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The assassinator

" The assassinator "Amara, an assassin. She is sent to kill people for money, only to realize the next victim is her family. Will she kill them with no mercy.. Or will her feelings get in the way of it all?** COMPLETED !!! **• /\ ---------‐------------------------------ /\ •!! WARNING !!This story contains extreme violence, detailed murder, torture, gangs, depression, suicide, eating disorders, and an extreme camp/boarding school situation. • /\ ---------‐------------------------------ /\ •"" My headmaster stares at me with a very angered expression, "Your family was awful to you, Amara! Your fake mom willingly wanted to give you away! They ruined you! I created you. And you didn't even know it was your best ally who kept you here in the first place." He states aggressively. My heart shatters. "Because, Sir. That's my sister and my brother.. My fake mom has nothing to do with it. It's my siblings!" I frown, tears brimming my eyelids. "Fine, Amara. I'll do it for you." He states coldly. "Me, or you? Who's going to kill them?" I stand there shook, gulping back tears. "You can't do that! No." I shout."Yes, I can. And now, since you didn't comply. You, or someone you deeply care about." The tall man confirms, smiling. "You can't do that." I shake my head.The headmaster grins, "I just did."What have I done? ""• /\ ---------‐------------------------------ /\ •Enjoy !(Cover made by me)

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Whispers in the Shadows: a Forbidden Dance{Coriolanus Snow x Reader}

Embark on a captivating journey through the opulent corridors of the Capitol in "Whispers in the Shadows: A Forbidden Dance." This enthralling tale unfolds as the clandestine liaison between the protagonist and Coriolanus Snow, once veiled in secrecy, faces the relentless scrutiny of Capitol society. As scandalous whispers weave a narrative through grand ballrooms and intimate penthouse encounters, the alliance transforms from a dance of survival to a complex tapestry of desire and danger.Feel the tension rise as the liaison weaves through political intrigue and strategic alliances, each stolen moment a testament to the evolving connection between the characters. The story navigates the stormy aftermath of revelations, offering a poignant exploration of fractured foundations and the echoes of redemption. As the liaison faces the crucible of public opinion, witness the resilience and determination that redefine the narrative in the grand finale, "Embers of Renewal: A Capitol Affair.""Whispers in the Shadows" is a tale of passion, resilience, and the transformative power of forbidden love. Engage with characters entangled in a dance between desire and societal expectations, and immerse yourself in a world where the consequences of a forbidden liaison ripple through the corridors of power. This captivating narrative invites readers to explore the complexities of love, scandal, and the indomitable spirit that seeks renewal in the face of societal judgment.

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Percy Jackson : Assassinator and Commander

life was going pretty good for Percy,no wars in least not yet,going to college with his girlfriend, it was great....until the fates decide to tear all that apart.when a new demigod stumbles into camp,everything that Percy worked hard for,comes spiralling down. Broken and devastated, he sets off on a journey,looking for a new life..who knows what is out there...

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O assassinato do verão

obrigada pela atenção

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This is about two people who seem to be regular college students. But they are actually both assassins in allied organizations. It's kind of like they are cops in disguise, capturing mass murders and people who've committed other crimes. As you read, pay close attention to how they slowly start to fall in love. TW! Gore, Violence, Slurs, and some touchy scenes.

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The Assassinators

June 1970, United States.When a plot to bomb American cities is unleashed, Secret Service Agent Frank Planer, decides to take the terrorists down, his way.The new novel by Robert Helliger, author of Travel, and The JFK Files.

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O assassinato De John Mackay

John Mackay era um empresário que foi assassinado em Chicago, não se sabe como foi e quem o matou...

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Lexa and the Unempathetic Assassinator

A love story is about how Lexa melts an unempathetic assassinator's (Alexandra) heart and how she makes Alexandra falls in love with her. Warning!! This story contains lesbian 18+ scenes. Hope you like to read it.

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Assassinator Eleven

Assassin on action

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My Assassinator's Obsession(On-going)

Girl- ateng suplada,isang dyosa,at brainy pa. May paka childish pero minsa'y sensitive at palaging napapahiya at palagi siyang tinatawag ng boy na si 'Ms. Clumsy'. Sometimes madrama at sometimes OA pa. Per deep inside,she has a clumsy but beautiful heart to others.Boy- he's the silent type. Sabi nila cold daw,pero pagdating Kay girl ay nagiging palangiti at malambing. He's the heir of Pimenova Group of Company (PGC). He's also a Gangster Prince and an Assassin Heir. A very powerful and dangerous man. What if their paths crossed to each other?Will they be a perfect lover?or, a perfect strangers to each other?

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BRS. Assassinator

an idea I got while watching assassination classroom. and will be based off such. great anime btw love it with all my heart

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Assassinato da festa

Espero que goste

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Wolf assassinator

Kagami Masoni is a very smart kid, and everyone knows it, but she never tries to do the test and soon ends up in Class E, the end class. She meets a few interesting people, like an octopus that destroyed part of the moon, and made a few friends. But what would happen if they figured out her secret? Her secret of being......

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Naruto: The Orange Assassin (Assassin's Creed/ Naruto Crossover)

(Note -12/2/2019-: This story was written when I was thirteen. It is cringy and has a number of grammar errors I'm to busy to fix. If this story isn't your taste feel free to look at some of my other books. Should you brave this story and get past the cringe and errors to see the passion I put into it, then thank you. Anyway, here is the summary you've been looking for.)After Ezio found a piece of Eden he and some Templars were transported to an unknown world. There Ezio is trained to be a hidden leaf ninja and befriends Minato Namikaze. Ezio and Minato became close so when Minato died leaving his son an orphan Ezio took him in and raised him as an Assassin.Sorry, I'm bad at summaries. I do not own Naruto or Assassin's Creed. Also, there is NaruHina shipping involved. I hope you enjoy!

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Just because

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The Medici Girl

After being married off to the second oldest Auditore son, Contessina must learn to accept the Auditore name and forget about her Medici roots. The only problem with this is that the Pazzi will not let her forget it. Now plans are in motion for a plot that will end the Medici family and it's rule over Florence along with the Assassin that keeps meddling in the game.Continuation of The Medici Girl: ReluctanceRanked #1 in Assassin's Creed 5/28/20Ranked #7 in AssassinsCreed 5-7-20Ranked #5 in Assassin's Creed 5-25-20

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Perfect Together (Asano Gakushu x reader

All credits go to the creators of Assassination Classroom or Ansatsu Kyoushitou (I forgot how to spell it). Please watch the anime to know the scenes that appear.(Y/N) Akabane was new to Kunugigowa Jr High. Being a new, and yet smart and cute student has its perks though. She met Asano Gakushu, he is the Chairman's son. Both are demons but so is her brother, Karma Akabane.Swear warning!#1 in asanogakushuu (7-17-19]

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DXD : Assassin's Death Preception

DXD and Nasuverse Or Fate I don't own it owns by the creator of the team and manga creatorAssassin or Codename Mystic Eyes was recruited by the Neutral Party called Assassin Party and ties between Devils , Angels , and Fallen Angel. Assassin's real name is Ivan. He had a Dream of Death. And died in a car accident and in hospital He achieve known as Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. He use sword and A knife. What will happen next to him? Find out his motives.

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Abandoned Prince Is With The Assassin's Cub After Being Reborn

Title: 废太子重生后怀了刺客的崽Author: 林不欢Status: OngoingDescription:Ye Yungui only found out that he was the cannon fodder prince in a certain book after his tragic death. In the novel, after he was deposed, he was imprisoned in the imperial tomb. Not only was he blinded by the assassin but he was also seriously ill and died of depression not long after.Fortunately, he was reborn.At this time, the assassin hadn't appeared yet, so he decided to make a counter-kill.Not long after, on the night of the full moon, the assassin arrived as promised and was successfully captured alive by Ye Yungui.Ye Yungui noticed that the assassin was tall and slender, with broad shoulders and narrow waist, he even have extremely handsome face. He immediately decided to give the other party some benefits and take them for his own use.A few months later, Ye Yungui looked at his gradually bulging stomach and realized that the benefits he gave seemed a bit too much.Attack perspective: Cen Mo is recognized as the number one assassin of the Great Xia Dynasty, and he has never missed a single shot in his career. Until one day he fell headlong into Ye Yungui's "trap", and never climbed up again. Since then, he, the sharpest knife in the Great Xia Dynasty, has only been used by Ye Yungui.Later, when Ye Yungui ascended the throne, he was always accompanied by a guard who never left him. It was rumored that this person had no job or title, and was so ignorant of good and evil that the young prince actually called him father in private!__________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translato

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I See You (Assassination Classroom FF)

What would the E class do when someone found herself living in that particular classroom?when that person's demeanor is even more of a mystery than of Koro-sensei's?when that person never spoke or made contact?when that person wears a paper bag over her head?when that person's sound is only her breath?when that person's bio is even left blank?and..When that person suddenly becomes a part of the class..Is she an ally or is it all a lie?•> Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my OC's and the plot.. all credits given to their owners/creators.. <••> Original Plot: Do not Copy <•

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Tags, Pictures, Drawing

Cause why not?

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Nezu-Sensei MOST WANTED!!! (Assassination Classroom x mha)

When a mysterious creature sends a rocket to the moon and made it explode and into a permanent crescent, the students of class 1-A of UA find themselves confronted with an enormous task: assassinate the creature responsible for the disaster before Earth suffers a similar fate.However the monster also known as a chimera and their teacher is extremly intelligent. It is not that easy making the worlds most wanted person to recondiser his plans and restore his faith into humanity again.Izuku Midoriya was different then the rest of his class. While everyone was out to kill their Sensei, he was the only one that wanted to find a different way.Follow Izuku as he tries to find a way to save earth and not kill his most favorite teacher on earth. What a dilema he found himself in.A/N:

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An Assassin's Rival (Haikyuu Assassin AU)

Kageyama Tobio has done the worst thing possible for an assassin to do: care for someone else. (Second book of An Assassin's Mistake)

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An Assassin's Mistake (Haikyuu Assassin AU)

Kageyama Tobio has been an assassin for a while now. He knows to not make friends and to not get attached to anyone. But what happens when he can't help but get attached to an orange-haired boy his age?

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The Blue Python [Assassination Classroom Fanfic] [Karma X Fem!Nagisa]

[BEING REWRITEN]I HAVE A LOT OF PERSONAL HEADCANONS IN THIS STORY--> NOT CANON <--Nagisa is a top-secret government assassin known as The Blue Python called into class 3E at Kukugigaoka Junior High.Only Karasuma and Irina know about Nagisa's profession and they all agree to keep it on the down-low to the rest of the class.When Nagisa discovers that the assignment is going to take longer than she originally thought she has to completely learn the school system.But what happens if they find out? And what happens if Nagisa can't find a way to fit in?=====Fem!NagisaCover art not mine. Assassination Classroom isn't mine.The idea isn't mine as it's a pretty overused assclass story idea but yk. Plot is mine. Enjoy =)

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Karmagisa Assasin Au?

This is a story based on what would've happened if Nagisa decided to become an assassin. Karma decides to confess and the answer changed his life forever. Karmagisa story.I ONLY OWN THE PLOT ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO THE CREATORS OF: Assassination Classroom and Ansastsu Kyoushitsu

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