In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

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Category: Vampire
•Completed• Claire Fields has dreams and visions about a boy and a life that she's never had. Because of her delusions, she is put in a mental institution. Things begin to get strange when she finally escapes to find herself surrounded by vampires, and one of them is the boy from her dreams.

• "I can't help it. It's in my nature," he replied simply and gave me a wink.

Tristan was suddenly in front of me, and as I stumbled back in surprise, his strong arms held me steady. His eyes locked with mine as he stalked closer and stopped just a couple of inches away.

"Just like being alluring, a predator..."

He slowly closed the distance between us until his hot breath fanned against my face. Goosebumps covered my pale skin, sending a shiver down my spine. His beautiful, aqua eyes bore into mine with such intensity, I felt as if I would melt in his arms.

"...and undeniably sexy." •

Highest ranking: #1 in Vampire

•All rights reserved. This work is the intellectual property of _haileyyk/Hailey Kelly. It may not be copied in any form.•

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