forced to marry the rich CEO.... but i am just 17 (kth fanfiction)

forced to marry the rich CEO.... but i am just 17 (kth fanfiction)

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Tae : i guess you like it when i call you wifey.. good name isn't it ?

Y/n : HELL No !! Oh.. s-sorry i didn't meant to raise my voice. I mean.. don't call me that.

Tae : what ? Wifey ?

Y/n : hmm..

Tae : then that's what i am calling you from now on.. wifey !

She is so flustered right now that she isn't even looking in front . I secretly let out a smile took a look at her and again focused on driving.

When i realised, what am i doing. No... She is doing something to me.


A story where Y/n, who is just 17, was forced to marry Kim taehyung, the cold CEO of kim enterprises. Read to know their story as they live their married life.


warning -
Mention of blood, suicide and gore.
Mention of Intimacy.

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