Mr.Silent & Mrs.Talkative

Mr.Silent & Mrs.Talkative

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Let's see what will happen if a silent person who just not speak much is married to a girl who is just dumb , anime freak , talkative , weird

I will stick this poster here and that's it" yn said while holding gojo saturo's shirtless photo

"No you will not" yoongi replied

" why i will not it is my room i can do anything" yn replied

"No this my room you aren't going to" yoongi said

"Why i am your legal wife and what things are your those things are also mine. Hence this room is also mine so i can stick this poster" yn argued

"If you think you are my wife then why are sticking someone else man shirtless picture" yoongi said

"So you want me to stick your shirtless picture on the wall" yn argued in seriousness

"Are you serious" yoongi asked

"Yes i am going to stick this poster here and i will kiss this poster hug this poster and do everything with poster" yn said

"No you are not going to" yoongi replied

"Fuck you"yn replied

You are welcome in this story. I hope so you all will not get disapointed from this story
And please ignore my spelling and grammar mistake because you know i am dumbass so ya i will make mistakes
This is a fan fiction of Min yoongi
Genre- arange marriage,comedy,romantic
Maybe a short story with 30-45 chapters

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