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Soulmate  ◆ JeonJungkook✔

"Did you ever miss someone so much that it hurt physically?"❖You're caught up in the past after your soulmate, Jungkook, the person that stood with you ever since you can think left you, now having to live with the consequences of being separated from your other half.Until you aren't anymore.Highest Rankings:#45 fanfiction#1 btsjungkook#9 bts#2 jungkookxreader

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That Awkward Magic ◆ JeonJungkook✔

"You smell very nice.""Are you...trying to flirt or something?"•A socially awkard witch has to struggle with being the sudden love (?) interest of a wolf shifter•Or; A story about differences and similarities, about things that connect us and things that stand between us. And lot's of love and magic, of courseHighest Ranking:#6 BTSJUNGKOOK#23 JEONJUNGKOOK

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𝙈𝙖𝙛𝙞𝙖 𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣👑☑ ⒿⓔⓞⓝⒿⓤⓝⓖⓚⓞⓞⓚ

When an unknown mafia queen was hired to protect the business man son who studied in high school

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This story is about a guy name Jungkook and a girl name Y/N. Jungkook is a very depressed guy working as a graphic designer and y/n is his colleague. Jungkook don't has any excitement in life he just work, go home, and be depressed. Y/N is a girl with a very kind heart. Y/N's worries about Jungkook started as a colleague but after some time this worry change into something very special. she approach him and befriended him. Maybe Jungkook just needed someone who can understand him and now god has given him y/n. This story is about a depressed guy who falls for a kind hearted girl. The story will unfold many things between them as partner. This is not only the story about romance but how they become worthy for each other. This story is about love, sadness, understanding and support for each other.HI I'M IHAM, THIS IS MY FIRST STORY. SO, PLEASE IGNORE MY MISTAKES. I WISH TO IMPROVE MY SKILLS.DISCLAIMER: All the characters are just my imagination. This is a imaginary based story, please don't spread negativity after reading this story.

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ဝေးရမှာကြောက်ရင် အနီးဆုံးမှာနေလေဟင့်အင်း တစ်နေ့နေ့တော့ဝေးကြရဦးမှာေဝးရမွာေၾကာက္ရင္ အနီးဆုံးမွာေနေလေဟင့္အင္း တစ္ေန႔ေန႔ေတာ့ ေဝးၾကရဦးမွာUni+Zaw

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**********************'What's your favourite date?''It hasn't come yet.''WDYM?''The day I die will be the happiest day for me.''Are you mental?!?!''........probably?'*********************In which he asks her if she's mental and then tries to make her life better through texts.*********************A j.j.k story.Completed.Edited.©-moonflowerdStarted: 22nd May,2017.Ended: 23rd May,2017.

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ون شوت تايكوك منحرف قليلا

هلاااو اشتقت الواتباد😭😭

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Behind The Time! |Jeonjungkookff|

Time is really precious. It's more special when you are spending and creating memories with the person you WANT! But time never waits for someone. You have let go what's GONE FOREVER. You have to let go when it's their TIME!Started: 27/03/2024Ended: ??Most impressing Ranks:#1 in "LOVEWINSALL"#17 in "lovemeagain"

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My Lover That Didn't Want To Let Me Go|  J.JK ✔

Name : Jeon JungkookAge: 22Girlfriend: None only one exRich or poor: Super rich Worker or student: Student of XXXX University.Cold and rude or nice and funny: cold and rude to other people and nice and funny to family and friends and the ones the loves the most Family: Father, Mother and younger sister Sister name: Jeon SomiFather name:Jeon HayunsikMother name: Jeon HayunaName:Park SaudaAge:20Boyfriend: NoneRich or poor: Extremely rich Cold and rude or nice and funny: same as JungkookWorker or student: Student of XXXX UniversityFamily: Father, Mother and younger brotherFather name: Park KhunsoekMother name: Park JaesieBrother name: Park Jihoon CAN THESE TWO BE TOGETHER OR NOT FIND OUT KEEP READING 😂Started: February 9, 2019Ended: September 1, 2019All rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods without prior written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.Cover made by: @PastawithSushi2/2/2020: 2nd on #gummies 2/6/2020: 1st on #desperateloveInspired by, @BangtanGoodGirl I used to watch her yt fics in like 2017 and that's where this came from Shoutout to her, she's an amazing writer and that fic of hers was the second one I had ever read and since then it was, is and always will be my fav one!

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La Llorona

La Llorona, the weeping woman is a tale of a woman who drowned her own children. Her husband left her to marry a woman of a higher class. This frustrated her and lead to her drowning her children. Realizing what she has done, she cried and wandered the water banks hoping that they would come back to her one day. She forever walks the riverbanks and lakes in search for her lost children. One day, 3 brave children decided to visit a graveyard next to a river. Little did they know what faith held in hand for them...

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CRUSH💕 (Completed)

JungKook💕oc#က်ေနာ့္ႏွလံုးသားထဲပထမဆံုးဝင္ေရာက္လာတဲ့သူမ ဘာမွဂ႐ုမစိုက္ႏိုင္ေလာက္ေအာင္က်ေနာ္သူမကိုခ်စ္တယ္💜 အေျခေနေတြေၾကာင့္က်ေနာ္စြန္႔လႊတ္ရမွာလား #ဘာမွဂ႐ုမစိုက္ပဲသူမကိုပဲေရြးခ်ယ္လိုက္ရမလား💜

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What does it take to make love bloom? That's easy- one boy, one girl and sprinkle a little bit of Omelas' magic.***************************A j.j.k story.Started:20th May,2017.Ended: 21st May, 2017.Completed.©-moonflowerd

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Playboy and Playgirl (JeonJungkook)

Ainee is the popular student in their school and she is also known as a 'PLAY GIRL' many boys fall for her but she just play with them but even Ainee plays with them they will still adore her and her brother is Kim Namjoon Jeon Jungkook is also known as the popular guy in their school and he's known as an 'PLAYBOY' He has a gang called BTS and one of his friends is Ainee's brother Kim Namjoon Jungkook plays with every girl he wants to play with BUT WHAT WILL HAPPENED IF THE PLAYBOY AND THE PLAYGIRL HATE EACH OTHER AND FALL FOR EACH OTHER?

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Unknown Heroes ◆ JeonJungkook✔

"GO FUCK YOURSELF DUMBFUCK!""NOT IF YOU FUCK ME FIRST!"...."What?""-What?"❖An aspiring, young manga artist starts to find inspiration for her very explicit yaoi mangas in her arch enemy.Or; How to unlearn judging people at first glance and embrace their peculiarities, because we're all a little bit weird.

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Soulmates Yoongi x Reader

What is a soulmate you might ask? Your soulmate is supposed to be a person you share an intense and unexplainable connection with the moment you first meet. Your soulmate will understand you better than anyone else in the world because you share the same mind, heart, and soul, hence the term soulmate. Soulmate bonding is different for every individual, but when the click happens you will know. When it happens you immediately feel this connection like you've known the person your whole life. What will happen to your life when you attend a BTS concert with your friends and find out Yoongi is your soulmate?----------------------------------------------------------------------------The beautiful cover is made by @Purple_He4rtsHighest rankings:#1 in Fanfiction out of 96,1K stories#1 in minyoongi out of 49,1K stories#1 in Soulmates out of 13,4K stories# 1 in soulmate out of 12,9K stories#1 in soumateau out of 2,76K storiesDisclaimer: These are the highest rankings the story had at some point, there may be some more but these are the ones I kept a screenshot of. Currently, the story doesn't have the same ranking it fluctuates a lot.

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When he denied his own baby calling her a cheater."This baby is not mine."But why god planned them to meet again?"I would like you to transfer in JEON CORPORATION."When he devotes himself to ruin her life. "I'll ruin your life like you did mine."But then what happened to him?"I fvcking don't like to see anyone else near you. You get that?"When he gets to know the truth. What will he do then?🥇1 in #jeonjk (05/04/2024)🥇1 in #btsjungkook (12/04/2024)🥇1 in #jkff (20/04/2024)🥇1 in #jungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkookie (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #golden (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #kookie (13/05/2024)🥇1 in #bangtan (16/05/2024)🥇1 in #jimin (09/06/2024)

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Age Gap [JJK] ✔️

"I can never see you as my wife. This marriage is merely a formality, a sham, a marriage on paper only."......She was 10 years younger than him, someone whom he always saw as his 'little one'. But how will he ever accept his little one's heart when in a twist of fate, he is arranged to marry her?..........© Moon_3004

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~וНяня Чонгука - суровый Ким Техен•×~ //Закончен//

Чонгук попадает в аварию, его сестра(по совместительству подруга Техена) просит Техена, чтобы тот оплатил операцию, Техен долго опирался, пока сестра не показала ему Чонгука. Техен сразу же оплачивает операцию , но в оплату просит побыть няней для Чонгука.

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CRUSH 💕(SS Only)


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Lovers Band [Nalu]✔️

[C O M P L E T E D]Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Jellal are all band members. One day, after their concert, their manager Gildart's tells them that he's going to enroll them into school. Not only are they going to school, but a girl with short white hair trying to get Natsu all to her self by getting Lucy into all these accidents. What will happen when Natsu finds out what's going on and will he finally realize that Lucy is not only a best friend to him, but she's more to him than meets the eye.______________________________________________⚠️Warning ⚠️First story. Please be gentle. ______________________________________________Started: May 10, 2015Completed: August 16, 2015

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Little Dark Age ◆ JeonJungkook✔

"Dying was NOT on today's agenda.""Dying shouldn't be on any days agenda.""Oh, since when are you the one making the plans, huh?"❖Surviving the apocalypse is hard and all but have you tried getting along with a scythe swinging, sociopathic maniac? Yeah. THAT'S hard. Too bad that said sociopathic maniac is your only insurance of staying alive in this absolute mayhem.Highest Ranking:#2 post-apocalyptic

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Lovers Band Fairytail 2.0 [Book 2 • Sequal to Lovers Band]✔️

[C O M P L E T E D]3 years later, Lucy is back and her and Natsu are now together. Natsu wants to get the band back together. But when lucy hears about she rejects. She tells everyone why she left and everything that happend back 3 years ago. _______________________________Started: December 24, 2015Completed: May 29, 2016

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Mafia Husband (Jungkook ff)

(Under edit) Yn a strong girl but gets nervous in-front of his arranged husband. Jungkook feared and arrogant mafia but is stuck with a girl. Will they make it through?Will they fall in love or fall apart?Can anyone change him?What's the plan of cupid?Let's see😉

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𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞.

SO COLD أنتِ زَوجتي وتَحت مسؤوليَتي وخَاصتي أنـ..كنتُ زوجتكَ .ومازلتِ ، والرب أنكِ ستبقين مرتبطة بي وأفعلُ المثل حتى يَفنى هذا الجسد الذي أمامكِ وتَعود روحه إلى خالقهِ .- Jeon Jungkook- Im Lavinaجميع الحقوق تعود إلىّلا أسمح بالسرقة أو الإقتباس ! إذا كان هناك أي تشابه بين روايتي وأُخرى فـ هو محض صدفة لا أكثر !صفات الشخصيات غير حقيقية والرواية فقط من وحي خيالي ![ مُكتملة ]بَدأت : 30/10/2023إنتَهت : 08/02/2024#1 جونغكوك #1 jungkook#1 jeonJungkook #1 sad#1 btsjhope#1 btsfanfic#1 blue#2 English #3 life

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The First Lie// Finn Wolfhard X Reader (Completed)

New town, which means new school. Except, all the members of your old favourite show Stranger things go there as well. Things turn upside down when you start to fall for Mike aka Finn Wolfhard.

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