and selfishness.

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The Prince and His Outlaw // Whizzvin AU

It's C.1100.A young outlaw is making it his mission to save his friends and family by ruining the lives of the royal family. A young prince is trying to prove to his family that he is mature and sensible and that he will be able to rule someday. But will their colliding paths break what that have tried so hard on?It isn't based on a specific Falsettos cast so pick your favourite.Best Tag Rating:#7 Falsettos#8 Falsettos#1 Falsettos x2#2 Falsettos x2

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 Forever  [Whizzvin]

Marvin is homeless. Whizzer is a famous fashion designer. When Marvin begs him for money on the street one day, a romantic romance blossoms.SOULMATE AU

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Falsettos watching Falsettos!!!!

The TKF was laughing in Whizzer's hospital room and then suddenly, a bright light flashed as the TKF was teleported to a room with couches and a big movie screen. "Where are we?" Whizzer asked as he rubbed his head, looking down and seeing himself back in his green button up and tight brown pants. He realized that he slowly felt better, like he was cured of his sickness. A message popped up on the screen, "I'm Gabby, and I brought you guys here to reflect on your lives, watch the present, and see your past. Are you in?" "Let's do it!!" Jason exclaimed, and climbed into one of the couches, the rest of the family following.DISCLAIMER: The story, music, lyrics, and characters of Falsettos aren't mine in anyway, shape, or form. All rights belong to the creative William Finn and James Lapine.Enjoy!!!!

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Whizzvin oneshots ((DISCONTINUED))

Just as it sounds. It's a bunch of falsettos oneshots. More specifically whizzvin oneshots

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Lonely (a falsettos college AU)

Marvin x Whizzer fanfic.Almost every morning since he was 16, 19 year old Whizzer brown would end up waking up at 5 am in a strangers bed, trying to rush home before his workaholic mom would get up for work, notice he was gone, and give him a ride to school.What seemed like worlds away, a spoilt, bratty Marvin, would find his way sleeping through the entire cheerleading squad, seemingly suppressing his constant need for attention, given to him by his also workaholic parents.But what will happen when these two would meet, both of them trying to satisfy and suppress their urges and needs?Surely this could never end well...No1 FalsettosNo1 MendelNo1 DrcharlotteNo1 WhizzerNo1 whizzvinNo1 in trousers

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swim until you cant see land | falsettos

in which a car crash changes everything.

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Falsettos College AU

Marvin, Whizzer, Trina, Mendel, Cordelia and Charlotte are all starting their first year as college students. But what is it that brings them all together?

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Falsettos one shots

A collection of one shots inspired by stuff I've read on Pinterest, or maybe not, we may never know!No.1 -mendelNo.1- whizzvinNo.1-WhizzerNo.3- falsettosNo.6- marvin

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|| Andrew Rannells Images

cursed, cute, sweet, anything andrew!- - - - - clearing out my gallery with a safe space to store themfind me on insta! @dontplaypretty

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I'll let you win (a falsettos x marvel au)

Whizzer x Marvin fanficMarvin Feldman of Feldman industries was the richest man in America, he was also, known to no one, as the superhero iron man. His son Jason, on the other hand, was trying to be a normal kid. But that's difficult when you're the son of a douchebag and a superhero in your spare time whilst still trying to graduate high school. It got even worse when he found out his parents were getting a divorce...No.1- MendelNo.1- falsettolandNo.1- whizzvinNo.4- WhizzerNo.6- falsettos

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everything will be alright || a whizzvin oneshot

when marvin met whizzer. a college au oneshot thing?i love this fic a lot and i sound like a bitch but it made me vv happy to write :))i cannot do summaries but give it a chance?[COMPLETE]

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Falsettos reacts to Falsettos 儭

♀ 拎氣休休 恫荊h h攻唐 ♀氣 攻 埠唐♀ 突劾 拎休 ♀突 拎h 劾 ♀h喫喫' 恫荊, 埠♀ 休 劾 突氣, 恫h♀ 休h♀ 休突♀ 唐♀ 埠恫 唐恫攻突拎劾恫唐 唐 恫劾劾 埠h唐 劾氣♀ 攻 h 突恫...DISCLAIMER! I DON'T OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT MYSELF! ALL RIGHTS GO TO WILLIAM FINN AND JAMES LAPINE!started; 14/9/2020ended; 19/8/21

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giddy seizures - falsettos oneshots

a collection of falsettos-related fluff, angst, and the like.

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the thrill of first love

the author copes with post-musical depression by writing one-shots about a couple who were together for nine months. ten months. nine months. ten months. nine- ten months.

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Uwu Baka falsettos

falsettos one shots, smut, angst, fluff, a 14,000 word long story

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What is Normal? (Falsettos High School AU)

A fun little project to improve my writing skills :)The story centers around Marvin trying to figure out who he's going to be while dealing with love, loss, and of course, schoolwork.

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WhizVin One shots/Smut shots

WhizzVin and Mcpriceley fan ficFluffSmut(?)

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we're a teeny tiny band // falsettos

a few oneshots with the falsettos family will include: -whizzvin-trindel-chardelia-and i take requests!! comment what y'all think would be a good fic idea!! :)

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