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TFIL Trip Gone Wrong

Being Elton's bestfriend isn't always what it seems and you never know whats going to happen when you are with him on his trips. Until Elton invites you on a trip with him, Corey and some new friends you never met.During the trip you make friends, fall in love and break into pieces especially with a terrible past. What all happens when you go on that that trip?Will you regret going?

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The girl of TFIL || Colby Brock

Elton's sister has been on the youtube channel, TFIL since it started she recently hasn't been on it because she has been super busy. She joins TFIL again but will the truth get out about why she really wasn't on for those few months? Will she develop feelings for one of the guys on the TFIL channel? Find out!Highest rating #1 in #samandcolbyHighest rating #1 in #katrinastuartHighest rating #6 in #youtubeHighest rating #2 in #colbybrockHighest rating #1 in #xplr

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Claire is a 13 year old girl who was living in an old run down adoption center with her two best friends before she was adopted by TFIL's one and only Elton Castee.

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TFIL // Colby Brock

**Completed** Sequel out now "Artist" Chloe is 19 and met Elton through a Craigslist ad he made about someone being his assistant. She applied for the job and he accepted her request. They meet at a coffee shop and become friends. Two weeks later she starts her job. He tells her they are going to New Zealand so she will have to meet his friends/roommates.

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TFIL/Trap house

this book is just different story's in one all about tfil or the trap house :) also y/n stories-story ranks.#1 jakewebber#1 explor

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TFIL Imagines


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Adopted By TFIL (Elton Castee)

Quinn. That's me! Seven years old, knows too many curse words and I got adopted by TFIL. What a life!By the way. I wrote this when Elton lived at the mansion w/ Sam, Colby, Corey and Aaron. No Jake Webber. Sorry. I also can't be asked to change it or make Elton move out in the story. I did prefer him there but it's his choice, not mine and I shouldn't stop anyone from doing anything, especially if I don't know them. Hope you peoples enjoy!The cover is basic so I won't get in trouble for using fanart without permission by the way, but don't judge a book by its cover!

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Living with TFIL

I'm Shelby and I'm a YouTuber! I also watch TFIL's and the Trap House's videos and one day I get a message from Elton Castee. He asked if I wanted to move in with them. Of course I replied with yes! And that's where things went a little crazy... and I found love..****This is my first book, please don't judge the cringy writing.****

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TFIL Imagines

Just lots of different one shots with the reader and either Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach, Elton Castee, Heath Hussar, Jake Webber, Aaron Doh, or Brennen Taylor. Those are the main people who you will see stories about, but there will be specials with different people!!REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN

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TFIL Overnight Adventures Book 1 ✔️

Elton's little sister, Theodora Elodie Castee also known as Thea, join the boys on their 25 weeks of haunted and abandoned buildings series.This is meant to be Corey Scherer story, but it's really just about the videos with a little fluff here and there.

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TFIL Preferences

Just some preferences of Sam, Colby, Elton, Corey, Aaron, and Jake :)

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TFIL Imagines! {CLOSED}

Random imagines with TFIL (Aaron, Elton, Corey, Colby, Sam)Update probs gonna be inconsistent, sorry in advance! xNo smut!!!

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Adopted by TFIL

Millie was placed into care after her mother died when she was eleven. She's always wanted to be adopted by someone but when ever she thinks she's found the right person, they find out about her past and leave.(A/N most of my chapters are based off videos the boys have done but they will not all been in order of which was posted first)

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Adopted by TFIL [Completed!]

13 year old Amabilia (1. that's Latin for Lovely 2. it's pronounced Ama bill yuh) has lived in the Orphanage for 8 years, her mom ran off with her boyfriend and your father, you really don't know where he is, but it hasn't been so bad you had your best friend Star there with you until she got adopted. Now a big group of people decide to adopt you. This journey you will find love independence and friendship. W we

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The tfil trip

reader x ColbyYour friend from middle school Elton invites you on a tfil trip for his youtube channel, little to know your soulmate is on the trip with you.

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TFIL + Vlog Squad imagines

i wrote this when i was like 14 so lmao im an adult now but ill leave it up for yall 🤝

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TFIL preferences

It's good for the soul!!

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My Exploring Brother (Tfil)

Hey! My names Y/n Reinhardt! Yes i am Corbin's little sister, but only by one year! I have known Corbin's friends longer than he has so that makes me laugh. I have known Elton and Corey for 4 and a half years now. I was invited to go on a trip with them as apparently all the fans missed me. I don't believe in ghosts one bit, I am more of a sceptic than Elton. So I hope this proves that they aren't real... (if any people are good at art and want to make me a profile pic then please do!)

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Previously Strangers (TFIL/Sam and Colby)

SEQUEL IS UP: UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!After growing up in a crumbling town with her father, Katelin Castee reunites with her older brother, Elton, after ten years. She's thrown into a whirlwind of new experiences, and is dumbfounded by the excitement and opportunities this new town has to offer. All seems well until her dark past won't seem to go away. As people from the past create bad memories that will live on in the future, and those from the present are curious about her past, she learns that it might just be better to embrace her flaws rather than ignore them. -*TFIL Fanfic. Includes Elton, Colby, Sam, and Corey as main characters.

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adopted by  tfil- Completeed

Elton finds out that he has a niece in the ophange he brings her home what will the boys think will they be good with her or will they not read to find out

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TFIL smut

So if you know who Sam and Colby are then you know they're super hot and really cool. These are smuts that have all the TFIL people in here. Enjoy!!

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LittleBoys : TFIL

Welcome to the LittleSpace of TFIL, here you will see the following: -Little!Sam-Little!Corey-Little!Colby-Maybe Little!Aaron-Daddy!EltonAyyyy#2 in the Eltorey tag!!!#9 in the Corby tag!!!

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TFIL x reader

Just a series of TFIL members x reader imagines * = Self harm and other themes I TAKE REQUESTSWill include:EltonCorey Corbin Brandon Sam Colby

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Collab (TFIL x reader)

(Highest: #2 in tfil, #1 in eltoncastee and #1 in Brennen) When TFIL asks for you to record with them, you leave your original YouTube channel and move in with them. It's all a rocky rode from there. From trouble with old friends to hidden feelings for new ones your life couldn't get more drama packed.

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