Yoongi pov

My hands were trembling. Will i just lose her like that ?

I was dialing her number but she wasn't picking and leaving messages
on seen ..

I was getting so frustrated when jungkook barged into my room

" Hyung, something is here for you" he said

" I don't care jk , just leave me alone" I replied

" Oh c'mon hyung come na " he said pulling me up from my chair and dragging me towards the door while I was struggling in his grip but guess what our makane is so strong

As we reached the door he left my hands and asked me to open the gate .

As I opened it . I saw a big bouquet of red tulip was kept on the doorstep but nobody was seen there . I signed
Probably a fan ...
I brought it in but was about to keep it in a corner when I saw a note on it

Hi Love
Yes, I love you
I do a lot from bottom of my heart
It's not a prank
I really love you so much , yoongi
So let's end our friendship
Will you be mine forever?
                 - your crazy kid

My eyes widened I looked towards jungkook who was smiling from ear to ear

" What the fuck is this? " I asked ..

" I just helped her nothing else " he replied

" So you mean s-she likes me too?" I shuttered

" Yes Hyung she does from a long time.. she was just afraid that you will misunderstand her and it will ruin your friendship"

" You've known all this? Jungkook? Don't tell me you have her number?" I narrowed my eyes

" Umm... Sorry hyung .. hehe I just stole it bcz you were not letting us talk her .. and I didn't told you because she trusts me and I can't break it "

" Wow you're becoming mature day-by-day .. and I'll forgive you because it's one of the best moment of my life"

I hugged the bouquet in happiness and ran to my room.

Keeping the bouquet on my table . I kissed the beautiful tulip . She is so thoughtful I know tulip represents true love ..

Aww my small kid

I texted her bcz she won't pick up my call ..

She almost gave me a heart attack


Ambitchous : it's yes , my love ❤️

Thank you for this best surprise ❤️❤️ I love you so much ..

Crazy kid : I love you too , my Mr. Ambitchous❤️

Ambitchous: aish you almost gave me heart attack after that message .

Crazy kid : haha that was fun.. anyway, sorry for making you worry

Ambitchous: it's okay ,love ❤️
But I think I should've send you the flowers...

Crazy kid : why?
Who said that only boys can send flowers to girls.. we can also do that.

Ambitchous: aigoo aigoo .. you're so cute and thoughtful, I know what red tulip 🌷 represents .. ❤️

Crazy kid : 👉👈 ❤️
Well all thanks to jk .. he encouraged me a lot and also helped me in this surprise ..

Ambitchous: yeah I got to know that .. he is a cutie .. he cares about a lot .. my child

Crazy kid : haha I feel like I am talking to my father .. opps sorry 😂

Ambitchous: not father but I can be your...😏 You know what I mean

Crazy kid : GOD DAMN YOONGI..

Ambitchous:... life partner
What were you thinking?😏 Naughty kid

Crazy kid : YOU!!
Ahhhhh I am gonna regret it soon

Ambitchous: 😏
Sure ..

Crazy kid : 😶

Ambitchous: so it means you are finally my gf , right?

Crazy kid : um.. yeah..🙈❤️

Ambitchous: 😂😂 cute

Crazy kid : I am going byeee

Ambitchous: why???

Crazy kid : I have something to do ..

Ambitchous: do it later plss

Crazy kid : now who is the kid here?

Ambitchous: IDC .. plss

Crazy kid : sorry .. I need to go
Bye ❤️

Ambitchous: fine
Saranghae ❤️

Crazy kid : Nado saranghae ❤️