He was Almost Absorbed by the System

He was Almost Absorbed by the System

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Category: Science Fiction
Paralysed from the neck down after a serious accident and unable to pay for full body restoration, Kyan was sent into an Alien Archive to rescue the V.I.P's trapped within it's virtual records. However, unbeknownst to him, he is little more than real life cannon fodder, sent to die, so the V.I.P's could live. Dragged through the worlds recorded in the files, he is now on the brink of exhaustion and the System is almost ready to absorb what remains of him and replace him in the physical world. But just as he is due to complete his last mission, someone interferes...

( 18+) (b x b)

Part One of Two!

(Cover by Claira232)

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The Hottie Billionaires Series: Steal My Heart (Full English Edition)

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Extraordinary Destiny

Guys i warn you from the very first time before you clickIni cerita ada jiyeonnya sama myungsoonya, bisa dikatakan myungyeon karena ada mereka beduaAkan tetapi porsi myungsoo muncul sedikiiiiiiit banget jadi jangan nanya mana myungsoo mana myungsoo pas udah memutuskan buat baca yaaFf ini kubikin setelah nonton film korea yang judulnya beautiful nightmare dengan pengmbangan disana sini

3.9K 25 1K Full
Ну почему ты?

На самом деле, может и правда было хорошо, что есть такой человек, как Ханджи. Иначе бы люди вообще давно потеряли бы веру во что-то светлое. А тут такой лучик надежды.. Надоедливый... Бешеный.. Неадекватный лучик надежды. От собственных мыслей у него аж глаз задергался. Ханджи-то? Луч надежды? Скорее колоссальный титан сам сдастся, чем «это» будет лучиком надежды.

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