Y/n pov

I woke up hearing my phone ringing. I picked it up without looking at the caller I'd as I was so sleepy. I mean who calls in the middle of the night

" Hello !, Who is this?" I asked in Korean

" Noona " it was jungkook who shouted in my ears

I panicked and was about to cut the call but he stopped me

" No pls don't hang up " he begged

" Kook , I am sleepy let's talk later"

" No , you will not pick up later I know that and also it's urgent "

" Speak then " I sighed

" It's about hyung "

" No thanks, I am not in mo-" he cut me

" He is crying "

Those three words broke me again

" So?I can't do anything " I replied

" Pls .. noona, you can only help him out .. he has been crying every night "

" Jungkook, it's not my fault . He is the one who cheated on me or whatever then didn't even bother to text or call me . He left me to suffer alone . "

" I know but..."


" Okay bring him to meet me " I sighed

" You're here ? " He was shocked

" Yeah... " I replied blankly

" Thank you so much , noona .we will make him come here somehow.. because he said he can't face you anymore "

I just hummed in response and hung up the call.

I few drops of tears fell on my cheeks . I closed my eyes and sobbed in my pillow


I nervously walked inside the hotel jungkook told me to come. He also told that he brought him saying about some party organized by his friends and he said he will meet me here somewhere

I was looking for him. When I felt a tap on my shoulder . I turned and a gasp left my mouth. Kim taehyung and Jeon jungkook were standing infront of me ..

" Noonaa" jungkook didn't let me think a little before he hugged me tightly

" Don't forget you have so much muscles " I said in suffocation

" Jungkookie leave her , she can't breathe " taehyung said and jungkook left me

" Thanks " i said

" Btw nice to meet you , I heard that I am your bias " taehyung  blushed

" Nice to meet you too.. and Yes you are my bias , I really wanna thank you for making me smile everytime actually not only you but whole BTS  " I smiled

They both blushed and taehyung winked at me

" Yahh! Don't flirt , she is our sister-in-law " jungkook slapped tae's hand playfully

" Talking of it, where is the cheater ?" I said coldly

" Oh no, noona he didn't cheat on you" jungkook said

" Whatever's it is " I rolled my eyes

" He is in room no. 130 , he is alone there you can talk and if you want any help then we all are just 2 doors away from you,  132 is room number" he said and I nodded

I turned to walk away

" He is not good at showing his feelings pls try to understand him" I heard taehyung saying and I just nodded


I took a deep breath before knocking the door

After few seconds I heard feet tapping sound coming closer to the door making my heart beat fasten and finally it opened .

There was a great silence for a minute when we both saw eachother. It was first time of us meeting in real life . I wonder if he recognise me or not ..

" Y/n?" His voice was so soft and melodious

He recognised me

I pushed him a little and walked inside the room without saying anything. I heard him closing the door when i turned to him

He was standing there with his head hung low . I really want to hug and shower him with a lot of kisses but I can't .

" When did you come?" He asked in a low voice, still not making eyes contact.

" Doesn't matter for someone who don't care about me " I said making him look up . His eyes were filled with tears

I can't melt .. pls y/n you need to be tough. He needs to clear all this first

" I care about you " he said in a cracking voice making my heart clench .

" Oh really? It's been 3 weeks 4 days , almost a fucking month , yoongi " I shouted

" I am sorry.. I didn't had guts to face you.. y/n believe me we aren't dating." He said coming closer

" Don't come close ! and you aren't dating her ,Seriously? Do I look like a stupid?" I said

"I am telling the truth only, actually she is my childhood friend and she was going through a lot so she asked me to advise her .. and about holding hands , she was about to fall so to prevent her falling I just grabbed her hands and then left quickly but in mean time someone clicked the pictures" he sniffed wiping off his tears harshly

" Okay , fine . I believe that but why didn't you tell me huh?? Can you even imagine how much I have suffered" I said looking away .

" I am sorry, I was afraid to talk to you " he said and held my hands softly

I was melting in his softness , the tears also start to flow from my eyes. He was about to wipe them off of I stopped him

" You broke your promise, you said you'll always be my side when I'll come here " I said in a broken voice

" I know, I am so stupid.. I broke the promise and even your heart. I don't deserve you .. you can go" he said leaving my hands and turned around.