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Riverfield, a beautiful town by the ocean, is home to the prestigious Decelis Academy.It's also home to seven boys with a secret: they may simply seem like players of the famous sport, Nightball, but they're actually vampires.To escape from their dark past, they try to lead normal lives as students - other than the occasional hitch since their rival Nightball team happens to be made up of werewolves. But in the end, these seven friends always find strength in each other.Until one day, a new transfer student with curious strength causes the boys' forgotten past to slowly unravel.DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR with ENHYPEN*****Original story: HYBECo-planning: HYBE / NAVER WEBTOON

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The Class Prince

When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he immediately gets a bad impression of his new deskmate, Ivan Moonrich. Gorgeous, mysterious, and menacing, Ivan is exactly what Desmond doesn't need in his life - or so he thinks...***** PRIDE READING EVENT: From June 10-23, you'll be entered to win Coins for every chapter you read from The Class Prince! See details in the Pride Reading Event chapter. ***** After causing trouble in his previous high school, Desmond is struggling to adapt to his new environment at Ivory High and to stop living in the shadow of his perfect older brother. As usual, trouble follows Desmond wherever he goes and nothing is going well. To make matters worse, he seems to have attracted the attention of The Class Prince, aka the infamous Ivan Moonrich. But despite their rocky start, Desmond begins to grow feelings for Ivan, discovering a new side of his identity that he never thought to experience.[[word count: 50,000 - 60,000]]Cover designed by Joe Resch

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Beast To Prince

Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to his request and waits at home to meet his animal. Jae expects this to be just another misbehaving pet, but instead she gets an attractive man stuffed in a box! The strange owner, Hopper, is actually apart of a company that sells these 'pets' to people. The problem is though that their company got four new pets that are too dangerous, so Hopper begs Jae to help tame this 'pet'. She reluctantly agrees, and this starts her story of how she must tame Amadeus, the first man of the four 'pets' she must tame to be a behaving 'animal'. [COMPLETED] [REVERSE-HAREM]

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The Prince's Prince (BoyXBoy)

All Prince Edward wanted was friends that didn't obey his every command, his parents, (the king and queen) to notice him, and to be his own man, (or boy). And he does get that, well for a short while.Prince Edward meets Jack, (or Jacan), a small common boy raised by his ma and pa. Prince Edward runs to him every chance he gets and you can't really blame the boy. Jack hasn't got a clue as to who Edward is, which excites him. He tries to soak up as much time with the little boy and he does so, until one night.After that night, Edward is forced to grow up and become the next king. He isn't allowed to wander off and play whenever he feels like it and he surely cannot hang out with the small boy he has grown accustomed to.So, years later, Edward is grown up and hasn't seen his new/old friend for years.Until now.This is a BxB story! If you don't like it please don't read!All pictures and videos belong to their original owner unless I say otherwise! The characters are mine and I have written this whole story so please contact me for any requests! Thanks!

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The Cold Prince

On a quiet Spring morning, Avila awoke in her casket, six months after her death.By some miracle, she was suddenly alive, with no memory of her past life. Confused, Avila is thrust into a world of where she is a Princess with a secretive family who battles a vicious public upheaval. And, she is engaged to a wealthy, handsome Prince who couldn't stand who she was before she died. Avila is forced to piece together her previous life while making sense of her current one, but with a rebellion member who is in love with her, and the attraction growing between her and the Prince, things are only getting more complicated. ***"What about you?" I give him long look. "I don't think you want to consummate a marriage you don't even want."Something darkens in his expression. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," he murmurs. 18+ (Themes: Arranaged Marriage, Forced Proximity, Royalty, Love, Romance etc)

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𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑼𝒔𝒆𝒅 π‘·π’“π’Šπ’π’„π’† ʷᡐᡐᡃᡖ Λ£ ᡐᡃˑᡉ α΅’αΆœ

A young boy who's name is Amel Don Agustine who lived in a noble household , the Agustine household has neglected, abuse, and discriminate him.. he lived most of his life knowing he was an Agustine..."Amel de Alger Obelia that's your name"A man with golden locks looked at him with a small young adorable girl across him in the room..._______________________________"Why?..WHY DID YOU KILL YOUR OWN SON!? YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!?" ........."He existed.."what would happen to Amel as he suddenly became the emperor's son?[] β–ͺ︎N O T E β–ͺ︎ []I do not own Who made me a princess nor lovely princess!I don't own any of the pictures credit to the owner, if they want me to remove the photos I'll gladly remove themThis is just a fanfiction This is my first time so warning- mistake, Gore, Bl? :>

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Prince with Benefits

**Unedited, messy & with lots of mistakes. But you will still swoon if you give it a chance lol (but you've been warned)**After a bad breakup, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England.Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled with the delights and dramas of falling in love with the man of everyone's dreams.Thank you for the cover @moon_greyyy

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The 7 Princes [BTS x Reader]

Surprise! Your parents have been keeping a secret from you - you are royal princess and sole heir to the throne. To break the news to you, your parents have sent you to a neighboring kingdom where seven handsome, irresistible princes will teach you all you need to know about becoming the next ruler. But as soon as you arrive, threats of all kinds find you. Someone in the castle does not want you to take your place as princess. Is the prince you're falling for the very one trying to destroy you?*You do not need to be a BTS fan to enjoy this story.**Disclaimer: All characters in this story are completely fictional, and do not represent the real personalities of BTS members.Random Ratings ~#1 - Fluff (Aug 2018)#1 - Hoseok (7.8.18)#1 - Royalty (Aug 2018)#2 - Princess (Aug 2018)#2 - Namjoon (7.8.18)#3 - Jin x Reader (Aug 2018)#7 - NamjoonxReader (Aug 2018)#7 - Suga x Reader (Aug 2018)#8 - Namjoon x Reader (Aug 2018)#10 - Jungkook (Aug 2018)#10 - Princess (Aug 2018)#10 - TaehyungxReader (Aug 2018)#18 - Jimin x Reader (Aug 2018)#18 - Yoongi x Reader (Aug 2018)

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The Prince and The Maid

Before she could reach the door a hand grabbed her wrist, spinning her around and she was met with lips being pressed against hers. She froze, but soon started to kiss back. They pulled away, and both Rose and Xavier were stunned. "I-I'm sorry, this should have never happened." Xavier said and pushed Rose out if the room, slamming the door behind her. Rose was still stunned at what just happened. She kissed Prince Xavier, who was engaged. And that was punishable by death.

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The Non British Princess

As future king, Prince Thomas is set to hold his selection in order to find a wife. 20 girls from the Commonwealth are chosen to compete for his heart in a British selection. One of the lucky girls will become the future queen of England.Enter Isabelle Davis, a romantic, tech savvy girl who doesn't desire more than spending time with family and her dog. And it takes her by surprise when her name is drawn and she's suddenly being whisked away to the palace. Some girls fight for the crown. Some want the riches. But those who have a chance at being the one are the girls after the prince's heart.A series of challenges, girls fights, tears and ball gowns leads to Prince Thomas's choice, but will it be the right one?***•Top Rankings•[#6 in romance][#1 in girl][#1 in royal][#1 in drama][#1 in friends][#2 in selection][#2 in tech][#4 in Britain]Book #1 in my British Selection seriesRead this modern day version of a British Selection, inspired by Kiera Cass's original selection series.πŸ₯€ Some references to Self Harm and Death

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Lying to the Prince

Noah Collins is pregnant. Who's child? None other than the CEO of one of the biggest companies himself, Liam Prince. Though, Noah has yet to tell the father to be, for fear losing his child. So when the CEO becomes his boss, how will Noah hide his fatherhood from him?

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Mafia's Princess

Victoria Smith had always been a shy girl, as no one really cared about her. She felt like she had no one in the world (well, except for her cat). One night, she finds that maybe that loneliness was about to end. "What are you doing out here all by yourself?"-Please-, take a look at the TAGS before reading. This is a DDLG story.

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The Ice Prince of the Desert

The Ice Prince of the Desert (Short Story)London had no choice but to cross the hottest desert just to see the Prince of the Kingdom of Al-Farhinah, Israel "Izzy" Yasin. He isolated himself from everyone and chose to live like a hermet in the middle of the desert. London travelled riding a camel, temporarily dyed her blond hair black and disguised as a man so she would not attract the desert bandits... until she arrived and met Izzy again. BUT he thought she was a deaf young boy who came to steal his black diamond. They fought physically until her headdress fell revealing her true identity.

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My prince (jungkook ff)

She is his every thing .She is the one who showed him life.She is the one who made him feel the things that he never felt.She is the one who changed his life.He will do anything for her.jungkook x reader#4 - BTS#1 - Rm#1 - parkjimin#1 - junghoseok#1 - minyoongi#1 - jhope#1 - kimtaehyung

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The Dark Prince

Harry Potter is ignored and abandoned because his brother is the "Chosen One". Instead of fading into oblivion, he is rescued by none other than Lord Voldemort himself. A couple years later, and the Dark Side has a new secret weapon: Hadrian "Harry" Riddle, heir to the Dark Lord. Dark!Harry. Slytherin!Harry. Part one of the Dark Prince Trilogy. COMPLETE. SEQUEL UP (The Allure of Darkness)(originally on ffnet)

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π˜Ύπ™§π™€π™¬π™£π™šπ™™ π™‹π™§π™žπ™£π™˜π™š (π™”π™–π™£π™™π™šπ™§π™š!π™‹π™§π™žπ™£π™˜π™šπ™­π™π™šπ™–π™™π™šπ™§)

People say he was a charming, young prince while other's say he was satan himself. A duke's daughter suddenly became the prince's fiancé overnight, but it was never what she had thought before. To be married to a prince was every ladies dream, but was it hers?

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A Pact With The Prince | Bridgerton ~ Prince Friedrich

[Draft 1 of Lady Whistledown's Unpublished Papers]Dear Reader,"Egredere Audacter Et Fideliter "~ Go Out Boldly and Faithfully, is the Vincent family motto to which, Diana Vincent, the eldest daughter had followed for most of her life until she had her coming out. Thrust into the ton's vicious arms she finds boldness must be tempered and faith is shaken when it comes to the marriage - mart. It has come to the attention of my all-seeing eye, that she has made an unlikely and powerful ally in none other than the Prince Friedrich of Prussia the dashing nephew of Queen Charlotte. Will this friendship endure the savagery of the ton or will it blossom into something more. Yours Sincerely, Lady Whistledown_____________________________Prince Friedrich x OCHe was one of my favorite characters in the Netflix series and wanted more!Disclaimer: All original rights and credits of the Bridgerton series, its characters, television show, and books go to its creators, Julia Quinn and to Chris Van Duden.The new/added characters belong to me. Enjoy XoXo

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The British Princess

Princess Charlotte is next to have her selection. But she doesn't want one. At first.Usually confident Charlotte, can't seem to get it together for her upcoming selection. And when all the boys arrive it becomes even more chaotic. With the pressure from her brother Thomas's perfect love story with Isabelle, Charlotte has a lot to live up to. A palace full of guys isn't a good idea, and when things start going missing and fists fly, Charlotte can't keep her cool. A few of the guys catch her eye, pulling her in all different directions. With so many different personalities, Charlotte is struggling to figure out what she wants. Who will she go with? Will it be the right choice?Broken windows, tears and midnight kisses are all in store for our princess as she navigates her selection.•••Book #2 in my British Selection seriesFollowing on from The Non-British Princess - you don't have to read it first, it is just highly recommended to introduce the characters.Another story inspired by The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

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Cold Prince ~πŸ–€

Y/N- YAH!! Leave me!!! Arghh!!Yoongi- Shut up Y/n! Y/n- Let go of me please...Hello guys!! This is my first ever ff!!!! If I do well and you enjoy it please vote to give me support!!! Thank you!! ~ Author

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His Princess, Her Servant

She is the Princess of Oaklynn Kingdom. He is a typical boy, working as a servant. She has five loving sisters and caring parents. He never really had anyone in his life. One day, they met each other by accident. He fell in love with her, but does she feel the same way? Can a servant be with a... Princess? Or maybe they're just too different?

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The Lost Prince

This book is a sequel to 'The Tower Prince'. Do not read it as a standalone. Karan was no more himself after he lost his twin, Prince Samarsingh. Life changed for everyone at Shekhawat Mansion and Jaiswal Mansion. Everyone was well aware of their guilty part and has no idea how to repent. Radhika struggled with her own life, while unsure of her future. Samar was lost to the world in deep dark abyss. Read more into the story to find if the lost Prince can ever be found!

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[1] The Princess Royal | B. Bridgerton

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, is a beacon of regality, yet beneath her crown lies a woman determined to defy the conventional expectations of royalty.After an eventful year and a half in Prussia, Charlotte faces an unforeseen challenge during the social season of 1813: the necessity to find a suitable husband. This unexpected twist leaves her in a state of utter disbelief and confusion. Despite the adoration she receives and the persona she projects publicly, a lifetime of insecurities haunts her.They say that to love others, one must first love oneself. Now, the Princess Royal stands on the precipice of self-discovery and acceptance. The journey to self-love promises to unravel the layers of vulnerability beneath the majestic exterior she presents to the world.As the 1813 social season unfolds, it becomes evident that Charlotte has beguiled the three eldest Bridgerton brothers. Each, in his own right, is captivated by her presence. A Viscount, driven by duty; an artistic soul, yearning for creative pursuits; and an adventurer, dreaming of exploring distant lands. The stage is set for a romantic spectacle, but only one brother can claim the heart of The Princess Royal.This fanfic follows Season 1 of the Bridgerton Netflix series, based on the novel "The Duke and I" by Julia Quinn.- Book 1: The Princess RoyalBook 1.5: The Duchess of Kent and StrathearnBook 2: The Duchess of Kent and StrathearnDisclaimer: All original rights and credits of this amazing series goes to its creators. And of course, the original creator of all characters and books, Julia Quinn and to Chris Van Duden, the creator/showrunner/executive producer of the Netflix Original Series: Bridgerton.The only new/added characters are Princess Charlotte, etc, and its ideas belong to me.

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A Deal With The Prince

Suddenly living in an unknown world, she learned she was now in the romance book she had read not long ago and as the sad pitied mob character of the story, Lilyana Kimberleye.Knowing the ending of the story and how she will die a tragic death by the hands of the heroine, Lilyana decides to make a deal with the male lead, her fiancé, the crown prince."You will be my insurance for when the time we break this engagement off."Book cover made by @claireshanzThe plot and characters are all mine, I did not steal from anyone.

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Royals (A Prince Harry Fanfiction)

*First Book in the Royals Series*Jacqueline Baker is Kate Middleton's lifelong best friend. When Kate becomes engaged to Prince William of Wales, Jackie's life changes along with her friend's. Being close with the royal family means new experiences, new fame, and new romances. *Finished with Royals? Read Royals: Part 2!*

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ππ‘πˆππ‚π„  |  πŠπ“π‡

in which the heir to the throne of south korea, kim taehyung takes his chance and befriends soojung, a small town girl who gets dragged into the world of royalty, many dramas, misconceptions but one final love. ── ©οΈŽ chogiout, 2020. completed.

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❝𝐰𝐑𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐑𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬, 𝐭𝐑𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐒𝐜❞ a servant and prince's fates collide one magical day. all they might need was a little hope, belief, and of course, magic. ©-addy13

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