Mysteries of Riverwood

Mysteries of Riverwood

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In the quiet town of Riverwood, nestled amidst dense woods, thirteen childhood friends once shared a bond that seemed unbreakable. Their camaraderie was forged in the innocence of youth until, at the age of ten, a chance encounter with a ruin in the heart of the forest changed everything.

Within those ancient walls, they befriended a spectral presence, a ghost whose ethereal presence captivated their young minds.

Tragedy struck swiftly when the ghost, once perceived as a friend, claimed the life of one of their own. Shocked and terrified, the group scattered, their once unbreakable bond shattered by fear and guilt. From that day forward, they vowed never to speak of their haunted past again.

Years passed, and though some drifted away, the echoes of their shared trauma lingered in the shadows of Riverwood. As they turned eighteen and embarked upon their senior year of high school, whispers of disappearing townsfolk cast a chilling pall over the once serene community.

Alex, one among the thirteen childhood friends, stumbled upon unsettling news: reports of inexplicable disappearances in Riverwood. Each month, another soul vanished without a trace, echoing a haunting pattern from their past. Driven by a sense of foreboding, Alex found himself confronting the specter of their haunted history once more.

Amidst the excitement of the annual pep rally, the ghost's voice echoed through the crowd, sending shivers down the spines of the those friends. In that moment of dread realization, they understood that one of their own had become the latest victim of the ghost's vengeful rampage.

United by a sense of responsibility and remorse, the group resolved to venture into the heart of the woods, determined to rescue their friend and put an end to the ghost's reign of terror once and for all.

Written By :- LMNTrix117

Art By :- LMNTrix117

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