No One Saved Me

No One Saved Me

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Category: Short Story
Original Title:无人救我双

Author: 又蓝

"Nobody's going to buy me emeralds. Nobody's going to give me babies. Nobody's going to save my life."

-Lawrence Block, "Eight Million Ways to Die"

I could finally be liberated.


It had been more than a decade since Shi Wen, an alpha who became an omega for the man he loved, had been suffering in the quagmire of the world and his partner's indifference and disgust. As he was dragged into the darkness of death, he dialed his partner's number. "I don't regret it." But all he got in response was the hung-up tone.

No one saved him.


Shang Yu indifferently hung up the call. Anyway, he would see him soon after that person's gland removal surgery.

He never thought that that would be the last.


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