A Stalker's Passion

A Stalker's Passion

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Category: Mystery
"CHARLIE!" His screams were getting closer until I saw him completely.
I grabbed the knife and pointed it straight at him.
"Get away from me!" I say warning him
His face was red and he still stalked towards me slowly.
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I yell fearing the fact that didn't look scared at all.
"Put the knife down."
I started to back up a bit still pointing the knife at him.
"I'm not telling you again, put it down NOW!" His calm persona was instantly replaced with a furious one.
"Please Tho-" He came charging straight at me but I made a run for it. I ran as fast as I could with him behind me until he tackled me to the floor. The knife flew across the hallway and he was on top of me.
"Thomas please let me go. I don't want to be here. Please." I say begging
"You're ruining everything. It was so perfect and special just for you and you're ruining it." I can tell he was sad but more pissed off this anything.
"SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" He roars slapping me across the face.
He roughly picks me up and drags me to the room. He yanked me away from him making me fall hit my knee on the hard wood floor. He walked in the bathroom to get something and I realized it something to put me to sleep. He poured the chemical into the towel as he mumbled to himself and I watched in fear. He pulled me from the ground and tried to make me breathe in. I fought the urge to. I thrashed back and forth trying to get free but nothing worked. Slowly, my vision got blurry and felt darkness overtake me.

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