Ghost King Meets Batman

Ghost King Meets Batman

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Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce, but seeing as he can't supply any proof of his parents, or even his own birth records, he has no legal choice. It's Bruce Wayne or the foster system so Nico decides to take his chances with the billionaire.

Nico gets dragged into the Batfam and has to learn their secret while trying to trying to hide the mythological world from the greatest family of detectives in the world.

No Nico ships. It would get in the way of the plot.

I will try to keep at least some-what accurate with the rest of the books. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan or DCU.

(After pjo and before hoo)

Please comment, vote, and tell me what you think! This book is currently being edited but will still be updating. Updates are slow.

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-Ghost King-

(SLOW UPDATES)Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades and the King of Ghosts with many other titles. The person who's known to have more secrets than anybody else in both camps found out his friends and boyfriend's secret that had been kept for 3 months. As he left Camp Half-blood with the strong emotions of heartbreak and betrayal, he travelled through the shadows with one thought in mind: family. Arriving at the most crime-ridden city in the World, the broken King of Ghosts encountered with the infamous duo, Batman and Robin. With this encounter, Nico will experience challenges for the world and his life. Come and Find out, what our favourite King of Ghosts will face..._____________________________________________Disclaimer: The characters from the PJo, Hoo series, and DC universe aren't mine. PJo and Hoo belongs to Uncle Rick while DC belongs to DC. The only thing I own here is the plot and I hope you'll enjoy it.Graphics credited to @ghibli_book
Don't You Have Enough Edgy Kids, Bruce?

Nico Di Angelo was just starting to adjust to being safe and happy and home after the Gaea War. So of course he wakes up in a random alley in Gotham City, all alone. What was he expecting?
The Gotham Ghost King

Then, the Fates flash in. Go become superheros, they say. Go to Gotham City, they say. Go to the city with the worst crime rate in the county and cozy up with the local superheroes they say. Oh yeah, if it makes you happier, you can take your boyfriend. Like that's going to make this trip better.

(A Jason Todd x Avengers crossover)It wasn't a secret that Jason isn't the easiest person to get along with. It was why so many people in the Justice League kept him at arms length until they needed him. So imagine Jason's surprise when he manages to find a family in the avengers. or: that one time Jason decided to be a decent human being and helped someone fight off a bunch of ninjas.
Taken [Currently being re-written]

After finding happiness in Camp Half-blood, Nico di Angelo is once again ripped out of his old life.This Time, he finds himself in Gotham City, the most dangerous City in the US, without any advice or note by the Gods. In Gotham, he is taken in by billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, who rarly has any time for him or his 4 other children, yet Nico still likes it there. But as he spends more and more Time in the Mansion, he starts to get suspicious. Why is no one in the Mannor in the Middle of the Night? How come Nico gets Nightmares about the City's hero's dying, although he didn't even meet any of them?The World's greatest defective on the other Hand also doesn't trust his new Ward. How come he doesn't know anything about the culture of the last few years? Why doesn't he talk about his past? Why does Nico have so may scars?▪-▪-▪-▪-▪-▪-▪I'm not that good at writing summaries, so just read the first few chapters and see for yourself.Also, this was originally planned as a young Justice FF, they will defnetly take a part in this. (After Season 2, the Mountan wasn't blown up, Nightwing returned after 7 Months)Bruce is 46Barbara is 24Dick is 22Jason is 19Cass is 17Tim is 17Nico is 16Damian is 12Started:08.12.19Published: 02.04.20Finished:
By The Angels (PJOxSH)

Percy Jackson x Shadowhunters crossover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nico thought, just for a moment, that everything was looking for the better. The second giant war has ended, he has a hot boyfriend who loves him, and he has finally found a place to call home. But of course, time moves on and the Fates have to have SOMEONE to harass since Percy is to be left alone, lucky him. After collecting lost souls that'd escaped from the Fields of Asphodels, Nico gets jumped by several people in black and kidnapped for illegal magic. Just his luck, but this introduces a set of problems neither side can deal with on their own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Disclaimer: I don't own the cover art. Belongs to original artist.
The Avenger's Assistant - A Percy Jackson Crossover

Percy Jackson, after the traumatic experience of war, and overcoming the deaths of his closest friends, decides to be productive. His mother provides him with a job application, which peaks his interest. Tony Stark, famed inventor and hero of New York, was hiring. Percy thought he was just applying for a job as an intern, but when he is once again needed to save the city he loves, he couldn't refuse. After his feud with Captain America and his allies, coupled with his girlfriend's absence due to her new job helping the company, Tony Stark has been lonely. Not to mention he needed a new assistant. He hoped he could knock out two birds with one stone. He was normally a stoic person, but maybe a certain demigod could get him to open up a bit. this story takes place in the aftermath of Civil War and after an alternate version of the ending of Blood of Olympus. I don't own any of the characters. <3

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