Starring ya boii

"Yo baby gurlllll!! Are you a thief!? Because you literally STOLE my heart!!!............Ya'll leavin' already?.......A'ight, bet........"

-Sat there in awkward silence and lightly sniffed-

YouTube Channel: Dashiexp, Dashiexp2 & Dashiegames.

FKA: Dashie (What fans and friends mainly call him by), sometimes Dachie or Dash.

Real name: Charlie Guzman.


Also starring the shogun himself!

"Yesirrrrrr it's time for this samurai to go break a few ankles! I dare for any sucka to try chasing me! Before we get into it, grab yourself a bag of Doritos, some sweedish fish and wash it down with an orange fanta"

-smiles- "Also, have a nutri grain bar!"

YouTube Channel: Coryxkenshin.

Real name: Cory DeVante Williams.

Simply goes by Cory or Cory Kenshin by fans and friends.


And finally! Starring the homie!

"I make it look eeeeezaaaaay! I make it look eeeeeza-"

-See's spider and frantically jumps out of seat-

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! OHHH MY GOSHH!!!!!..........Bruhh it's too early for this maaaan!......."

-Gets a rolled up paper, whacks the spider away with it-

"Get off me!!!!"

-Spider swings on web towards him. Poiised throws the rolled up paper and runs out of the view of the camera while screaming-

YouTube Channel: PoiiSED.

Real name: Unknown, was never revealed. He just goes by Poiised so fans just call him that.


So without further ado! Let's get this story going like a mixtape! 🔥