Broken and Fearless // C.B.

Broken and Fearless // C.B.

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Category: Romance
Juliet Griffin moves across the country, from Boston to LA, to join a channel of guys doing trips and overnights.

One of them has already fallen for her. Will she reciprocate his feelings? Will they get together?

"The Boston girl is salty." Elton Castee

"Elton, if you get me arrested, I might actually kill you!" Juliet Griffin

"You know how to hotwire a car?" Corey Scherer

"We're going to die." Sam Golbach

"You waited two months to pay me back?" Jake Webber

"I think I do, Jules. Bring it on." Colby Brock

[Updates on Saturdays]

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The world was once peace between two races but war destroyed it and to make worst, humans wielded dark magic destroyed the dragon egg without mercy. The only egg that was heir to the dragon prince. Everything was lost but though it may seem, even the lowest young people can restore peace with unexpected companions who believe. Let us join these fellow adventurers to their journey all you have to do, is take a step. I own nothing but my oc. All belong to the owners.Drop a vote, leave a comment, follow, and enjoy the story you guys. Started: 1/1/20231/02/2023 - #2 moonshadowelf 1/05/2023 - #1 moonshadowelf1/25/2023 - #2 bait1/25/2023 - #1 thedragonprince2/13/2023 - #1 ezran2/23/2023 - #1 claudia4/08/2023 - #1 darkmagic

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