5. 0utlast!

Cory's eye's were all bugged out while his mouth hung open in fear then exclaimed out "What are we going to do!?? We can't escape out of here if you're barricading us all in this room!! That behemoth out there is gonna break in and kill us!!!"

Dashie darted his fearful gaze at him "First of all mah boii! You better close dat mouf!! Second of all!! There's a crack at that wall over there! Ya'll can slip through it!!"

"But what about you!??" Poiised shrieked.

The aggressive banging proceeds to go on at the door. "I'll catch up with ya'll within a second!! Imma be a thug about it and try to do suh-m wit 'em! PAUSE on that! You guys just go!! Now!!"

Cory looks around frantically with Poiised aiming their night vision lights around until they spotted the crack at the wall that Dashie was talking about. They hurried over to it and were able to squeeze through the wall one at a time, entering another room.

Dashie could no longer keep the door barricade as Piggy-Piggy dude was able to break through.

He quickly stepped away from the table and chair that use to block the entrance of the room.

The door was now completely destroyed and Piggy-Piggy Dude flipped the chair and table with unbelievable strength, causing those things to smash and break against the stone wall.

Piggy-Piggy Dude started making his way towards the YouTuber while breathing heavily.

Dashie took a couple of steps back while gazing up at that monster that stands 6'9 ft tall!!

While walking backwards, Dashie got trapped into the corner "Uhhhh hi!! How you doin' sir!?? Listen!! Have you been hittin' the gym!?? Cause you lookin' pretty swole an-"

Piggy-Piggy Dude attempted to serve him his huge, solid fist but Dashie was able to evade from it. "OHH GOD!!!!!" He freaked then was able to juke him and ran out of the room using his night vision from the smart watch.

As for Cory and Poiised, they were wondering around aimlessly while their hearts were racing, fearing for their lives. But they remembered on what they needed to do.

Cory and Poiised quickly headed out of the door, leaving the room and entered into a hall that led to a couple of different directions.

So they made a few left and right turns, searching until they stumbled across the generator in one of the far rooms.

"Okay! We found the generator! All we gotta do is just find some-"


A rifle went off but the bullet hits the wall making two YouTubers jump.

They turned to see that it's Edward Norton!

"Think you can escape me mate!? You're not going anywhere!!" He called out while reloading his rifle then cocked it.

Just when he was about to shoot again, Cory and Poiised quickly made a run for it while hearing the rifle going off again, missing them.

Edward would be hot on their tracks as Cory and Poiised were swiftly looking around, seeking for a gallon of gas. Their anxiety level was commencing increasingly as their hearts weren't the only thing pounding but their heads were too.

They've been searching for a long time Edward went after them relentlessly, then they eventually found a gas gallon in one of the rooms.

Poiised didn't waste no time in snatching up the gallon "Ohhhhh it's a g-g! Let's head back to the generator!"

Knowing that Edward wasn't going to stop, Cory knew that he's coming near so he turned to him.

"You go ahead! I'll catch up with you in a sec! First I need to deal with this sucka!"

"Bro!! Is you crazy!?? I ain't heading back there alone!!!"

"You won't be!! I'll be right behind you!!"

Poiised wasn't all for this idea on dipping out alone, the whole experience of running around with night vision looking for gas while dangerous beings are after them is just utterly horrifying!

Poiised was shaking his head while whimpering and stammering in fear then all of a sudden, his eyes popped out in terror "AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!"

Cory immediately looked ahead, sure enough Edward found them. "The only place you'll be going is on my wall!!" He said making his way over.

Cory got into his stance, getting himself ready to run "Yeah well I'd like to see you try!" He taunted.

He quickly did a few side steps and Edward was doing the same, trying to stop him. When Edward attempted to lunge at him, Cory took the advantage to use his ability by rapidly dodging him. This resulted Edward in injuring his ankle!

Before both Cory and Poiised sprint out, Edward turned to Cory with a sinister smile as the whites of his eyes disappeared, making him look possessed. "Real clever mate.......Real clever, but you STILL won't leave!! There's no escape!!" He then started laughing maliciously then out of the blue, Poiised was able to boss up.

"Man!!! Shut up!!!!" Then whacked Edward Norton with the gas gallon.

Cory was surprised but was somewhat relieved that they don't really need to worry about Edward Norton, cause once again, he was knocked out.

Poiised was catching his breath some, still holding onto the gas gallon and gazed over at his friend "That big dummy talk too much bro........I can't with that dude......"

Cory nodded "You did what you needed to do. Plus you just did me a favor so I appreciate that"

"Oh bruh I did me a favor too cause that dude lowkey irkin' me for real." Poiised truthfully said.

Then the two of them left the room to go be on their way where the generator was at but it didn't take long for them to find themselves in front of that big, treacherous booty cheek monster.

It let out a blood curdling screech as Cory and Poiised were absolutely horrified, they both screamed loud then went straight to a different way to try to get far from it as possible. Right now, they hoped to lose that foul, wreaking monster!

Back at Dashie, he was able to find a gallon of gasoline and was now trying to figure out where the generator could be located. His skin was heating up, his blood was rushing through his veins, his breathing was heavy and his calves were burning.

Piggy-Piggy Dude was near the part of the labyrinth he was in so this was so much to handle and doing this in the dark was suspenseful enough! Despite that he's using the night vision to guide his way.

He could hear Piggy-Piggy Dude's footsteps coming close, Dashie had to go quickly hide behind a few barrels, hoping that his enemy would just walk on by and not spot him.

Dashie became greatly startled when hearing a gun go off and the bullet destroyed one of the barrels.


Yes, Barney found Dashie and his loud ass also alerted Piggy-Piggy Dude as well so this pretty much made matters more frightening and intense.

"Ohh dat muthufuckah!!!" Dashie spoke out in shock.

Barney began shooting while Dashie panicked and jumped himself out of the way to avoid the bullets but one somehow hit his leg.

"OOHHHHHH!!!!!!" Dashie exclaimed feeling the excruciating sharp, burning pain.

He was down on the ground but he kept moving by dragging himself across the filthy, stoned floors, in attempt to get away.

Piggy-Piggy Dude took quick strides towards Dashie, his boots making heavy clomping noises against the cold floor, accompanied by the sound of his creepy breathing.

"Yo! Wait a minute!! Let's talk!!" Dashie tried reasoning with him, the next thing he knew, Piggy-Piggy Dude grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up while staring his cold, vacant eyes on the YouTuber then threw him at the wall.

This caused Dashie to fly across and broke through the wall.

Dashie was aching all over and the pain in his wounded leg grew more sharp "Ohhh fuck.....I'm going to die!......" he dreaded at first but then he remembered that he had First Aid spray in his storage.

"Wait!! No I wont!!" He lifted his wrist up to go to storage on his smart watch and goes to tap on the First Aid spray and immediately, the spray appeared in his hand.

Dashie didn't waste time to spray some all over himself like it was lysol.

Suddenly he noticed that he was no longer in pain and saw his leg was not wounded anymore. It was as if nothing has happened to his leg. Dashie then had the strength to get up and quickly went to pick up the gallon of gas, running away to keep a far distance from Barney and Piggy-Piggy Dude.

Dashie would randomly bust a left and few right turns as he was gripping tightly onto the gallon of gas.

Then he saw Cory and Poiised speeding down rapidly.

"DASHIE!!! YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!" Cory frantically exclaimed while he and Poiised zipped right past him.

Dashie could see why Cory told him that he's running towards the wrong way because he saw this huge, hideous creature coming full speed towards his direction! The booty cheek monster jiggling while it was running.

Dashie screamed then quickly turned back to go catch up with Cory and Poiised, they were all running like they star in a Indiana Jones movie, running away as if a big giant boulder was rolling after them.

"Mah boiis!!!! No pun intended!!!! But all this chasin' is really beginning to be a huge pain in the ASS!!! Get it!?? Cuz like-"

"DASHIE!! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE MAKING JOKES DUDE!!!" Poiised freaked out while they all ran continuously.

Dashie replied "I'm sorry!!! I had to!!!"

Then up ahead, they saw three cannons up ahead and immediately they all shot out cannon balls at the same time.

"TRIPLE SHITS!!!!!!" Dashie exclaimed out then grabbed two of his friends to pull to the right side. Luckily there was a hall they all moved into so they won't be shot by them cannons.

The booty cheek monster got shot right into it's hole by three balls (PAUSE! 🤣) which resulted the monster to collapse down, struggling to breathe then the next thing you know, the booty cheek monster blew up to death as dark stuff spattered all over the masonry walls and floor.

It stunk up the entire area, the three YouTubers were lucky they weren't covered in any of that icky stuff. Now that the booty cheek monster is dead and officially not a problem to them no more, Dashie couldn't help but smile.

"It's a relief that we're still alive! At least it didn't make us the BUTT of the joke!! Ha ha!"

Cory and Poiised just kept quiet while staring blankly at him making Dashie's smile turn into an awkward one. Soon, they all went ahead to go seek for the generator.

Once they did, Poiised and Dashie went to fill the machine up with gas while Cory goes to fix it up a bit though at the same time, they all remained on the look out, being cautious of their surroundings.

Finally when they got the generator on and working, the rusty pendant lights went flickering back on again. A wave of calmness wept over them now that they can see things a little clearly, even though it's dim, everything wasn't all green anymore from the night vision.

They all gathered a moment to take a few deep breaths and were chilling out for about a minute. Then Poiised turned his head seeing something completely different.

He became puzzled "Uhh guys? Were those three doors even there before?"

Dashie and Cory looked directly what their friend was talking about, seeing three red doors. Cory quickly snapped his head to glance around taking notice that they didn't had anywhere else to go except those three doors in front.

Cory turned to his two friends "Great! Now what is this Tina trying to do?" He asked as he couldn't process the thought that Dashie's ex is playing mind games with them, already he felt this was ridiculous.

"Obviously she doesn't want us to leave, especially ME. But what other choice we got? One of these doors has got to be a way out of this room at least" Dashie responds keeping a straight face and remained his attention on the three mysterious red doors.

Lord knows what those possibly forbidden doors lead to, or what could be right behind them.

Cory turned his head and spoke "Poiised, go check what's behind the first door"

Poiised glanced over at him and wasn't having this idea "No way! I ain't opening nothing that doesn't have an exit sign!! Do you see any bright red glowing letters that say 'Exit' bruh??.......Yeah, nah-uhh, I ain't taking no chances!!"

"Ahh come onn Poiised! You ain't got nothing to be scared of!" Dashie began trying to help him build confidence.

Cory chimes in "Yeah! And a few moments ago you knocked out Edward Norton like a straight up boss! You have nothing to lose! You make it look Eeezay!"

Poiised sucked in a big deep breath while his expression was still, keeping his eye on the first door then turned to them.

"Okay, I'll open the first door but on ONE condition.."

"And what's that?"

Poiised soon smiled a little "Ya'll gotta sing the Eeezay song with me"

Dashie didn't have any issues with that and Cory agreed and nods "Yeah, for sure, let's do it"

Then all together, they all sang together "I make it look Eeeeezaaaaay! I make it look eeeeezaaaaay!!"

Poiised was really feeling deep while singing the song with them and didn't felt as scared. The singing helped him and when they all stopped singing, Poiised braced himself.

"A'ight let's see what's behind door number one bro." He rubbed his hands together then reached his hand to grab the nob and twisted it to pull open the door.

Out of nowhere a feral, deranged, pale bald dude jumped from out the door and pounced right on Poiised making wild animalistic sounds while trying to scratch at him and bite.

Poiised was screaming in terror trying to get the creep off as Dashie and Cory panicked.

Dashie goes to quickly check on his smart watch for weapons but didn't have any. "Oh my god!! I don't have anything to mele him with!!"

Cory was going to pull out the kendo stick he found earlier but discovered he lost it "Dang!!" He hissed. He was spinning around and looking frantically for something he could use and all he spotted were two empty bottles. He ran to pick the bottles up and came back quickly.

"LEAVE HIM ALOOONNEE!!!" Cory hollered as he shattered two bottles over the feral man's bald head but it didn't phase him at all.

The feral man was able to bite a chunk at the side of Poiised neck, having blood squirting out then the feral man took off running back to where he came from. Cory quickly shut the first door closed as Dashie quickly gets a First Aid spray from his storage and went by Poiised side.

Dashie uses the First Aid spray all over Poiised and straight away, he was completely healed up again as if his neck was never bit off. This was one of the scariest moment for Poiised, it had him completely thunderstruck for a moment, trying to process on what he recently went through.

"Ohh my gosh bruh.....What just happened??...." he asked and reached his hand at the side of his neck.

"You got jumped by a crazy dude" Dashie answered.

Cory then goes to add out "Yeah and he was all naked too......Ahh man, I noticed that his cheeks were out at the last moment, I can't with this game...." he facepalmed.

Poiised sat up with a bit of a scowl on his face "And you didn't do anything about that Smeagol looking dude!??"

"I did!! I smashed a bottle over his head! Two bottles!!" Cory replied

Dashie nodded "Yeah he legit did try to save you for real"

Poiised was a little irritated and got up on his feet "Hate this game dude!!"

Dashie also got up and gazed over at the middle door which is door number 2. He took slow, cautious steps towards the door and took a hold of the nob tightly, feeling himself trembling and gulped "Euggh!"

He hesitated on opening the door cause the same thing could happen to him at any given second. Dashie glanced over at Cory "Mah boii, you still got that stick you found earlier?"

"Nahh I lost it while searching for gas earlier. Was really hoping for a Samurai sword anyway"

"For me, I'm hoping for a gun!"

"So what do I do? I already used up the two bottles not long ago"

"A'ight......On the count of three, imma open up this door and whoever pops out, swing on em'"

"That doesn't sound like a very convincing plan but okay..." Cory replied with uncertainty and got in his stance, holding his fists up, bracing himself.

Dashie began counting "One.................Two...............THREE!!!" He quickly swung open the door and stood behind it.

Cory only saw pitch darkness in that door but that don't mean there's nothing in this unknown room of evil. He carefully began approaching while keeping his guard up.

When he was close enough, he heard breathing along with a soft little jingle playing as Cory immediately knew this definitely wasn't the safe way to go. "Close the door! Close the door!!!" He hollered.

Just as Dashie quickly goes to close it, a light brown metal arm wedged itself between the door while roaring. The arm was actually the animatronic bear, Freddy from the Five Night's At Freddy's game. All three YouTubers let out a frightened shriek. Dashie tried to shut the door completely but it wasn't budging, Cory went to go join Dashie and attempts to help shut the door.

Then Poiised jumped in by shining the light at Freddy, making him freeze then he used his foot to kick his metal arm back in "Get off me!!"

Soon, Dashie and Cory were able to successfully close the second door.

"A'ight, so that's dealf!!" Dashie said taking in a deep breath.

Cory darted his eyes at the last door and went over to it "Maybe this is the safe way..." he reached his hand to swing open the door then quickly took a step back, waiting.

Dashie and Poiised went to stand beside Cory to peer into the darkness within that room. They remained silent and waited for a couple of seconds then the lights would flicker on to reveal a narrow masonry looking hallway.

"Yessirrrrrr door number three it is!" Cory said then he began to make his way in and down that hall.

Dashie and Poiised carefully entered in and were right behind Cory. They were feeling cold chills tickling their skins and goosebumps were forming on their arms.

The only direction they could go was straight ahead, so they did that for a few then saw a barred, rusty metal door at the end. They all reached to it.

Puzzled, Dashie gazed at it and tried inspecting it "Is this not the way out? Were we even supposed to go this way?"

"Awe please don't tell me that we need to find a key!?" Poiised said almost in a fed up manner.

Cory soon spotted a lever at the side of the wall "Oh no, here we go, this is how we get through" he said.

When he reached to pull down the lever, all three YouTubers made a scary discovery by finding themselves falling through the trap door on the floor that Cory activated as they were now screaming in horror on the way down in that long fall!

**What will become of them??👀**