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HCD Promo/Art Dump Book

This book will have promos on HCD. As well as the synopsis to future stories. Hope this will get you hyped for this story

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Heart's Coffee Date SERIES 4: Like A Tempting Heart (COMPLETED)

The 4'th story in HCD, George Montilla and Maria Olivia Cadag.Sip the aroma of love!

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RIBBIT - TsuChako ✔

Their first year is over, and they are well on their way to the next. But one day, an encounter with a friend, may lead to something more romantic down the line.Cover provided as a free template by 'Desygner Cover Maker' (weird spelling I know).

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Maybe (TW)

Mia had a rough childhood but nothing can compare to this

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HCD Q and A Book (Closed)

You can either ask the campers or the creator of this series questions. have fun!!

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It's not that Simple!! [ BTS Suga X Reader ]

Emotions...It's easy right, expressing oneself feeling emotions, and letting others know how much worth they hold in ur life...Right? It's not as easy as it sounds. Not for some ppl, some ppl like me...who lose the one we love 'cause we weren't able to tell them how much we love them.cover designed by @bangtaneei_on_wv

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Dark House

It's story about full darkness .there was a was a girl who was searching her ball then She know about her past life

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HCDN _ Doanh Doanh Nhat Ha

Nguon : TangthuvienConvert: heoho

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Desk Buddies - Adrinette smut🤭


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obx imagines + more

outerbanks imagines, gif imagines, preferences, and headcanonsrequests open!

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Dan Howell knocks on your door -{danisnotonfire fan fic}-

You are on a vacation with your friend, when someone knocks on your hotel door. Btw this is my first story/fan fic written on here so please be nice :)

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Remember Me? | Haikyuu!! Fanfic | (Hinata Shouyou's Harem) ON HOLD

In this story i create is the girls and boys volleyball are combine so yeah theres no volleyball boys and volleyball girls. But in this story, it's surprising if a girl join a volleyball. Cuz for them, volleyball is for the strongest and tallest peopleHinata has childhood bestfriends their nicknames are "Ukki" and "Ashi" and Hinata and has a cousin in karasuno volleyball club.Female Hinata Shouyou and hinata natsu is a boy and instead one, hinata shouyou has 5 siblings and she's a 5th born child. Sorry i'm not good at description. This is my first story. My first haikyuu fanfic story. So please bear with me. And hope you guys like it!NOTE: NONE OF THIS ARE MINE, THE HAIKYUU, THE CHARACTERS AND THE FANARTS ARE NOT MINE. PLEASE GIVE CREDITS TO THE OWNERS.

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I'm The Bad Boy's Fake Girlfriend-Her Dreams (COMPLETED)

»(EDITING)«Ang istoryang ito ay isang panaginip kung saan naranasan ni Lucky ang magpanggap na fake girlfriend ng isang Badboy..Ang lalaking hindi marunong ngumiti.. Ang lalaking walang kahit anong emosyon sa mukha, na parang nanlalamig ka kapag tiningnan ka niya ng diretso sa mata,.Ang lalaking nabibili ang bawat salita na lumalabas sa bibig... Ang lalaking mahilig mangbully ng kapwa estudyante.. Lahat ng tao takot sa kanya dahil isa din itong makapangyarihan sa kanilang school..At higit sa lahat, ang lalaking sobra sobra kung magmahal. Pati ang asin lalanggamin.. Written by: silentkillerdollStarted: April 14,2021Ended: June 26, 2021

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Heart's Coffee Date SERIES 2 (COMPLETED)

The 2'nd story in HCD, Kyla Marie Manguan and Jervis Puentenegra.Sip the aroma of love!

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I've Got You - KiriMina ✔

During their first break of the first year, the students of 1A figure out that life is so much easier with a special someone.Kirishima and Mina begin to blossom, a connection growing between them stronger than ever before. But, with every passing day, something else lingers.

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Underrated Hetalia Characters's Diaries(UHCD)

Yes, this is another diary/journal reading and observations, but it mostly focuses on the less popular characters in Hetalia.There will be some main characters diary entries, but only if they relate to these characters or that I want to add something.

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Heart's Coffee Date SERIES 3 (COMPLETED)

The 3'rd story in HCD. Jamaica Crisostomo and Ydalv Carranza. Eip the aroma of love!

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[BHCĐ] Vân Túy Úy Phong Trần - Vân Tẫn Hoang

《 mây say an ủi phong trần 》 mây tẫn vuiKhi niệm mây say lần đầu tiên bị hảo hữu lừa dối đến tương tư lâu, may mắn nhìn thấy hoa khôi tương tư một khúc kiếm vũ, từ nay về sau thân không khỏi tâm, tâm không khỏi thân, ba ba một viên ngây thơ tiểu tâm tâm rơi xuống tại hoa khôi sương tương tư trên người.Người đều nói tương tư lâu lý hoa khôi tương tư, không người dám lấy lại, không người dám khinh bạc, không người dám âu yếm, nhưng có một ngày cái loại này cấm chế đều bị một cái ngốc không ngây đăng "Giang hồ ngốc tiểu tử" đánh vỡ, vu là có người hối hận không ngừng, có người hô to đáng tiếc, có người hận xuống tay quá muộn, nhưng cái loại này lời đồn đãi đều cùng chúng ta hạnh phúc hai phụ phụ không quan hệ lâu.Ngọt ngào gl văn, ta là hôn nhẹ mẹ, cho nên siêu khả ái tiểu độc giả nhóm, yên tâm đi, mộc có từng điểm ngược nha======================================================================Văn chương loại hình: Nguyên sang - bách hợp - giá không lịch sử - tình yêuTác phẩm phong cách: Chính kịch ̣Tương ứng hệ liệt: Không thể nào thuộc hệ liệtVăn chương tiến độ: Đã hoàn thànhVăn chương số lượng từ: 14010 tự

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Murderous love (flippy x flaky)

Flaky, the unknown girl who steps into 'happy tree friends' town, off to a better start but danger lurks around in this town, a cursed place which death is inevitable and only to be resurrected to be dead again.Flaky, finds herself in a difficult situation with a war veteran, flippy, the two shares such a bond with each other will it break or last... but then again danger always lurks around in this town even people...

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Proprietorial Tsukishima | Tsukihina | Haikyuu! FanFic (Hinata's Harem) ON HOLD

This story is all about Hinata, as a second year and Tsukishima as the first year. Hinata Shouyou a Bright person, Energizer, Adorable, Sweet, Kind, Loving and Oblivious boyfriendTsukishima Kei as Cold, Distant, Salty, Over-protective, Sweet (Only Hinata), Kind (Only his friend and Hinata), Teritorial and Proprietorial (Like a possessive) BoyfriendHinata Shouyou, at the first glance. You can see that he's a normal person. But when he smile, especially towards you. You can't help but fall in love. And of course! As you keep looking/admiring at his smiling face. You can see a dark aura behind the beautiful sunshine. And when you saw that person, a tall, blonde, cold person. Looking at you with that deadly eyes. Like telling you "Ohh.. you love what you seeing ah? Guess what? If you keep looking , you'll be dead"If you saw that person. You should run. Because that person is someone you're admiring's boyfriend.If you guys want to know more about the couple? And how their lives will be? You guys are free to read this.________________________This is my second book!!Hope you like it!NOTE: NONE OF THIS ARE MINE, THE HAIKYUU, THE CHARACTERS AND THE FANARTS ARE NOT MINE. PLEASE GIVE CREDITS TO THE OWNERS.

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Sparky - The Good Boy (OneShot) ✔

He is Johns best friend.*The picture does not belong to me*

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MYLO - Half Bakugou. Half Hagakure. ✔

The daughter of Katsuki Bakugou and Toru Hagakure, going through UA. What will her journey bring her?*Not related to BNHA in an official matter. Strictly fantasy. All rights belong to their respected owners. This is done mearly as an Alternate Universe (AU). For enjoyment purposes only.*

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How Can I Tell Her (OneShot) ✔

"How do I tell my little girl that she'll be okay, when she won't be?"

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Nobody Compares To You

This story will be just a feel-good book no tragedies included. No heavy content just....smthg Hey there !! How you doin' ?. This is my first book please do love it and show ur precious support. I promise I'll try my best to not make it cringe.cover designed by @bangtaneei_on_wv

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