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You'll always be my Daddy (Jayy Von Monroe is my Dad)

Stormy's life is filled with so much drama no matter what. And that happens when your the only daughter of Jayy von monroe. Read about Stromy's dramatic,crazy, and weird life.

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He Rejected Me?!

Karla just came back from Australia to find that her mate is... Damien the biggest bad boy in town. Damien had found out too that Karla is his mate when she walked through the pack house door. Thinking that Karla is a weakling, Damien rejected her. Hurt and angered that Damien had rejected her without even trying to know her, Karla goes into training to prove to him that she is in fact not a weakling! After 2 years she becomes the best fighter in Werewolves history and best friends with the Princess of all werewolves! After this change will Damien reject her again?((UPDATE: i would not be writing a sequel or fixing any chapters because honestly its been a few years since i published this book & i really have no clue how to go about it! really just keeping this book here for sentimental sake! so if you guys are still interested in reading it, go ahead but it might be quite trashy considering how i wrote it when i was 10 years old HAHA))

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The Truth

We all know the tales of how Frisk set them all free or how Chara killed everyone in sight. But what if there was something darker? What if Chara was innocent? What if Frisk was the true villain? What if Sans finds out the truth? Because after all... Once upon a time... Chara tried to free them all.Cover:

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A Dragon From Asgard (Loki X OC Fanfic)(Completed)

What if the dragons of Asgard weren't actually large scaly beasts like what the legends say? What if they looked just like regular Asgardians but with greater power than even the king himself? What if they were even more beautiful than gods and goddesses, with large wings more powerful and stronger than a hurricane or steel? What if only the king knew of their existence?What if one of them ended up on earth and was found and recruited by the Avengers who knew nothing of what she truly was? not even the god of thunder himself knew what she really was or who she really was. Nobody knew about her strange past and nobody knew about the scars and bumps she hid under her smooth exterior, that is...until she met The god of Mischief who was locked up for trying to destroy New York.Will she be able to get him to open up? Will he be able to thaw her frozen heart? or will she end up hating him because of what his people did to her?...Read to find out.(All the images are from google. I own none of them and I'm sorry if she looks a little too anime-ish, I couldn't use a real persons picture but the picture is kind of close to what she looks like in terms of her hair color and eye color and face shape and skin color and body type so...forgive me if she looks too unrealistic. Sorry)(I found this image in google and I thought that it would be perfect fro the cover. Image is not mine but here's the link to where I found it ---->) (,g_1:fanart&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj1__vEif7cAhXQfd4KHQ19CDkQ4lYIJygA&biw=1304&bih=671&dpr=1#imgrc=DUvf_OBbjgq95M:)Note: the dragon in the image is not what her dragon form looks like

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Oswor and the Final Battle (Oswor #3)

After escaping Light Hill I need to know what Father written in this book. I know who can help. Then this war between dragon riders and the D.R.H has to end.Prequel: Oswor and The Power StonesBook One: Oswor and the Rise of the Dragon Riders.Book Two: Oswor and the GenesisCover:

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Do You Know Me?

this is based on @Harrish6 Healing What Has Been Broken. The twist is that Error never fell into the void. Yes, I'm aware somebody already has done this but this is my own twist.Cover:,g_1:undertale:h3aDq5QdTHc%3D,g_1:sans:mqYOv2juYjM%3D&client=safari&prmd=ivn&hl=en-US&ved=2ahUKEwj0tPvdodnjAhXNhVMKHYpDCpUQ4lZ6BAgBEB4&biw=1024&bih=666#imgrc=M2LuaL8OpprFnM

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Can't Breathe Without You - EraserMic

Hanahaki Disease EraserMic AUAngst time!Happy Ending!Not finishedCover Credit:

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The Downpour

Freedom, at last. . .Cover retrieved from

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The Blue Night Sky

When I was still hoping. . .Cover retrieved from

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I'm the runaway bride

Not all that starts well went well. Is love enought to mend all broken hearts? or will love finds its new way through a brand new path. PS: i didnt own the picture in my cover, credits to the owner.

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Late Night Writing- Hong Kong x Reader

Hey this is based off of real life. K bai Written- May 16, 2017 Published- May 16, 2017 Credits~ Hetalia- Hidekaz Himaruya Story- Me You- Russia, da? Me- Hong Kong Picture-

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Romano x Reader

Written- March 7- March 15 2017Published- March 17, 2017Romano's Birthday- March 17Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz HimaruyaStory- MeYou- Mother RussiaPicture-*&imgrc=EaHSmc3cd4t4bM: Japan (I get to pick hehe~)I was gonna do this one for Hong Kong but I figured that Romano should get it since it's this birthday soon and I need an excuse for a story!

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The Beauty Of Will

It consumes you. Makes you forget how to be human. Forget how to tell time. Forget how to talk. Forget how to breathe. It's easy to see if you know what to look for. If you haven't felt it, then I feel sorry for you.Picture cites- -,g_1:hipster&imgrc=_

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Carnation- England x Reader

I did this to someone.... it wasn't thaaaat nice but y'know! I call people baka's cause I "don't want to hurt their feelings". :/Written- April 27, 2017Published- April 27, 2017Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz Himaruya Story- MeYou- RussiaMe- JapanPicture- there)

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Pillow (Japan x Reader)

Yeah yeah, I should sleep. eh...I still can't believe I got this idea from a We Bare Bears Episode...Written- April 24, 2017Published- April 24, 2017How did I get this done before midnight?Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz Himaruya Story- MeYou- RussiaMe- I BELONG TO JAPANHatsune Miku- Idk if I have to credit her, nor do I know WHERE to credit her. Vocaloid? Not surePicture-

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Aphmau's Jobs: Club PartyMix

Disclaimer:I don't own these characters, except for a character named Oliver. The rest of the characters are owned by Aphmau, who is a youtuber. If don't know who she is then go to her channel. The character Oliver is owned by me. If there is a resemblance to the character Oliver, then I do apologize. Ever wondered what Aphmau's job was in her roleplay MyStreet, well this is a story I made about her job and there's gonna be tons of jobs for her.Aphmau was going back to her apartment to get ready to move to another neighborhood until a mysterious man named Oliver came up to her. He offers Aphmau a job and he seems nice, but is what he says really true? And Aphmau's friends are worried because Aphmau is acting weird.I don't own the picture cover. Link to the original picture:

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Cats- 2p!America x Reader

So originally this was gonna be another idea I had for 2p!America, but my brain changed it, so now this! The other story may or may not come out later this week, I'm not sure yet.(I've also been rewatching/binging Hetalia episodes.... NEE NEE PAPA-)Written- May 20, 2017Published- May 20, 2017Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz Himaruya Story- MeYou- Russia, da?Me- Hong Kong or JapanPicture-

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Greece x Reader

What happens when Reader-chan is allergic to cats, but is dating the most cat-obsessed people in the world? Read to find out!Okay, that was cringy but still! I'll put the Author's note in the actual story, cause I'm trying to change a few things... Written- March 25, 2017Published- March 25, 2017Greece's Birthday- March 25Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz Himaruya Story- MeYou- Greece NOPE MOTHER RUSSIAMe- Japan Picture-*&imgrc=vFq3DRgM_93thM:(Don't question my methods!)

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Im testing if this book is nice if so then buissnessBook cover link:

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Winnie The Pooh as Astrology Signs

- A remake of an classic tale entitled Winnie The Pooh as astrology signs which includes characters like Pooh, Tigger , Roo, Piglet and Eeyore.- Cover Photo was taken from the Pooh Photo was taken from Eeyore Photo was taken from Tigger Photo was taken from Roo Photo was taken from Piglet's Photo was taken from,g_1:winnie+the+pooh:acl-GRgsUpY%3D&usg=AI4_-kTpVai1egfdjqjiwb44kynVE_JTnQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjbto7qhfjkAhXXbSsKHbTvDNsQ3VYIKygA&biw=1440&bih=772&dpr=2#imgrc=llIsGBl-yWlrXM:

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to the sweet oblivion (a naruto fan fic)

Lethia, a dangerous assassin travels to kanoha on a mission. Her heart is guarded behind a very complicated lock and her past is not much better. Will team 7 be able to pick the lock?

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Late-Night Events- Switzerland x Reader

Tooootally didn't pop into my head at night.It didI was listening to a bunch of Les Mis songs with my parents, and Master of the House came on.Later, my brain said "No body would rob Switzerland! And then this was born!Also tooootally didn't try and make the title as lemon scented as possible...I didWritten- May 13, 2017Published- May 14, 2017Credits~Hetalia- Hidekaz HimaruyaStory- MeLes Mis/ Master of the House- Playwrights~ Alain Boubill and Claude-Michel Schönberg Author (of Les Mis)~ Victor HugoYou- Russia, da?Me- Hong Kong (I say as I listen to Hoi Sam Nice Guy/Town)Picture-

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Cuando las emociones se enredan, nos llevan a la confusión y bloquean nuestra mente pero podemos arriesgarnos un poco en ese juego peligroso. -Historia original- -Fuente de la portada:

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Padded Walls

i dont wanna spoil tomuch, so all im gonna say is, Demons, death, and love. enjoy!Bace i used for the cover cause i cant draw for shit:

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Senseless, Not Senseless Talk About Love

The prologue of the story of a girl who eventually fell in love with hes superfriend. . .cover retrieved from

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