Crazy kid : hey

Ambitchous : isn't it midnight there ?

Crazy kid : yes it is

Ambitchous : then why aren't you sleeping

Crazy kid : I was studying but got bored sooo..

Ambitchous : don't you always study?

Crazy kid : I actually do

Ambitchous : nerd ! Why do you like to study that much ?

Crazy kid : if a person studies a lot it doesn't mean they love to do it

Ambitchous : huh ? Then why do you study that much? I mean are already doing great in modeling

Crazy kid : to be loved

Ambitchous : I didn't get that

Crazy kid : you don't need to

Ambitchous is calling...
Accept   decline


I wasn't actually ready for this .. I nervous but I don't pick up it will be rude so I just picked it up

" Y/n " a deep voice can be heard from the other side of the phone

" Hmm " I replied

" Tell me what that means? " He said making me think of someone.. I think it sounds familiar

" Should I ? " I mumbled . But enough loud to be heard

" Yes " he said making me startle a little

" It's just .. you know being a daughter in a strict asian family is something like , firstly you need to study because you don't wanna marry someone at early age or being forced to marry someone who doesn't even care about you..
And secondly and the most imp reason I study is that if I don't score good they'll be disappointed in me doesn't matter how much effort I put and end up crying in my room ...
And if my scores make them proud and happy then I'll do anything to be loved .. " I completed

The tears were dropping from my eyes but i wasn't crying I was just sad ? Maybe?

There was complete silence ... Did he slept listening to my boring story?

He surely did my life is boring lol

" You there ? Hello?" I broke the silence

" I am sorry for not understanding" it was all he said

" And why would you be sorry? You didn't do anything. And you're not an mind reader so how would you know that ,idiot" I laughed

"  you're laughing?" He asked

" Why can't I ? " I replied coldly

" Are you okay?" Shit my weakness

" Y-es " I replied silently biting my lips to control my tears

" You know you don't need to live your life like a puppet .. I know your parents are doing it for your own good but you don't need to do something that is making you feel like burde- " he stopped as heard a sob which left my mouth

" Hey ! Hey , don't cry " he panicked

" I am not don't worry .. sometimes I just feel tears are useless to me they just come anytime .. " I said

" Gurl! Why are you talking like a depressed kid ?" He asked concerned

" Am I ? " I chuckled

" You know what?" He said

" What?" I asked

" You deserve to be loved for the way you are " his words made my heart skip a beat

" And you know what? " I said

" What?" He asked

" After this line I am coming to marry you ASAP!" I said in a serious tone

" You what??" He almost yelled

" Chill I am just joking it's not like I am really lucky to get a chance to visit there " I laughed

" You mean if you get a chance to come here you will marry me? " He asked

" You never know " I said teasingly

A/n : on other hands yoongi is blushing like hell he is red tomato right now

" Okay okay stop teasing me .. I thought you were sad or something but look at you laughing and teasing a handsome & cool boy " he said

" That's how I am.. but who told you you're handsome and cool ?" I asked

" Everybody" he replied

" I don't think so .. " I said

" WHY?" He yelled

" BECAUSE YOU NEITHER SHOWED YOURSELF TO ME NOR TOLD me your name " I sighed lowering my voice

" Is it the time to tell you ?" He questioned himself but instead I answered

" Yes it is "

" I am Min yoongi " ..