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New parts every week on Fridays at 10PM ET*****It's the day of visitors.But the visitors to Sin-si are unwelcomed, vengeful beom.Unforgotten animosity fills the air and rage collides, soaking the ground with blood. Seven boys take up their weapons to end this fight, once and for all.7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS*****Content advisory: this story contains some violenceOriginal story: HYBECo-planning: HYBE / NAVER WEBTOON

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Wild Thoughts | Taehyung | ✓

❝When I'm with you, Sora, all I get is wild thoughts.❞ -In which a girl gets offered a modelling contract by the owner of the notorious designer brand V, Kim Taehyung.Romance/Comedy/Drama-#SerendipityAwards2nd in the Crystal Snow Awards Highest Ranking: - #5 in Fanfiction- #7 in Taehyung- #2 in YoongiReached 100K: 17.03.18Reached 1M: 03.07.19Reached 2M: 28.02.21-Started: 30.09.17Finished: 10.06.18

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Downpour | Kim Taehyung

[COMPLETED]❝He's been gone for years, but now, he's back - like heavy rain, all so suddenly.❞ Twenty-two year old, Lee Kyungmin doesn't mind being left with her friend's daughter and raising her as her own. She actually volunteers herself to do it. The thing, however, is that she still has to prove that she can bear the responsibility of taking the child in her custody. Financially, she has no problem. In fact, she has a stable job in a well-known company to support herself and the baby. But then again, the court handling her case says otherwise since adoption made by single parents aren't really favored. So when Kim Taehyung, who suddenly comes popping into her life all of a sudden, learns about her little dilemma, he offers her a deal to help her, and she can't say no. Especially not when it will let her live with little Aeri forever. [ #49 in fanfiction - October 04, 2017 ] [ #4 in taehyung - January 24, 2022 ]  cityhearts | 2017

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In the Eyes of the Mermaid - Taehyung x Reader

A story of you, a newly changed mermaid, crossing paths with BTS while they're on vacation in Jeju, South Korea. You had moved to a small part of the island after changing, feeling at home in the sea there. You had vowed to yourself to always keep your secret, to never get too close to anyone and you had followed this rule strictly. But somehow the boys' magnetic energy pulled you in, their presence changing the course of your life forever.(Metemorphisis inspired by H2O Just Add Water) (Boys will show up in the second chapter)

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Serendipity ( Kim Taehyung)

"Serendipity is subjective. Not necessarily big things, small things too. Like finding a place to sit amidst a big crowd in the hospital, or, finding a paper clip in bunches of pens when you really need it, or in our case, we found each other when when we were not looking for each other""Serendipity you say""Yes""That's a funny way to put how we met""Funny or no. I believe in serendipity"-

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Mr Billionaire || KTH ✔️

;"I'm super rich though. Aren't you supposed to fall in love with me? "»hm, what can money give me?highest ranking; #570 in btsfanfiction#320 in kimtaehyung#3 in btslovestory#195 in kimnamjoon©prettygucci_ 2020

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Hourglass | Kim Taehyung

[COMPLETED] ❝Our relationship is bound by an hourglass.❞ Kim Taehyung only dated girls for one month, then, that was it. No one was complaining though. But why would Han Eumin suddenly ask him to date her? [ #152 in fanfiction ] [ #7 in taehyung - January 24, 2022 ]  cityhearts | 2017

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Art of Deceit

[was FEATURED on the official ROMANCE profile reading list!]'His touch tainted the purest side of her.' ****** "We shouldn't." I uttered softly as he looked into my eyes, his stare piercing."We really shouldn't." Taehyung whispered back, cupping my cheeks as he brought our lips together.[highest ranking: #2 in Shortstory] © 2020 softauracover by: @eulu-xuria

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Fallen Angel || Taekook/Vkook ✔

Taehyung looked at the dark haired boy whose knuckles were now bleeding and bruised, with tears in his eyes. Jungkook smirked at the frightened blond. "I hope this makes it clear for you, Taehyung. The only demon you should concern yourself with is me." °☆。°☆ °☆。°☆ [Book 1][Completed] ☆° #2 in Jin -23rd June 2018 (out of 22.7k stories)° #11 in taekook - 20th June 2018 (out of 7.52k stories)

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[2] Code: RIOT || KTH

[Book two of the "Code:" trilogy][Read Book one, Code: RED, first]After 50 years of oppression and torture, Code: REDs decide it's time to stop, and so they rise with a revolutionㅡa riotㅡbut the only way to get their freedom is by ending the human race. And so they do."The thought of humans and hybrids living in harmony is a delusion. It's either humans are superior, or hybrids."---Chapter Length: 700-1000Status: Completed

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Miss Assistant || K.TH

"ᴵ ᶜᵃⁿ'ᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᵇˡᵃᵐⁱⁿᵍ ᵐʸˢᵉˡᶠ ⁱᵗ'ˢ ᵃˡˡ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵐᵉ ⁱᵗ'ˢ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ᵐʸ ᶠᵃᵘˡᵗ"What would do if you decided to run away but you always get caught? We all know about the guards who protect the heirs but what if it turns out to be a girl who protects and takes care of the heir?Story of Kim Taehyung and Jeon Michi☆Book cover 1 credit goes to @Kimsuma54☆Book cover 2 credit goes to @dkfma_v♢Started: 17th may 2020♢Ended: 30th August 2020*22nd of may 2020 #11th KimTaehyung

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Destiny have its own ways

Y/N is a random samsung employe... the story is about how she meet her bias and BTS, with her friends.. and what will happen to them, how did destiny decided there journey.. let's know

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The cold hearted girl || BTS k.t.h.

"it was a beautiful day yet i still had to trip and fall for you all over again"Meet Iseul, a girl that just transferred to a new school, starting her days with a new friend that she finds unbearably annoying yet still tags along. It's Iseul's seemingly rude and cold behavior that pushes people away yet her friend stays. Days pass as Iseul realizes that her childhood best friend, sits in the same classroom as her. Kim Taehyung, someone who she hasn't talked in a long time, steadily starts to show interest in her once again.Started: 22 May 2016Finished: 19 July 2017DISCLAIMER: tysm for reading this actually!! but i wrote this when i was a young duckling so pls expect mistakes and things and cut me some slack, i am trying to correct this book hehe

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⇱ BTS EIGHTH MEMBER IMAGINE ⇲Published: May 3, 2018Complete: June 19, 2021 In which she is their everythingIf my imagines give you inspiration please give me credit, I will nottolerate plagiarism.

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Who Are You?

"W-who are you?"He smirked. "Have you forgotten about me, baby girl?"

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dear future daughter » kth

Don't fall in love with someone like your father#86 in short story - 140117#78 in short story - 140317[ Completed ]

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My Life With You [BTS] {Completed} <EDITING>

Min Hye's a normal high school girl living a normal high school life until her mother suddenly tells her about some secrets she's been hiding from her for years. Min Hye has to go to Korea with her mother because of some family business. She then meet 7 boys at the new school she's going to in Korea. Min Hye's shocked to see how they really are like and discover secrets she hopes wouldn't be true.[A/N] my stories don't go according to plan. I make them up as ai go so if I ever have anything in mind before, it can change anytime soon depending on the content and how I see it most suitable to be 😂 ••••Warning, Lots of typing mistakes so read at your own risks. Editing will take place when my exams are over ;-;

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perfect | taehyung

》i can taste her lipstick 《(extended one shot) (completed)

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Met In Detention || KIM TAEHYUNG

"Hey, Rose. If you go in your room by yourself, in the dark, the monsters will come get you." Lilia blurts, smiling like a witch."Why did you tell me that? Now I'm freaked in my own dang house." "Then go to Taehyung and he can protect you if any killer comes and wants to stab you to death." Jimin says and points to the man who was widening his eyes at them."A-A killer?" Taehyung stammers."Rose, hurry and sit down already. Such a drama queen, you! The movie is still going." Lilia scolds and motions me to get out of the way.I glared at her and Jimin.I know what they're trying to pull. They're trying to embarass me. Lilia's trying to get back at me for shipping her and Jimin.Well played.I mean, I don't hate Taehyung anymore, but I'm an awkward lady with an amazing ability to make something or someone awkward too.I looked to Taehyung and he gave me an innocent smile. He scooted to the side and waved me over, trying to make me feel welcomed.My body heats up as I sat down next to him.The couch was fairly small, so we were quite close. Not too uncomfortably close, but our arms were touching.The fluffy blanket that was thrown on top of us was the one thing that made me scoot closer to him to the point where it looked like we were cuddling.Oh, it's awkward. It's awkward, it's awkward, it's awkward.Start: 8/27/15End: 3/11/16

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i hate u, i love u (Taehyung ff)

Modest & ordinary Y/n was arranged to marry Kim Taehyung, the son of one of the richest men in South Korea. Would cold Taehyung warm up to Y/n? Would they fall in love with each other? Or would their marriage be a torturous living hell for both of them?

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A Mere Bet | Kim Taehyung X Reader

"You thought you could break me? Never in your dreams!"A story with many sweet and salty twist and turns.The cover picture (kth edit) is not mine.. credits to the rightful owner ♡

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|| Bully || Kim Taehyung FF

||English FF||Why are you like this?!What have I ever done to you?!Kim Taehyung!||The Ideas for this story are all from me||(I got inspired by good storys)please do not copy my storyI don't own any of the used pictures and videos in this story.

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it is an indian love story of a famous CEO of kim industry Kim taehyung and a girl ofRS corporations Y/N Rawther . Y/N is a indian girl from kerala & Taehyung is a korean boy from seoul. Kim taehyung : 24 years old, ceo of kim industry, cold for professional works but sweet and kind outside professionY/n rawther:18years old, College student, sweet, kind, cheerful and a bit clingy typelet see how their love story is going to be.

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bribery | taehyung

"oops. i saw that."in which a girl saw taehyung spraying paint on the principal's car and now taehyung has to treat her to food to keep her quiet.[ story idea from peachytae ]

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Unforgivable | kth  ✓

"If someone loves you, they'd never put themselves in a position to hurt you."Warning: some mature content/strong language***1st place in Solo Taehyung category at the MagicShopAwards 20192nd place in Solo Taehyung category at the PurpleLightsAwards 20193d place in Solo Taehyung category of the BangtanGrammysAwards 2019 Highest rankings:#1 IN #TAEHYUNGFF#1 IN #BTSTAEHYUNG#5 IN #TAEHYUNG#12 IN #KIMTAEHYUNGTHANK YOU!#1 in #btsjimin#1 in #btsjin#10 in #bts#4 in #btsv#5 in #tae#22 in #kth#166 in #btsfanfic

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