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Mafia's Princess

Victoria Smith had always been a shy girl, as no one really cared about her. She felt like she had no one in the world (well, except for her cat). One night, she finds that maybe that loneliness was about to end. "What are you doing out here all by yourself?"-Please-, take a look at the TAGS before reading. This is a DDLG story.

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A Princess Pride is her Title : The Most Beloved Princess

Princess Emerald is the 38th Princess of the Kingdom of Larksen. The King, her father, can only recognized his 12 sons and their biological sisters or 6 princesses.Sadly, she is not one of them.As a woman reincarnated from an unreasonable monarchy, Emerald was angry and sad but later she has able to let go of her anger and want to strive for her own good. Without the support of her father, without the love of her mother, Princess Emerald is slowly becoming the most beloved princess of the Kingdom of Larksen.(This story is plagarized and translated without permission in tagalog. Still waiting for wattpad management action.)

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she's my princess

"I had never known the true meaning of love, it was always something I just acted in movies. To me, there was no such thing as true love because I would never want to be vulnerable. I'd never want to be open to being torn apart but when I saw her. My daughter, everything changed. She was everything to me, I loved everything about her. To the way her nose wrinkled when she laughed and how her bangs were always messy when she ran around to much. I loved her chubby hands that would hold onto my jeans when I was busy and couldn't hold her hand. She is my princess, my true love."[not edited...sorry if some shit makes you cringe] Contains strong language even though it's a cute little book about a father growing to love a daughter he found out about on a guy's night.[#1- father] [#2 - daughter] [#3 - singlefather]

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Princess on the Loose [Completed]

Clarissa Marie Valdez, a daughter of a con man, was chosen by King and Queen Academy, a prestigious school full of princes, princesses', heirs, and heiresses. Why was she chosen? Who chose her? How could she get out? And most of all what are they hiding from her?

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The Missing Princess

Isabella Ekaterina is the only daughter of the two most powerful mafia families in the world: the Di Luca Italian mafia and the Vasiliev Russian mafia. She was their little princess, and her life was supposed to be like that of a princess. However, that was not the life for little Isabella, and instead she had been followed by almost never-ending misfortunes since the day she was born. She lost her mother minutes after she came into the world, and when Isabella was three years old, she and her father suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving their family to be confused and in pain for the next thirteen years.It has been thirteen years since the incident, and Isabella is supposed to be sixteen now, but the Di Luca and Vasiliev families never gave up, and they are most determined to find out the truth about what happened to their missing princess. And during the past thirteen years since Isabella went missing, life has never been the same for the two families. The four troubled Di Luca brothers face their own version of hell, not knowing at the same time that their missing princess is also facing the worse kind of hell.What happens when they finally find their missing princess? Can Isabella and her brothers finally escape the hell they were thrown into, or are they too far into the deep to escape? Can they still continue to be a family despite spending years forgetting what the word family means?

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Vampire Princess

It’s been five years since Melanie Meyer left Springfield, leaving everything behind – her normal human life, her human and vampire friends and of course, Garret Stone. But when she goes home, she didn’t expect everything to change drastically. But what could she do? A lot can change in five years. Melanie wants a normal life – well, as normal as a vampire could have. But “normal” is not really the word you really use when you’re the Vampire Princess. Not to mention when your ex-lover’s mother and a crazy doctor is hunting you. It’s not easy being the princess. And what can she do when she’s still hopelessly and uncontrollably in love with her ex-boyfriend, knowing they can’t be together when the both of them already has new lovers? This is not your typical vampire story. Not one of those cliché ones. This is a story about the Vampire Princess.

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The Runaway Princess

To the unknowing eye, the exotic young woman making her way through the English countryside is just another poor girl, hungry and looking for work. But Elena Del Fuego is much more than that. She is the youngest daughter of the King of Spain and she is running from an arranged marriage he forced upon her. Elena learned of the betrothal when she was ten years old, and found out that it was to happen on her eighteenth birthday to a Portuguese Prince twenty years her senior. She had eight years to plan her perfect escape.Her escape takes her to Derbyshire where she finds work as a housemaid at a grand estate called Ascot. While Elena had always planned to keep her head down, she cannot help but notice the handsome heir to the dukedom, David Wilde. But life is not like a fairy tale. The handsome heir cannot marry the maid and turn her into a princess, for Elena is already that. She is a princess with two nations chasing her, two nations determined to keep Elena and David apart and to take Elena home.

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The Non British Princess

As future king, Prince Thomas is set to hold his selection in order to find a wife. 20 girls from the Commonwealth are chosen to compete for his heart in a British selection. One of the lucky girls will become the future queen of England.Enter Isabelle Davis, a romantic, tech savvy girl who doesn't desire more than spending time with family and her dog. And it takes her by surprise when her name is drawn and she's suddenly being whisked away to the palace. Some girls fight for the crown. Some want the riches. But those who have a chance at being the one are the girls after the prince's heart.A series of challenges, girls fights, tears and ball gowns leads to Prince Thomas's choice, but will it be the right one?***•Top Rankings•[#6 in romance][#1 in girl][#1 in royal][#1 in drama][#1 in friends][#2 in selection][#2 in tech][#4 in Britain]Book #1 in my British Selection seriesRead this modern day version of a British Selection, inspired by Kiera Cass's original selection series.πŸ₯€ Some references to Self Harm and Death

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our princess | svt βœ”οΈ

" Let us please, The First Princess of Korea.." - 2020under editing process . . .

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The British Princess

Princess Charlotte is next to have her selection. But she doesn't want one. At first.Usually confident Charlotte, can't seem to get it together for her upcoming selection. And when all the boys arrive it becomes even more chaotic. With the pressure from her brother Thomas's perfect love story with Isabelle, Charlotte has a lot to live up to. A palace full of guys isn't a good idea, and when things start going missing and fists fly, Charlotte can't keep her cool. A few of the guys catch her eye, pulling her in all different directions. With so many different personalities, Charlotte is struggling to figure out what she wants. Who will she go with? Will it be the right choice?Broken windows, tears and midnight kisses are all in store for our princess as she navigates her selection.•••Book #2 in my British Selection seriesFollowing on from The Non-British Princess - you don't have to read it first, it is just highly recommended to introduce the characters.Another story inspired by The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

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Their Little Princess | βœ”οΈ

HIGHEST RANKINGS:#1 in teenagegirl#1 in overprotective#3 in anxietyMaddie Rossi is only 13, and has known nothing but pain and heartbreak her entire life. Only a shell of what she was before her mother took her away when she was 2, she has no recollection of who she was before. All she knows now is her mom and her stepfather who made sure that she would never be whole again.The Rossi brothers have struggled to cope with having lost their only sister to their mother when she was only 2 years old as well as the pressure of running their father's mafia following his death.When her guardians' deaths reveal 6 brothers she didn't know existed and the Rossi family finally gets their little girl back, they all have secrets to hide and they realize she isn't the happy little girl they once knew.

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Princess β™’ The Princess Diaries

This is a story about if Mia Thermopolis had an older sister.Katerina Thermopolis is the older sister to Mia by 2 years.See how this kind, strong willed girl learns about her being the next Queen of Genovia.WARNING: Story is really bad and unedited

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His Princess, Her Servant

She is the Princess of Oaklynn Kingdom. He is a typical boy, working as a servant. She has five loving sisters and caring parents. He never really had anyone in his life. One day, they met each other by accident. He fell in love with her, but does she feel the same way? Can a servant be with a... Princess? Or maybe they're just too different?

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Blood Princess

Izebel Katz has lived her entire life trapped with her psychotic foster parents. Until one day they are found dead. Suddenly she's being shipped across the country to meet the five brothers she never knew she had. Who happen to be the leaders of the most ruthless mafia in the world. She thought her dark past was behind her, but as she settles into her new life she quickly realizes she's mistaken.*EXCERPT*"Where are you going?" I turn around and sure enough there is Ryland LaRue. Standing there with his dark green eyes and perfectly slicked back brown hair. All of it disgusts me. "You followed me." I smile. "You...look familiar.""And you're drunk." He smiles. "Let me take you back inside.""I'm not drunk." I pout. "Promise." He rolls his eyes, yet he's still smiling. Then he walks towards me and gently grabs hold of my arm, pulling me back to the door. And I let him, only until we're close enough to the wall. Then, I twist his arm back and hit him in his gut with my knee, driving him back to the wall where he hits his head against the brick. "Like I said...I'm not drunk." I smirk. I put my right arm underneath his throat, holding him in place and use my free hand to grab my knife which I taped to my leg. "You little liar." He smirks looking down at me. "Shut up." I snap, bringing the knife to his throat. "I want you to tell me everything."He chuckles and then leans his head back against the wall. "You're going to have to be a bit more specific than that, princess."

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A Princess of Wales' story

Princess FAITH ALEXANDRA ELIZABETH DIANA is the youngest child and only daughter of the prince of wales and princess of wales. Being the daughter prince charles always wanted, Faith is the center of their family,always being loved,pampered by everyone in her life ,one can say she is the luckiest girl in the world ,but will her life always be a fairytale?

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[1] The Princess Royal | B. Bridgerton

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, is a beacon of regality, yet beneath her crown lies a woman determined to defy the conventional expectations of royalty.After an eventful year and a half in Prussia, Charlotte faces an unforeseen challenge during the social season of 1813: the necessity to find a suitable husband. This unexpected twist leaves her in a state of utter disbelief and confusion. Despite the adoration she receives and the persona she projects publicly, a lifetime of insecurities haunts her.They say that to love others, one must first love oneself. Now, the Princess Royal stands on the precipice of self-discovery and acceptance. The journey to self-love promises to unravel the layers of vulnerability beneath the majestic exterior she presents to the world.As the 1813 social season unfolds, it becomes evident that Charlotte has beguiled the three eldest Bridgerton brothers. Each, in his own right, is captivated by her presence. A Viscount, driven by duty; an artistic soul, yearning for creative pursuits; and an adventurer, dreaming of exploring distant lands. The stage is set for a romantic spectacle, but only one brother can claim the heart of The Princess Royal.This fanfic follows Season 1 of the Bridgerton Netflix series, based on the novel "The Duke and I" by Julia Quinn.- Book 1: The Princess RoyalBook 1.5: The Duchess of Kent and StrathearnBook 2: The Duchess of Kent and StrathearnDisclaimer: All original rights and credits of this amazing series goes to its creators. And of course, the original creator of all characters and books, Julia Quinn and to Chris Van Duden, the creator/showrunner/executive producer of the Netflix Original Series: Bridgerton.The only new/added characters are Princess Charlotte, etc, and its ideas belong to me.

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Loki x Reader - Princess

Exactly what the title says :)

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"Kiss me, you royal idiot." Paris Young is a pediatrician in a children's hospital. Rory Preston is the notorious playboy princess, who is more than just a royal heir -- she's a royal pain in the ass. When a snowboarding accident leaves Rory with a broken leg and a desperate need to hide from the publicity of the fall, there is only one option: Mount Sinai Hospital. Paris Young has no choice but to accept Rory as her patient -- the flirtatious, cocky and charming princess.(A Retelling of "Christmas with a Prince")

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Princess of Dragons

Ciara Tarakona is the youngest princess of the Dragon Kingdom - known across the waters for their affinity with the mighty, winged beasts. One day, the southern Fire Kingdom sent for an alliance which would promise prosperity and crops in return for their airborne army in case of war. Only, to assure the deal would be upheld, the Fire Kingdom demanded one of the princesses would marry their king. That is how Ciara ended up across the waters in a kingdom filled with people terrified of her and the dragons she brings. With no one on her side, save for a single dragon, she is to face a whole kingdom filled with hatred. Not to mention a king, who likes her just as little as she does him.

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My dear Princess

Isha singh Raizadha is a girl from one of the renowned business families of Rajasthan. She completed her masters in business administration. She is sweet and simple but when it comes to her family and self-respect she knows how to hold her ground. Being the apple of their parents eyes she gets everything she wants. She is so pampered but is down to earth.Abhinav Singh Ratore is a multi-billionaire. He is the heir of the Ratores who are well known royal family in Rajasthan and known in the entire world for their business that have branches in many cities. He is arrogant, mean and merciless but also very handsome that people can't take their eyes of him. He seeks perfection in everything.

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A Princess of Wales

Follow the childhood years of Princess Adeline of Wales as she grows up in the troubled household of the Wales' as her parents' marriage crumbles around her and her older brothers.Book One of the Princess Adeline Series.

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Mafia princess

A nerd with a dark side. Nine brothers with no idea of the existence of their sister.An italian mafia widow with no ides about his daughter.How eleven lives will collided together from thousand miles of distance?[Edited ]Author's note:I did write ' edited ' but it is mainly half edited.And some parts of this book makes no sense sometimes but read the full story . Everything will make sense.

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My Long Lost Princess

Janelle has lived in an orphanage ever since she was three. She doesn't know how she ended up at the orphanage or where her parents are. All she has is a locket. She thinks it's from her parents and she thinks it's a locket. She's never been able to open it. Anyway the orphanage is located in the kingdom of Montegi. Yes kingdom, but Janelle has never been interested in marrying the prince or something like all the other girls. Janelle was more interested in learning new things and following her dreams in her case, becoming a chef. Now eighteen, Janelle works at a Gourmet Restaurant as the head chef. It's been two months since she started working there and her boss tells her that she is to prepare the meal for the Royal Family of Clari and they were coming in a week! The day has finally arrived when the Royal Family of Clari was to come to the restaurant, but when Janelle introduces herself everyone stares at her. "Janelle you are the long lost princess of Clari." What? Me a princess?

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The Dragon and the Princess

You all know the old fairy-tale's where an evil and cruel dragon kidnaps the princess because of her beauty and then knights in shinning armour arrives to save her. After saving her they get the half of the kingdom and marry the princess and lives happily ever after.. But this story is very different... There was once were a beautiful, kind princess named Lydia who got engaged to a prince, but the princess wasn't in love with him at all. One day as she was sleeping peacefully in her bed with her window opened, a dragon named Lithon attacked the kingdom. In it's attack on the kingdom the dragon flew to the castle and was going to destroy it from pure hatred for the royal family, but then he saw the princess through her open window. The dragon fell for her beauty immediately, so he decided to kidnap her, it would also be the perfect revenge on the royal family. So the dragon took the princess to his place, the princess was of course not happy about that and she did freak out. She didn't wanted to live with a dragon! But then, the dragon reached it's house and he changed into a handsome young man! Even though its forbidden for them to be together, the princess slowly fell for the dragon and the dragon fell for her.. but how will this fairy tale end..? like every other, where the prince comes and slay the dragon and gets the girl, or will it be different this time? Highest ranking: #25 in Fantasy (03/03/2016) Copyright © 2014 Dragon__Wolf

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πš™πš›πš’πš—πšŒπšŽπšœπšœ β™‘ πšŒπš›πš‹

βœ” this is a colby brock fanfic :)βœ” there will be lots of smutty moments but also some fluff

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The Princess and Me

"Do Princes and Princesses still exist?" That was the question that Katelyn (Freen) wanted to answer as she set about doing her research paper. She had no idea, however, that she would get caught up in it. Princes, Princesses, Royal Family. A Princess Charming? Well, if you think this will be like one of those fairytale stories you know, you're wrong.It's more than that.

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