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This is for karmagisa shippers

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Deku as Nagisa Mha x AC

His lessons on hiding the truth were from the Japanese Government itself who asked a bunch of middle schoolers not to even tell their parents that they were being trained to kill, regardless of how many times they almost got killed in return. In fact, Nagisa was still lying to his classmates at UA about that, and they got paid ten billion yen to ensure that they never talked to anyone about their third year in middle school. So why was the past slipping out? Will his classmates find out what secret's he is hiding?Deku as Nagisa, like the title says. Mostly focusing on the bonds between the children, and there are silly parts and serious parts. If you like this story, leave a vote!Highest ranks!#1 in 3-e#1 in deku#1 in assassinationclassroom#1 in nagisashiota#3 in reveal #5 in class #2 in 1-a

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cash { Karma x Nagisa }

Nagisa's a stripper, one if the best too. The thing is, he doesn't make that much money. So, when he gets fired from his job, who's going to help him?

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Nagisa x Reader

what happens when nagisa falls in love with a girl with big boobs I DONT OWN ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM!!!!!

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Ask/Dare Nagisa Shiota

Admin: Just ask/dare Nagisa Shiota from the anime, Assassination Classroom.All images that are used DO NOT belong to me, but their rightful owners!

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✓ ɴᴇᴡ ᴛɪᴍᴇꜱ ✓ (ᴋᴀʀᴍᴀ x ɴᴀɢɪꜱᴀ)

Nagisa has just started his new job as a student teacher, as soon as he steps into the messy classroom he quickly realizes that this isn't going to be as easy as he thought.Plays out after the last episode of the anime, has minor manga references.*Will include swearing, descriptions of abuse, minor adult content, etc, please read at your own risk**1) None of the characters from Anatsu Kyōshitsu belong to me, they belong to Yūsei Matsui, all credit to him. 2) None of the images in this story is mine, all credit to original owner, if you want me to take any of the images down please message me.*

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Goodbye Nagisa ✔

Nagisa Shiota has felt out of place in the Assassination Classroom for quite some time and felt he was getting in the way.When an offer to go abroad is given to him, Nagisa accepts and decides to leave his life behind to start one of an assassin.His classmates find out and it's up to them to stop him before it's too late.Will they complete their new mission or will they say goodbye to Nagisa forever?Karmagisa shipping.(cover and characters aren't mine)

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karma x nagisa ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

It was a nice summer vacation until Karma told me that he was..

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Nagisa x Reader

This story is about Nagisa Shiota (From Assassination Classroom) shipped with... ahhhhh.... YOU!Congrats human, you have been shipped with Nagisa! (Okay sorry for being stupid... Here's the plot):You are an average scool girl who is also really good friends with Nagisa. You two have been best friends and have kept it that way... Until you became 15. You start devolping feelins you have never experienced. (a.k.a. LOVE) Because of this, you realize that you can't live without Nagisa always by your side and you have to fight it against some bullies...Well, enjoy!#fetuswriting READ AT YOUR OWN RISKAlso, credit goes to Yūsei Matsui, all characters. (Except for a few I added in there such as Sakura) I do not own these character creations, along with the cover photo... '-'. Enjoy~

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Karma x Nagisa one shots

I take suggestionsALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP!(EDIT): I'll be posting on this again!! This was my first story and a lot of people liked it sooooooThe art in here is not mine)

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nagisa~kun [yandere!karma x nagisa]

==DISCONTINUED//ENDING REVEALED==nagisa shiota always feels like he's being watched. once he walks out of his apartment and until he walks back in. nagisa knows he has a stalker, and he thinks the culprit is his best friend, karma akabane. --disclaimer: OOC karma--highest rank: #5 in karmagisa [created july 16, 2k17]

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Sick Nagisa

I have no idea what to put here i'll decide laterbasically its just nagisa being sickAlso none of the art belongs to meI hope you can enjoy this cringe

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KARMAGISA! Karma x Nagisa

Fluffy, cute, and funny! I like writing happy things (as you can see)

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My New Start (Nagisa X Male reader)

Y/n (Age 18) is transferred to a new school, Mishima College! Due to his high grades and upper-class mannerisms instilled into him ever since he was a young boy, he landed in Class 1 (a class only the top 2 percent of students have the opportunity to experience)As he walks through the halls to leave after his first day ends he sees something through one of the windows of the nearest classroom. A student crying alone. The students of Class 1 are encouraged to be snobbish, petty and downright mean to every other class. However, Y/n doesn't comply with the normal attitude. He never has. He walks up to the student, planning to cheer them up before leaving.(Nagisa Shiota + Assassination classroom belongs to Yusei Matsui and Noriko Ozaki - I only own the plot of this story)

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In a Dream [Karma x Nagisa]

What an abusive life Nagisa lives. His mother always hitting him, leaving him to pass out from bloodloss after each "punishment" session. Nagisa is only safe when other people are around but, what people will be around when this "punishment" goes too far? Disclaimer:I do not own any of the mentioned characters or used images! I simply am just using them to create a story that is enjoyable.

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I promise (Karma X Nagisa)

All the chapters are 1000 words long ;-;---Just read it okay I'll change the bio when I finish the story---

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Second Place {Nagisa x Reader}

All Y/n wants to do is confess to Nagisa...Why is that so hard for the universe to understand?? Failed attempt after failed attempt, Y/n's just about ready to throw in the towel. Luckily for her though, assassination will give her the edge that she's been craving.Here are some quotes:"but just so you know, I find you very attractive....""...I just didn't know you had massive knockers-""Of course I did. I studied more than your mom.""Like that's any reason to show up! It's too hot for this!" "Bleh, boys? Who wants to talk about that?"

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The unknown gender of Nagisa-Sensei

7 years have past when koro sensei died now Nagisa became a teacher in training but he won't tell his class what his actual gender is, so his students prefer him as Miss Nagisa or Nagisa-sensei.Why? because Nagisa is cross-dressing as a girl as a disguise, Nagisa didn't cut his hair cause a certain red head won't allow him toThe Characters and pictures are not mine ok

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Karma X Nagisa | Fanfiction (YAOI)

This story takes place when Karma and Nagisa are still put in the E-Class. Ah, this is my first yaoi fanfiction i'm putting out in public sooo i might be shaky lol. Kinda scare since this is my first time, but i hope you guys enjoyed it! (Lol sorry for the poor edits, I'm tired right now so i might've made some error mistakes).

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Lie! Nagisa X Reader ✓

You were the 3-A class student. Plus, the cutest girl in the campus. One day, with a slight of curiousity, you went to check the 3-E class. They was having their P.E (assasination practice) at the time, you seem very immersed with a boy.. A bluenette boy whom had a very piercing pair of eyes when practicing.But, you were caught up by a red headed boy.. "What's this cutie doing here?" *time skips*"Sorry miss (Y/N).. Since you discovered the 3-E activities, You'll be sent to 3-E." Said the Principle.[continued]FINISHED ✓; 15 July 2017

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Karma x Nagisa Pics

-I do not own these wonderful characters or any of the images shown-

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Who I Used To Be (Karma X Nagisa)

Nagisa used to be the top bad boy of the school, until his Dad died. His Dad was the nicest, most generous person, and Nagisa always looked up to him.Karma hated Nagisa. He should be the top bad boy, until suddenly one day he was. Confused by how he had such reputation all the sudden he watched Nagisa in class and saw a tear roll down his face. He decided to give up his hatred for him and let him be. Then both of them where placed in the End Class.

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My Stalker | A Karma X Nagisa Story |

Nagisa Shiota is in his last year of high school, at the moment he wants a job to help his mom. He gets a job at a cafe, a small and peaceful cafe that allows a flexible schedule. One regular at the cafe, Karma Akabane, another third-year student from a different school. He takes an interest in the small blue-haired boy. But his ways of showing his feelings are wrong on all pages of Nagisa's book. A little heads up, this is like an AU of sorts I guess. There is no Korosensei or killing of teachers, just Nagisa and Karma living a... somewhat normal life 😉If there are any errors in my information or grammar please correct me in the comments. I'm openminded😄Started: 5-11-20Ended: 5-23-20

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Karma X Nagisa Oneshots

Here is a few one shots for my boysUPDATE: I have decided I will not be writing this story anymore because I try to write and it becomes harder. I might publish a few separate one-shots though.

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Honey nagisa x kayano

This is a cute fan fiction about nagisa x kayano hope you like it make sure to read

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