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Love [BTS JungkookxV]

Jungkook kept thinking that he was the one who caused Taehyung to be blinded.

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Chasing clouds (Yoomin)

When Taehyung shows Jimin his favorite idol group, Jimin is star struck by a certain black haired boy that has a love for naps.

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Head Chef | Jungkook x Reader  [COMPLETED]

Rule #1: Employees can't date head chefs. "Well you're a rule breaker, aren't you?"[romance/comedy/drama]highest ranking:#1 in bts #1 in enemiestolovers#1 in jeon#2 in jungkook#1 in jungkookie#1 in jungkookxreader#1 in jeonjungkook #7 in btsfanfic

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My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkook

In which Jeon Jungkook returns to his old self which is...neglecting you.=======================================SEQUEL to My Cruel Husband=======================================Was #1 in Fanfiction. Thank you readers!

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Possessive Fiancé | Jungkook x reader

"YN~~ my baby~~ I love you Soo damn much "Highest rank:#1 jungkookimagines#1 watty2019Started: June 2018Finished: July 2019

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My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkook

In which Jeon Jungkook agrees to marry Song Taehee(you) because of some reasons.She's happy.While he isn't.She does everything for him.While he does everything for another woman. =======================================Was #3 in fanfiction. Thank you readers!=======================================Note: Due to the countless requests made by the readers, I'm re-publishing this story again as an 'edited-version'. Those who have finished reading this story before, yes, I removed some of the contents.=======================================

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My cold-hearted roommate -Jungkook BTS (completed✅)

y/n was Jungkook's roommate for some months now. It's odd to believe that they hadn't ever exchanged some words before. yes, it's odd but you gotta believe what you gotta believe.But is he avoiding her some reason? or just because he doesn't like her?Oh and not to forget to tell you this, they had met before in the past, years back.Highest rankings#1 in #jungkookxreader

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When he denied his own baby calling her a cheater."This baby is not mine."But why god planned them to meet again?"I would like you to transfer in JEON CORPORATION."When he devotes himself to ruin her life. "I'll ruin your life like you did mine."But then what happened to him?"I fvcking don't like to see anyone else near you. You get that?"When he gets to know the truth. What will he do then?🥇1 in #jeonjk (05/04/2024)🥇1 in #btsjungkook (12/04/2024)🥇1 in #jkff (20/04/2024)🥇1 in #jungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkookie (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #jeonjungkook (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #golden (01/05/2024)🥇1 in #kookie (13/05/2024)🥇1 in #bangtan (16/05/2024)🥇1 in #jimin (09/06/2024)

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His Voice | Taekook

When Jungkook suddenly ends up in a coma he is hospitalized. He is lucky to have a nurse named Kim Taehyung that is always looking after him. Taehyung always talks about his day to Jungkook even though Jungkook can't reply back to him. Little did Taehyung Know Jungkook could hear every word he was saying. And oh God did Jungkook love Taehyung's Voice.Warnings ⚠️BoyxBoyThis is pure fictionEnglish is not my first language

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Werewolf- Jeon Jungkook ✅Completed

"I'll do it.I'll mark her as mine." Was it a good thing to do?Highest rankings#1 in #jkjk

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You're Still Mine || COMPLETED

Highest Ranking: #1 WTF!!!OMG!!!Thank you so much 💕!!!"I've had enough!! I want a divorce!!" you furiously said,Jungkook rolled his eyes and...

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XL || J.JK

Wherein she loves him for all that he is, but he hurts her by pointing at her biggest insecurity.

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inked; jjk

in which jeon jungkook walks into a tattoo shop not knowing that the owner is his soulmate, who also happens to be a huge fan.*book one in the 'eternally yours' series!may 2020 - feb 2021 ✓© paradisepjm

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euphoria | jungkookxreader

a very fluffy story about how you and jungkook fall in love

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My enemy became my home || Jeon Jungkook

"I said get the fuvk out yn" But little did he know he would run for her and become her shield that would protect her till the end..

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My Secret Diary [ Jungkook FF ] [Complete] ☑

Y/N was a girl who had a big crush on one of her classmate Jeon Jungkook . One day Jungkook finds out about Y/N's feelings for him by her personal dairy . What will Jungkook do ?Will they be together ?Find out more about it in the story . A cute JKxReader short love story ❤[ Warning ⚠ : This story can be Cringe️ 😬 ]**PS: English is not my first language. I'm sorry if there is any grammatical errors in the story. And i wouldn't mind if you correct the errors **✓Started - 17 Nov 2020Ended - 25 Dec 2020 Highest Ranks - 1 . (#1) in - (JkXreader)2 . (#1) in - ( Army )3 . (#1) in - (Shortff)4 . (#1) in - (Btsarmy)5 . (#4) in - (BtsXReader)6 . (#13) in - (JungkookXReader)

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Im Sorry [JKxBTS ]

"Im sorry,hyung"Jungkook accidentally punched Taehyung and all the hyung were mad at him.They left himSlowly, Jungkook got tired and want an end for all of this mess...TRIGGER WARNING: Depression and etc.!!

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The Chaser | Jungkook x reader

" I will chase after you Y/N. I will never lose you again" Jungkook was really determine to get Y/N attention.Jungkook was nothing without Y/N by his side. He regret everything. Will Y/N want him back?" She's not even in the list of girl I want to date. She's just my bestfriend. Nothing more" -JK-Started: 6/2/2019Finished: 31/10/2019Highest rank:#1 jungkookfanfic#1 jungkookimagines#1 jungkookff#1 jungkookfluff#1 jungkookfanfiction

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Love Triangle || KTH × JJK × READER ✔️

Story of Kim Taehyung x Jeon Jungkook x reader.

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