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His Innocent Queen

✫ 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐈𝐧 𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐆𝐞𝐧'𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐒𝐚𝐠𝐚 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎She is shy He is outspoken She is clumsy He is graceful She is innocent He is cunning She is broken He is perfect or is he?....JIVIKA RAO A widow from a small village in Maharashtra. She lives with her grandmother and aunt as her in-laws don't want to keep her after her husband's death. She has lost her parents at a very young age as a result she is deprived of many things. She works day and night to fend for her family but in response, she only gets insults and beatings. She doesn't know what it is like to have a loving family.SHIVANSH SINGH RATHORE The king of the Rajput Clan in Rajasthan. He is also the CEO of the Billion dollar company 'Rajput & Sons' which is his family business. He is known as the 'Tiger' of the business world as well as the underworld because of his ability to hunt down his opponent without any mercy. Although he is scary for everyone but for his family, he is a responsible and loveable person.Two completely different personalities yet faith will make them come together. Join the journey of Jivika and Shivansh where they will learn the beauty of love and passion.✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫✫

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Now A Queen

Annabella has had a rough life, her father decided it would be best if she lived with her mother, but that was the worst decision ever. Annabella has been getting abused verbally and physically by the people whom supposed to cherish and love her. She found out that the soon-to-be Alpha Travis Dunnington was her mate and he rejected her. She ran off to her father's pack... What happened? Did she shift? Do she get a second mate? Find out in this dramatic wolf story.

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Queen Material ( Ace of Queens #1)

***Not edited***** Find the complete book on Amazon!!! "My heart is in your with it as you please." Rye Alden counted herself lucky for not inheriting the werewolf genes from her mother. She was content with her ordinary life and her human father. But when tragedy strikes and her father is killed in a car accident, Rye discovers just how deeply her faith has been intertwined with the werewolf world. King Xavier has waited 200 years for his mate, but now that she is finally here, she wants nothing to do with him. How will he ensure her safety and crown her queen?

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Mafia Queen

There isn't room for relationships,love or the show of emotions in the Italian mafia,that was proven when Mason Russo lost the love of his life,Selina Russo to the European Mafia,leaving his 21 year old,son,Damon Russo also known as "The Devil" to handle the Mafia. Sophia Hernandez is a simple 19 year old girl,trying to overcome her parents death and focus on her studies with her sister,Ella,looking up to her and relaying on her aunt,Natasha whom doesn't seem to know how to handle teenagers. What happens when these two,worlds clash? Will there be a tremor in the universe or will both of worlds unite as one?

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The Queens' Baby

Set in current times, the queen and her wife go into their town where they meet a 19yo girl who has had a troubled life. They offer her shelter, food and a job. The girl is keeping a secret, will she let them in or run away from fear?

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Luna Queen

I hadn't always dreamed of a man to sweep me off my feet and propose underneath the twinkling moonlit stars.Yet, I hadn't ever dreamed of a god in form of a man to knock me off my feet and practically reject me, a few days after being accused and punished for causing my parents' brutal murder.But, I had always expected one thing.A man, a god, a being of an extraterrestrial manner incorrigible to the mere mortals scattered around this wicked world we call ours.I had expected him.He is the King of all Alphas. The one who rules above all forms of authority.His snarl alone was enough to send a grown man to his feet, his eyes alone enough to twist anyone into fear of no other experienced before.He was a monster.I, his mate.He was heartless.But, so was I.-© Luna Queen (2015)Victoria Leslie Khan

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The queen

Everyone always talks about the king and his love who is mostly the second wife, but no one thinks about his first wife. The one who suffers and go through pain of seeing her husband with another woman. This is a story about a same kind of woman the unloved wife. But she is not like others the one who will sit in the corner and cry. She is the one who fights for her rights and takes what she knows she deserve. An independent woman born in The wrong time line of the 14th century in Indian. Where woman were not given the rights they deserves she was fighting for her.A story about a strong woman. #Disclaimer#This story is a complete fake. Everything in it is my imagination. And it is only for entertainment. If reading this book hurts your feeling please leave. But if you like it then enjoy.Thank you.

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The Queen of Night

I'll die instead of doing marriage but here I'm standing at door of his hell becoming the wife of the King of Mafia.He fisted my hair tightly and pushed me roughly and I fell down on ground. I look up and found men looking at me with lust I move my head back and look at him." Remember one thing this is my territory and the one who has come here once, never goes back " the Devil said.I swear one day he'll himself let me go.______"You won't touch me" my voice come out confident like I wanted, he didn't answer me." Why? Are you not man? " I mocked him with a slight chukle.Have you seen Saitan? I have and the moment I saw his eyes I know this is my end.Pure black colour.I just simply close my eyes and release my breath waiting for the consequences. It won't take much time and I feel a harsh grip on my hair like his is ripping them off he pushed me forward and I fell on something soft." What did you said bitch? He growled in my ear, I just fisted the sheets.____" Move your eyes down" he growled at me.I bend according to his every wish, every demand neither raise my voice nor my eyes but now that's enough he took away the reason of my life now I'm not afraid of death." Ab toh na yeh sar jhukega or na yeh ankhen" I said looking in his eyes I can see the strom rising in his deep charcoal eyes.{ Now neither my head will bow down nor my eyes}" Bohot gurur hai tumhe bas kuch din, in kuch dino tumhare gurur le sath sath tumhe bhi tod denge" he said through clehched teeth stepping in closer to me establishing his dominance but I didn't move back.{ You have so much ego just few days, in these few days I'll break you with your ego}" Dekhte hai " { Let's see}_____I'm standing infront of his hell first time I was forced to come here but this time I come with my choice." Swagat karo mera" I look at the huge iron door of his hell which is front of me.{ Welcome me}" Tumhari maut aayi hai" I smriked.{ Your death has come}

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The King's Queen✔

HIGHEST RANK:- #6 IN WEREWOLF!!--------I went into her room through the window. She was lying peacefully on her small bed. I went near her and bent to her level, I gently caressed her cheek and growled "Mine".I tucked her hair behind her ear and then saw a huge bruise on her left side of face, a growl erupted from my throat by thinking that someone hurt my mate made me crazy. I gently caressed her bruise and kissed it. And then inhaled her sweet smell of roses and vanilla which calmed me down. She stirred a bit but slept again."I'm sorry my beautiful mate I wasn't there to protect you, forgive me. I'll find who did this to you and I would be glad to torture him to death for doing this to you. Sorry, love." I kissed her cheek again and left her room with one last glance at her, my mate.--------Amelia Queens who is abused by her father and has not a very good past. Who is always in her own bubble, who doesn't talk much, who doesn't believe in love. Eros Kings, an Alpha King. Who has the responsibility of the whole Werewolf Kingdom. Who is waiting for his mate and has so many dreams about her.What happens when he comes to know that Amelia is his mate. Will he accept her? Or will she accept him and most importantly will she ever love him?

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The Queen's Girl

Indulge in this tale of romance and fantasy: these are the days of the Queen and her lover. One fine evening, the Queen catches a mischievous thief swiping fruit from a royal orchard. Instead of punishing her, the Queen, who has hardly spoken with the common folk, sentences her to fulfil a debt to the Crown by keeping her company. What follows is a scandalous affair for the ages and a beautiful love which cannot be caged by any protocol-or Royal enemy.WARNING: Explicit material! Lesbian smut, kink, fetish, and erotic desires lay ahead!

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The Queen's Alpha

"Who is she?""Is that their daughter?""Maybe she's our new queen" "She's so pretty."()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()"Good evening, My Queen." The voice says, getting closer. The amazing scent is now wrapping around me, and making feel things that I've never felt. Suddenly a finger pushes my chin up, and I'm met with beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Instantly my breath is taken away and a little voice in my head chants;Mate! Mate! Mate!Where his finger is on my chin, explodes with tingles that shoot through where he touches my skin. Then suddenly he crashes his lips onto mine and my whole body explodes in tingles.()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()Princess Aria has been kept hidden from the world all her life. The only people who knew who she was were her parents and the maids that help her.What happens when the Elders force her to go to the annual Royal ball in hopes of finding her mate? What happens when the world finally meets the unknown the princess? What happens when the Alpha hated most by the King and Queen is Aria's mate?Find out in 'The Queen's Alpha'

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It a story about girl Yn (like lost sister and mother)how she again meet her family And Happy Family DramaYN is Mafia Queen 🖤

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The Queen (GXG) (Lesbian Story) (Book One)

(Book One of Four from 'The Royal Series')Calliria Cecilia Remington. The youngest Queen to ever reign in the wolf world. At just seventeen she took to the throne and at nineteen, is now one of the most respected Queens in the world.Corinne Alexandria Matthews. Your average university student and the mate to said youngest Queen.Will they be able to get through the challenges that lay ahead? Will Corinne be able to break down the walls that Calliria has built up over the years? Does love really conquer all?Join these two Queens on their journey of discovery, love and hardship and find out exactly what it takes to become The Queen.

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My Broken Queen

Jaxson King is the King of all Alphas and is looking for his mate. Carolina the worthless Omegel doesn't even think she is worthy of have a mate. Carolina never got to have a childhood or a happy life so when Jaxson comes around he wants to show her the greatest things in life. But her hard life doesn't want to let her go that easy. Jaxson now has to protect her and keep his broken queen safe. Warnings •Abuse warning (Not a lot) •Cursing (Please know your limits when it comes to some topics) Started: Nov 14, 2020Posting: March 20, 2021Completed: October 25, 2021-This book is connected to other books I have written please go and check them out if you like this story-

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Queen Ascending (Ace of Queens #2)

Exton Alexander Dorin knew from the start Gemma Moore was not what he wanted. She came in like a hurricane and turned his life upside down...or so he thought. But her storm had just begun. 2nd book to Queen Material, please read that before this, or you will be very confused :P

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Hidden Queen Book 1

Coming into a new pack can be hard, but it's even harder when you're keeping secrets. As far as our kind knows, all the royal family has been wiped out in one attack. For most of it, that's true except for one part, I survived. Staying hidden, is my best chance of surviving long enough to take the throne.But staying hidden is proving hard when the Alpha of my new pack can't keep away for me, that and the new enemies I'm making for having his attention.Not edited yet

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Queen of the Rogues

Rumours have it that a certain rogue has managed to create a small pack of rogues. Of course, they're only rumours... right?Within the rogue community, the strong rogues are known and marked. The strong ones always having a bounty on their heads. The highest on the list?The Queen of the Rogues.Second book of The Alpha Broke the Omega. You can read it as a stand-alone, but to better understand the narrative, I recommend you read the first book.Grateful if you give this book a chance <3

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In which King Edward IV finds himself captivated by a woman he cannot have and no matter how many years pass or how hard he tries, he is unable to give up on their love. For she had a place in his heart no one else could have, a place not even his own wife was able to have.THE WHITE QUEENBOOK ONE IN THE COUSIN'S WAR SERIES

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Queen of Mean

When Victoria becomes the official heir of the Rozenreff Dukedom, she decides to be the queen with the king of her choosing.- - - - - - - - Set after a year when Victoria Rozenreff announces to the high society that she takes side with the aristocratic faction. Victoria will move her plans to make the second prince, Prince Corean, sit on the throne as the next king. Victoria decides that she will be the second Queen Regent in the history of the Eckrett Empire.The line has been drawn between foes and friends.Will she be able to do it when the impending death of Prince Corean is still set in stone?Will she become the queen with her chosen king candidate?- - - - - - - - -WICKED SERIES 2An Original StoryDate Started: April 23, 2021BOOK 2 of The Villainess

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Amile The Queen

A Zulu Royal Story about a young girl choosen for the throne.

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The Queen's king |✔️

Chitra, has always been the forgotten princess, neither the king nor the kingdom remembers her, probably as her mother was never a royal. Her life was never peaceful with all the royal drama in it and all she ever dreams is an escape from this palace and the love and respect she never got.Arjuna, king of a strong and powerful kingdom Abhiras. All he ever requires is power and prosperity of his kingdom and love? Such words doesn't exist in his life. But the kingdom requires a Queen and he requires a queen as powerful as him. With a greater love comes the strongest weakness. A story of true love of a forgotten princess and a valorous king, can their love withstand the palace politics? Can the princess prove herself to be righteous and a brave queen? ~•~#2 in Historical Fiction ( 5-9-2020 )#1 in India (15-8-2020)#1 in WattpadIndia (9-8-2020)#2 in husband ( 4-5-2020 )#2 in Wife ( 13-6-2020 )#3 in Indian ( 5-6-2020 )

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Queen's Adviser

Elizabeth has been ruling her kingdom for 3 years now. She's gone through countless advisors in those 3 years. When she's finally ready to give up on finding herself one, she meets Zelene.

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HOTD: Red Queen

Queen Daena Velaryon is the eldest daughter of Princess Rhaenrya Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon. She would become the wife to Aegon II Targaryen. Born in 116. Twin Sister to Jace.

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She's My Queen

After a car crash, Natalie Reeds is thrown back in time to the 17th century where she wakes up as a princess and discovers that she is betrothed to a dashing but cold king.On the outside, Edward XI of England appears to be a cruel and power hungry king. But inside, he's broken and vulnerable. At the young age of 20, he has already been through excruciating pain and sadness. Every day is empty, dark, meaningless... until he meets his queen.-------Just a note: This story is purely fictional. All characters and names made up by me. Not based on any historical facts.

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Violent Delights | Oliver Queen [1]

❝ But, as they say,these violent delights have violent ends, and our story is the goriest of them all.❞|season 1||formerly known as Miss Me?|BOOK 2 - RUNAWAY is up!Highest ranking: #1 in Oliver Queen#1 in Arrow

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His Queen

Once Upon A Time, In the Kingdom of Ellesmere lived A handsome Young Prince. Although people admire him and talk about how dreamy he is, t'was not true for deep inside of his heart is black and cruel.In the other side of the village there lived A beautiful maiden named Evelyn, she was the opposite of the cruel prince for Evelyn was kind, caring and selfless. What happens when the prince met her? getting to know her in one day and got crazy in love.what happens when that 'love' he called was an 'obsession'? He would destroy the world if someone hurted 'his queen'Can Evelyn change his dark cruel heart? This is your time to relax and get yourself a cup of tea ☕ enjoy this story of how Evelyn changed the Prince's dark heart.• • • • • • • • • • •[I do not own any of the pictures][The pictures credits goes to the right owner]English is my 2nd language so I apologize for the mistake grammars and typos.

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