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A possessive one shot storiesAlpha/ Mafia leader/ CEO/ Mate/Badboy*MATURE SCENES AHEAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

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Possessive Much ?

( EDITING!) He pushed me against the gym lockers and man did he look different. Not scary but...... Possessive " WHO IS HE !!" he shouted I was confused , who was who then I remembered and started laughing . " Oh you mean my older brother , yeah people say we are pretty cute ." My voice clearly with sarcasmHe looked at me for a few more seconds and then stormed off . Who knew he can be Possessive?

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Dominantly Yours (Book 1, Dominantly Yours Series)

As an Omega, the lowest-rank werewolf in any pack, Claire is confident her smoking hot Alpha can't be her mate. But she's wrong -- not just about him, but also about her place in the werewolf world. *****Adopted into a family of Omegas, the lowest-ranking werewolves in the Mistwood Valley pack, eighteen-year-old Claire Masters is more concerned with her schoolwork and her adorable little brother than pandering to pack politics. But when Nathanial Groves, the pack's inescapably attractive Alpha, steps into her life, her entire world is thrown into disarray. Because Claire can't help feeling drawn to him -- irresistibly so -- and it's distracting her from the growing danger looming over her town and her family. A mate is the last thing she has time for, but can Nate be ignored? [[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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The Possessive Duke

Lucas Alberto. The Devilish Duke. That's what everyone calls him. And he is a devil like everyone says. He is top in business, arrogance, sexiness and good looks. If he doesn't like something, it will disappear from the face of the earth in a few minutes. But what if he likes someone? The someone, who is very special. The girl who captured his heart since the first time he saw her. The innocent angelic Anabelle. He feels an inevitable attraction for her, which they both can't deny. But how will he make her his, when everyone tries to stop him from reaching her?He is a popular Devil.She is an avoided Angel.But no. He is not going to stop at anything from making her his.The amazing cover is made by Sweetblast.

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Cttro C.C

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So Possessive ✅

A boy who needs help and only a possessive mafia can only help him.Cover credits to unbelievable: aisyx__

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Khalil is obsessed with sex. Every woman that he met ending with his bed and when he's done with them he throw them like a garbage but when he met Angela, the goddess in his eyes he became possessive with her. But Angela didn't feel the same thing. she had a boyfriend for almost 2years and counting. They are happy but in one night everything change when her boyfriend bed her sister.

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The Girl He Never Noticed

When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again?****** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thinks she'll be doing is making his coffee...but when sparks fly, the shy Jade (who wears a disguise to mask her beauty and the secrets of her past) and the fiery, cocky Eros (who is solely focused on business and doesn't believe in the distractions of love) begin to grow closer and closer. Will Eros be able to see past her disguise to the beauty within? And will Jade be able to tame his heart -- and her own -- once the man of her dreams finally notices her?******Officially now a series! Watch it for free on MediaCorp's Youtube Channel- MediaCorp Drama.[[Word Count: 150,000 - 200,000]]The Girl He Never Noticed (Book 1 + 2) by Neilani Alejandrino (Sweetdreamer33)Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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Possessive Prince

Kayla Miles strayed where she wasn't supposed to and in the process, caught the attention of the leader of a group everyone feared.* * *" You shouldn't be close to any man who's not me" he said firmly making Kayla momentarily speechless." Why? I'm not yours" she said Stubbornly." You are" " No I'm not"He didn't say anything but she felt him move closer if that was even possible. She pressed her back against the door. He placed his hand on the wall by her head." Jayden..." Kayla called under her breath. She was scared at how close they were. Especially since it was dark and she could see nothing. She wondered if he could even see her" Mhm?" Jayden replied as he lowered his face to her neck.______________________#1 lovable#1 human

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To Escape a Possessive Mate

Nora hates it when werewolves and vampires make themselves known to the world. All she dreams about is escaping to a human community, when she gets chosen to be the mate of werewolf Vincent. Upon learning of her desires to run away, Vincent does everything to keep Nora by his side.

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The Bad Boy Is Possessive

Is it possible for a bad boy to be your saving grace? Well for Farrah Bryant it was. After she finds out her boyfriend of six months has been cheating on her, who do you think was there to help her through it all and most importantly get revenge? That's right. The notorious school bad boy Brody Bauer. Just that name alone was enough to send people into hiding. However for Farrah she couldn't have been happier to have him on her side. Especially when it comes to destroying her ex Blake Coleman. Although nothing comes without a price and, Farrah is just about to figure that out when the school bad boy starts making some demands of his own. What could be the reason for this bad boys sudden interest in helping her? And what is it with his hot possessiveness?There is only one way to find out!

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My Possessive Billionaire

Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows. ***** Enrique Monteiro, a powerful Brazilian billionaire, has gotten everything he wanted in life. He has looks, wealth, power, and women. He travels in his private jet to negotiate business deals all over the globe. His godly looks and reserved attitude makes seems to pull women in. With just a snap of his fingers, he can get everything he's ever wanted. Everything except Sophia Castello.[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]Cover designed by Karen Roberts

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The possessive alpha

COMPLETED AND BEING EDITEDHe pressed me against the wall. His plump pink lips trailed down my jaw line and his teeth grazed along my neck. "Say it." He hissed. "I-I'm yours."

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Possessive VR 😈

once .... VR get obessed then you have to face his wrath , one shot on riansh

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My Possessive Mafia Boss  ( Competed )


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The Possessive CEO's Love

"Remember one thing Cara", his breathe fanning my face, our lips itching to touch. "You. Are. Mine. No one can ever change that", he said and kissed me possessively.Ace Rodriguez. A billionaire, a playboy. He uses girls like the are his discarded shirts. He doesn't care about anything but money. He has everything he wants. He doesn't believe in love. But he wants her. And if he thinks something is his he will have it will . His possessiveness crosses limits for it.Cara Jones is an innocent girl.She is beautiful and every girl envies her. She is divorced from her husband who is sent to jail. She wants to start a new life. Having a possessive boss is the last thing she want.When all seems to settle down well her past comes after her.Cover designed by Sweetblast.

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One unforgettable night, when thay just want to have some fun. Ellion owns a bar where he met Zion Penzia friend of one of his loyal customer. Zion's friend Matthew just wanted him to have some fun, he did have some fun. That fun, is where the unforgettable night happens.

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a man arguing with a elderly man, "pa ... I am sorry pa.. idhukkku mela ennala Ava kooda vaala mudiyadhu... avalukku ennakum set agala pa.. let me divorce her... she didn't even know how to maintain a house or even to cook a decent meal... it's not working between us... "that elderly man: sari pa.. aana 1 year poru pa.. that man: why 1 year?that elderly man : enakaga pa .. kadaisiya... that man: fine... but she has to stay with her parents.. tell her don't disturb me .. ini Ava moonjiya kooda enakku paakka pidikkala..that elderly man: ok pa...____on the other side a young girl sitting & crying hearing that conversation between them in phone & clutching court notice in her hands... her brother tried to convince her... her brother: naan dhan sonanla thangam... andha naai unakku Venda nu... solradha kelu.. just sign it & throw the papers in his face... Avan moonjilaye mulikka Venda maa... namma veetukku poir laam... that girl: but I love him Naa... her brother: but he is not maa...After sometime she also signed the papers... that girl: anney Naa thirumba college pora... adhe college ku.. ____

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My Possessive Alpha | completed

Alexis Lee finds her possessive Alpha mate, Dylan Zanders.Not only is he the Alpha, he happens to be popular and quite the ladies man. He has quite a few ladies surrounding him.But, obviously being an Alpha, he drops everything for Lexi. But her first impression is to run!With Dylan being so possessive, can Lexi survive it and fall in love? Or will she find it too much and up and leave?**My first ever werewolf story! It's not too good but don't judge too harshly xDCOVER CREDIT: Marina_OlimpiaHighest rank in Werewolf: #30 (13th January 2017)

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"She was ready to leave me, but I wasn't ready to let her go" -In which a young man accumulates a dangerous obsession for his ex-girlfriend (BWWM)(Not accepting translations)©DrizzyHayes_

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My Possessive Lover

Previously known as -#TejRan -The unique story it's about love obession possessiveness Passion ❤️😍

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The Possessive Beast

#33 in Romance- Highest Rank Xavier Knight Collins What if there is a man who kills without hesitation ? What if he doesn't care for others ? What if he is ruthless? What if he is feared by all? What if he is the horror story parents tell their children ? What is he is the Beast ? What if he encounters his beauty? Amaya Marie Jones What if there is a girl ? What if she is a ray of sunshine? What if she sees good in everyone? What if her smile lights up the whole room? What is she encounters the Beast? What if the Beast gets his weakness? What if she is his weaknesses? Will they find love or will it end in burning flames? "I tried to push you away, but I fell in love" - Beast

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My Possessive boyfriend (Sequel to Possessive bestfriend)

Noah & Jezzabelle were finally together but that doesnt mean he stopped his possessive ways with her. She does have her reputation in school of being with more guys then she can count. And being in a one on one relationship only zone now, that seems to surprise everyone...including the guys she slept around with. Noah being his possessive self had the need to keep a closer eye out on his girlfriend that has many guys falling at her feet to take her back, the guys that were willing to do anything and everything to have her back into their arms. And add the fact that their still trying to finish up the rest of their senior year. And lets not forget the part where Noah is a gangleader by day and fighter by night. With his crew by his side he hopes to keep Jezzabelle as his and his only. 《Highest Ranking》#171 in Romance 5/4/18#1 in Possessive Boyfriend 6/7/19

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possessive | meanie

there's no such thing, as love between us.published 200126

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Mr Possessive ✅

"Xavier, are you out of your mind? You can't hit anyone you want." I tried to pull him away from the guy. With his temper, he might send him to the hospital for quite a long time. Xavier suddenly stood up, he took my hands in his and pushed me to the wall behind me. He looked deep into my eyes. I got scared, I saw him angry before but never at me. He closed his eyes and put his head against mine."You make me do crazy things. I'm not letting you talk to any guy from now on. I know I promised that I'll behave, but I can't see you talk or laugh with any guy."How can he be possessive over our juniors?******************Hello. I'm Anastasia. You can call me Anna. I'm a normal school girl. Like other kids of my age, I also don't like school. But my reason is different from them. I get bullied every day. It is the same at home also. My cousins bully me. My uncle and aunt only listen to their children. I get punished for their mistakes too.But suddenly one by one all of this bullying stopped. I don't know the reason, but from the moment I started spending time with this new guy who transferred to our school. Everything bad had stopped. ***************Hey. I'm Xavier. I hate school, but I still go there so I can entertain myself. I got expelled from 9 schools already. You see, I can't tolerate ill-mannered people and in school, you can find a bunch of them. So it is fun to make them see their place. In this new school, I found a girl. She was so fragile and oblivious of her beauty. She made me feel warm. So I followed her. I followed her literally everywhere.****************Hello, lovelies.Hope you like the story.

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My Brothers Possessive Best Friend

I'm his? How could he just come out and say something like that!? Putting the tingling feeling that he gave me in my whole body when he did say it aside...What about Blake!? His best friend and my bloody brother!! Ah jesus, this can't end well...

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The possessive bad boy

Isabella Jonson and her mother Bethany Jonson have moved to Hawaii because of her mothers job forcing Isabella to start a new life in a new high school but what happens when a certain bad boy starts taking a liking to her and is very possessive of her will Isabella learn to live with this new adjustment or will she hide from him find out

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