When arriving back up at the first floor.

Dashie, Cory and Poiised made their way down the dimly lit hall cautiously. The echo of dripping water lightly bounced off the masonry walls while the ambience remained eerie.

Poiised kept rolling his shoulder some as he slightly wince a bit "Ohh my gosh dude, my shoulder be killing me right now"

Cory turned to him "Do you not have First Aid Spray in your storage?"

Poiised would pause for a moment, realizing that he hasn't used his own so he raised his forearm with the smart watch on his wrist. "Hold up' let me check" he went to check his storage and saw that he's got two First Aid Spray. "Oh....." He then tapped on it as the spray appeared in his hand.

"I'm so stupid bruh......" He mumbled then sprays it all over himself and his life bar is full now.

Dashie shook his head "Nahh, you know what's stupid? That my dumbass should've known that my freestyle is fire!"

Cory let out a soft huff "No kidding bro!"

Then they all stopped to see a gated door and up ahead on the very far side of it was bright light illuminating.

Cory's eyes went wide and pointed "That's it! Over there, that's got to be a way out of here! It has to be!"

Poiised gave him a sideways glance "You sure about that? Cause last time you try to open up a gated door you pulled a lever that sent us all the way down bruh.....I ain't going through that again...."

Dashie then spotted a feminine hand sculpture sticking out of the wall besides the door.

All three YouTuber's carefully observed it while contemplating on what the purpose of it is.

"So like, do we pull it out the wall or shake it?" Poiised asked with a questionable expression.

"I think we just need to give it some kind of key......" Cory replied

Hearing the word key got Dashie's brain meats to spark an idea on what they needed to do in order to get through which lit up his face. "I know how we might get through!" He gets on his smart watch to look into his storage since he remembered the gold ring earlier.

Once he tapped on it, the gold ring appeared in the center of his palm. Dashie went ahead to slide the ring onto the finger of the sculpture and right away, the sculpture pulled itself into the wall and the gated door opened successfully.

As soon as they all went through, the bright light was gone and their smart watches projected an objective that read.


This threw Cory and Poiised off guard.


Poiised was turning his head from side to side in paranoia "I thought we already defeated him! I killed him!" He exclaimed

Dashie shook his head "Nah! Barney doesn't die! I forgot to tell y'all that he's magical n' shit! We need to trap him inside a magic box so that he stays inside forever!"

Cory snaps his head to him "Where the freak do we get a magic box!?"

The entire place violently shook and the masonry walls began to expand wider so the hallway turned into a huge room and in the center, there was a clear trap door that has a huge magical box beneath it.

And there are hand scanning screens on each wall, precisely three of them and there is a lever just outside of the center of the floor.

Dashie carefully glanced around but couldn't figure out on what they all should do. "Mah boiis..... I legit don't know what we're supposed to do.."

"I think we need to use the hand scanner to charge up the lever so that we can activate the trap door and Barney falls into the box" Cory figured.

Soon Barney dropped down from above which caused the ground to shake like an earthquake, causing the three YouTuber's to stumble and fall to the floor.

"H-YAII!! Y'ALL CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!" The purple pixelated dinosaur bellowed, then he began charging his way to Dashie.

Dashie screamed and panicked as he started sprinting away while Barney was right on his track. "CORY! POIISED! DO SUH-M!" Dashie shouts.

Cory and Poiised went to run straight to one of the hand scanner, Cory goes to press his palms against the screen but nothing was happening.

"Awh snap. NOTHING'S HAPPENING!!" Cory freaked as his heart rate was escalating.

Poiised took a quick gander around seeing two more hand scanners then face palmed himself as he caught on what they needed to do exactly. "Ohh my gosh dude........We all need to scan our moisty hands AT THE SAME TIME!"


Despite that Poiised was trembling, he remembered the gun that he snatched from the dinosaur "Bruh we can stun him! I still got the-" but when Poiised checked his storage within the smart watch he then realized. "Never mind......... Dashie has the gun......."

Cory soon darted his eyes over at their friend being chased by the big purple dinosaur himself. He cupped his hands around his mouth to call out.




Then Poiised shrieked out "HURRY DASHIEEEEE!" While fearing for him.

Dashie immediately gets the gun out and uses it to shoot at Barney, but like in his game play's, his aim is LOUSY!!

It was even worse when being chased around by a so called "friendly" dinosaur. Dashie would juke him (you know, dodge him), scream and run while he shoots at the dinosaur aimlessly.

"Aawe hecks nahh!! I can't with this!! I need to help him!!" Cory goes to take out his samurai sword and goes to run to the middle.

Cory would whistle to catch Barney's attention "HEY SUCKA!!" He boldly called out.

Barney stopped and turned to glance at Cory "H-YAII!!"

Cory soon smirked as he held up his sword "Come catch this work!!" He taunted then Barney began to charge his way towards him like a bull. Cory also went to go charge at him and lets out a war cry "OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

When Cory was close to slicing him up into little pixelated pieces, Barney smacked him across the chest with such force, causing him to fly across the room and collides against the solid masonry wall then collapsed to the floor.

Dashie was able to get 5 clear shots at Barney and he dropped down to his knees, all stunned. Poiised quickly went over to Cory, helping him up as Dashie caught up to them.

"Did y'all charge it?? Is the lever activated??"

Poiised turns to him "No!! We ALL need to charge up the lever at the same time!!"

Dashie nodded "A'ight bet!!" He then runs to the scanner at the far side as Poiised helps Cory over to the nearest scanner then he swiftly gets to the last scanner and at the same time, they placed their palms against it and this time, it was charging up the lever.

It only got to 83% since Barney was back on his feet and goes to charge at Poiised.

Poiised dipped away from the scanner and screams in fear.

Poiised was now running away from Barney as Cory once again, got into the middle and taunts the dinosaur.

This time Dashie was able to shoot at him 6 times! Or as Dashie would say..."SIXFT!"

Barney dropped down becoming stunned again and the three YouTuber's went to their own scanners and putting their palms against it again.

It got to 94%

Since once again, Barney was up and charged at Cory, the third time was difficult since he kept going after Cory and sent him flying to each solid wall more then once which worried Dashie and Poiised.

Poiised was shaking all over, obviously terrified but he didn't want nothing happen to their friend Cory as Poiised volunteered to be at the center.


Barney turned around to dart his eyes at Poiised, looking very offended by his comment, seeing the fire forming in those pixelated eyes of his then he began charging at him.

Poiised kept taunting "YEAH! WASSUP!?"

When Barney came close, Poiised cowardly bent down and used his hands to shield himself "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!"

Suddenly, Barney dropped down to his knees since Dashie shot him again resulting in the purple dinosaur to be stunned.

After Dashie shot him, he screams out to signal "NOWW!!"

The three YouTuber's ran over to their scanners, pressing their palms against the screen once more and finally, the lever was charged up to 100%.

Dashie immediately sprinted towards the lever and grabbed onto it while staring over at Barney once more.

The pixelated dinosaur gazed at him "H-YAII! THIS GAME ISN'T OVER!"

Dashie scrunched up his face with a tight frown and slightly squinted eyes. "I'm like a broken XBOX....... I don't play no games!" Then he pulled the lever and Barney falls through the trap door, resulting him to fall into the giant magic box, having him permanently stuck in it.

Now the three YouTuber's had access to leave the giant room and led into a new direction, navigating to where they needed to go.

A few minutes passed on and they all spotted that illuminating light again from a far distance.

Cory spoke out "Look! There it is again! We're so close to leaving! I can feel it!"

"Cory, mah boii, are you SURE it's not dealf!?" Dashie asked cautiously.

Poiised himself was cautious and a little skeptical on this mysterious bright light up ahead.

"Yeahh bruh I ain't finna go through that mistake again, people seeing bright lights usually means you're dying. I'm tellin' you right now dude, I ain't dying in this Jumanji knock off bruh!" Said Poiised.

Soon, their smart watches were beeping and projected a little objective that said 'Get to the safety pods to exit VR!'

Cory looked over at his friends with surprised eyes "See! I told you! I TOLD you!! I was right!!"

"Then what are we waitin' for then?? Let's bounce!!" Dashie spoke.

All three men began to make a run for it, Cory and Poiised were getting pretty close to reaching it to see that there were safety pods ahead. But soon, a giant being broke out from the ground right in front of Dashie, turning towards him with a big scowl while grumbling in raging anger.

Turns out it was Tina!!


Dashie attempted to juke her but Tina was bigger and had better advantage of catching him in her grip, holding him like a doll.

Cory and Poiised glanced far back to notice that Dashie was captured by a GIANT Tina!!

Cory also saw that he needed to put in a code in the correct order to open the doors of all three safety pods.

"Ohh my gosh!! What are we going to do!??" Poiised panicked.

Cory felt himself panicking, glancing back at their friend and back at the code "Imma try to figure out this code, it shouldn't be too hard" he figured and began to work on the code.

Poiised couldn't bare to see their friend in trouble while feeling his heart jumping up into his throat then decided "I gotta go save Dashie!!" Then began sprinting his way back.

Tina still had the YouTuber in her firm grip, smirking at him menacingly "Don't worry my love, once this marriage is through, I'll eat you up so that you can stay a part of me forever and EVER!!"

"Okay but can you do me a favor tho? Before you be eatin' me n' shit, can you pop in a few Tic Tac's cause baby gurl, your brealf is HOT!!" Dashie comments.

Tina grumbles grumbled in a strong offensive manner and roared right in his face. Before she attempts to eat him she spoke "By the power invested in me, within this VR! I now pronounce you my husband! I may now EAT the groom!" She smirks then slowly brought him close to her mouth.

Dashie held his hands out in front "NO!! WAIT!!"

Then Tina began sinking her teeth into him, eating him alive, little by little. Poiised arrived and began freaking out "OHH MY GOSH BRO!! SHE EATIN DASHIE!! NOOOOOO!!" he quickly got on his smart watch, scrambling through to look for something to stop her with.

Dashie can be screaming and hollering "MAH BOIIS I'M DEAD!! I'M DYING AND I'M DEAD!!"

Cory was able to figure out the code and the doors to the safety pods opened. "I did it!!!" Then Cory spun around "I'm making my way now!! I'll save you!!" He attempted to run to go save his friends but Piggy-Piggy dude popped out of nowhere and smacked Cory so hard into one of the safety pod. At first, Cory was dead since his life bar was very low but he was instantly revived since he is now in the safety pod. "Wait, what the freak just happened!?"

Poiised was able to find a grenade which appeared in his hand as he removed the ring from it and threw it at her.

It blew up at Tina which caused her to release Dashie as he dropped to the ground, half alive.

Poiised quickly went down to his aid and went to refill his life bar with one of his own First Aid Spray which completely healed Dashie. As soon as he was full of life, Tina came back to her senses and attempted to grab Dashie again but failed since he evaded her.

Poiised then finally went to use his ability on Tina which caused her to become glitched and stuck in one place. Poiised wasted no time in fleeing away "Follow me Dashie!! Run!!" He called back while running on his way to the safety pod for dear life.

Dashie started running as he was behind Poiised but Piggy-Piggy Dude was up ahead, making his way to them. Poiised was able to dodge him.

Piggy-Piggy Dude was about to go after Poiised but changed his mind since Dashie was closer.

Dashie attempted to Juke him, but Piggy-Piggy grabbed him while Poiised made it into his safety pod but both him and Cory saw that Dashie is in trouble again. They could try to get out but since they're already in, there was no getting out since they were securely closed in to safety.

Just when Piggy-Piggy was going to throw him, Dashie got out the gun and blasted him with it causing him to drop the YouTuber.

Finally when Dashie was making a run for it again, Tina hm glitched and began crawling her way to try to catch him and even smacked Piggy-Piggy Dude out the way without a single care. Cory and Poiised were rooting for their friend to run and hurry up in such a panic manner.

From far behind, Tina could be heard screaming "NOOOOOOOO DASHIE DON'T LEAVE MEEEEEEE!!!!" The more she screams with rage, the more demonic she sounded.

Tina was catching up so very close due to her rapid, abnormal crawling, the suspense was getting Cory and Poiised on edge. Soon, Dashie went ahead to take a leap of faith. Well not exactly a "leap" he dove.


When Dashie noticed that he successfully made it inside his safety pod, Cory and Poiised triumphantly shrieked in unison. "LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Tina could be heard screaming from the top of her lungs as if her entire world was ending, she was glowing very brightly while the whole labyrinth was shaking violently like a massive earthquake. The next thing you know, she blew up into tiny pieces while the three YouTuber's were taken up to safety then the entire surrounding faded away into white.


​​​​​Everything was silent and dark for just a few seconds then soon, Dashie slowly sat up from the floor and took notice that he was none other than his very own home. Dashie jumped up to his feet and celebrated "YES!!!!!" feeling overly relieved that he's no longer in that hellish world of that VR. Speaking of it, Dashie turned his head to the side, seeing it sit so very still at the floor beside him.

"Aawe HELL NAH BITCH!" he said in his typical hood manner and aggressively grabbed the VR headset, trudged down the stairs as he went to grab a baseball bat, went outside and destroyed it into smitherines. Lastly, he took the completely broken VR with him and went into his car to drive a couple of miles away then chucked it out into a abandoned junkyard then drove away on the way home.

​​​​​​While driving, DASHIE decided to call his homies, Cory and Poiised, putting it on speaker.

After a few moments, they both answered as Dashie spoke "Mah boiis! Listen! If y'all still got that cursed VR, break them shits and throw it as far away as possible! You do NOT wanna go through that hell again!"

Cory replied through the speaker "Been there done that! I ran mine over with a car and then threw it into the river"

"Ah dude, same except that I yeeted mine into a pile of dooky in the middle of nowhere, I wanted nothing to do with that thang ever again! Nooooo way boii! Not today Satan!!" Poiised chimes.

​​​​​​Dashie and Cory would chuckle on what Poiised said and they all even laughed over on the thing's they've done in the haunting world of the VR until Cory spoke.

"Okay so guys, while you were busy dealing with that Tina chick, I was about to save you guys but that big creepy dude smacked me and I legit died in the freaking pod thing but revived! It was soooo weird but it was the kind of dumb luck that I'd forever be thankful for. I would've been dead permanently"

"Yooo that's crazy dude......But you were also doing a lot though" said Poiised.

"To be fair, we ALL did a lot, but we put in that work and made it out alive, we did dat!!" Dashie said while feeling proud as Cory and Poiised agreed.

Then Dashie added out "So y'all. I've been thinkin' I know that we recently just worked together in that VR world, but......How would you guys like to collab a video gameplay next time?"

"It's not VR though.....Is it?" Poiised asked.

Dashie made a face and replied "Nahh! I'm taking a break from VR's for a while....."

"That's facts bruh" Poiised replied.

"I'm definitely up for a collab next time as long as it isn't Virtual Reality! Other than that, it's all good" Cory said.

Dashie smiles and chuckled softly "A'ight! Imma put myself a reminder on our collab and we'll see on which gameplay that we can come up with"



|Moving onto next YouTuber from the UK|


"How's it going dazzlers!? And welcome to a very special video where I will be doing a review on this device that I've recently received! Apparently everyone and their mum has been talking about it!" He began.

"Reality! Everyone wants to find a way to escape it! Work has you in piss poor condition, your landlord has been hassling you about rent and-Jesus tap dancing Christ!! I forgot my tea....." Daz face palmed himself.

The video stops then it cuts to continue seeing Daz returning with his warm cup of tea. He sat down and took a careful sip of it and was now relaxed into his gaming chair. "Ahhh! Damn that is some good tea!!" He comments with satisfaction.

He sets down his warm tea cup onto his desk and gazed at the camera. "As I was saying, reality is something that everyone struggles with, so we have this glorious device that'll help you escape from any bullshit! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...." He then bent over to reach his hands to pick up and show his black and pink VR headset.

"The Dazzler VR!" He added brightly.

"I honestly have no clue who sent this, it doesn't say who it was from, not gonna lie, it's a bit creepy.......But it looks cool!" He comments while looking at it some more then glanced back at the camera. "So according to the instructions, it says to just simply put it on and it'll activate".

Daz went ahead to put the VR on his head and for a split moment, it felt comfortable which he thought it was very nice. Then that's when his lights were beginning to act up and his computer glitched. It went on for about 10 seconds then everything remained normal but silent.

This got Daz to remain still and left him extremely puzzled, having absolute no clue on what just went on. " What the shit was that?.......Did the power surged?....... " he wondered and at first thought this might've stopped his video.

So he attempted to pull off his headset but it wouldn't budge to come off and was stuck.

"Aawe come on!......I maybe plump but this is ridiculous........" He attempted to pull it off again with all his might but it was stuck. "Ohh for fuck sakes........Dazzlers, I think I'm going to have to call my daughter, Sarah over-No, wait she's in school, damn it............I'll just call my fiance then..."

"Babe! Can you come here for a second! I need help taking the VR off!" He called out.

All of a sudden, the led lights from his VR was shining bright and his room was shaking with strong force as this freaked him out and screams out in fear until the headset made him disappear and it abruptly dropped into his gaming chair.

A female soon walked into the room slowly with a devious smirk and picked up the VR headset. Turns out the female was Linda.

She stood there smirking and staring at the VR headset for a few then spoke. "That's what you get for not proposing to me instead......" She soon walked away with the VR headset in her hands as Linda, nor Daz was never to be seen again.

(If you guys don't know who "Linda" is, she's like an imaginary character that Daz made up in his video's and calls her out sometimes but only for fun, he's fully aware she isn't real lol)