~Wrong Choice~

*The man closed his book and looked at her.*
??: why are you in such a rush to run dolly...

*She got scared hearing that voice because she knew who it was.*
Y/n: t-taehyung...!?
Tae: are you scared princess..!? but I'm here to take you back to our heaven that you'll never forget...
*He smirked as he got up throwing the book and revealed his face.*
Tae: what did you think huh!!? , you will run away from me so easily and i will let you go..!!?
*She tried to run but Taehyung grabbed her hair and pulled her close without any mercy.*
Tae: how dare you tried to run away from me huh!? Now you'll see my psycho side..!
*Taehyung grabbed both her hands behind her tightly and was dragging her forcefully to the car...But she was trying her best and however she freed her one hand and quickly took out a small knife from her pocket and tried to stab him but Taehyung put his hand in between as his hand got hurt and started bleeding. Seeing this, Taehyung got very angry and he quickly snatched that knife from her hand and threw it away, and because of frustration Taehyung banged her head against the pole near them..Blood started coming from her head and she fainted.*
Tae: She doesn't have to bear all this if she doesn't tried to run away like this..!

*Taehyung picked her up from the ground and take her to the car placing her on the back seat of the car as he drove off.*

*She opened her eyes ,it was blurry at first but then saw herself in an abandoned room, tied to a chair with a bandage on her head..She screamed loudly but no one came.. Her head was also paining due to the injury...tears were in her eyes.*
Y/n: that bastard..! why did he keep me like this...!? what did I do wrong god.!! Why is it always so bad with me ,First my parents and now this !! What did I do to deserve this!!!? *crying loudly*

*He was sitting on the couch of the hall room drinking coffee...then a bodyguard came and stand there wanted to tell something.*
Bodyguard: Mr.kim..! Jackson sir is here..!
Tae: he just came here to spoil my mood again like last time...! Let that bastard come.!
Bodyguard: yes sir..!!

*The bodyguard left and Jackson came in after 2 mins with a box of chocolate and a bouquet in his hand.*
Tae: stop showing so much love to her..!! and these are also for her right..!? *Frustrated*
Jackson: No this is for you taehyung.. *rolled eyes* If you already know then why are you asking!!? Don't waste my time and tell me where she is.!?
Tae: At the right place according to what she has done...
Jackson: what do you mean...!? *his smile faded as he became serious after listening this.*
Tae: She tried to run away...!
Jackson: And What did you do?
Tae: ...

*Taehyung put the cup of coffee on the table as he got up and went to him angrily.*
Jackson: So you'll do whatever you want with her huh!!? tell me what you did Taehyung, Tell me!!!
Tae: and why should i tell you !!? who are you to her!!?
Jackson: I am nobody but I care for her!! I'm not like you taehyung.!!!
Tae: think before you speak Jackson!!
Jackson: Don't tell me you killed her or something like that!!? *Jackson throw the bouquet and chocolate and grabbed his collar angrily* YOU LOVED HER RIGHT, DIDN'T YOU!!?
Tae: I didn't do anything like that!! Now stop shouting!!
Jackson: then tell me where she is!?
Tae: basement..
Jackson: Are you fucking crazy!!?! Even if there was someone else, he/she would have tried once to escape. There was no need to do this.!!!
Tae: yeah i'm crazy what will you do huh!!? And leave my collar now!!
Jackson: it's useless to talk to you..!
*Jackson did as he said* ok tell me how long she has been locked in the basement..!??
Tae: Almost a day...
Jackson: And what did you give her to eat..!?
Tae: ...
Jackson: how bad are you taehyung!?That girl didn't even want to come here at the first place and you brought her here without her consent just cause you always wanted her to be with you and now you are behaving like this..!!! I'M SO DONE WITH YOU..!!
Tae: I was about to bring her up, just let her once learn the lesson for disobeying me...!
Jackson: Your fucking ego!! I'll go and give her something to eat ..!!
*Jackson went to the kitchen and found something to eat, he picked it up and went to the basement directly as taehyung followed him...Jackson reached as he open the door and found her tied to the chair looking down...He went close to her as he lifted her chin up softly...She was expression less as her tears were all dried up and she was not speaking anything...He quickly untied her , she didn't even have the strength to walk.*
Jackson: Y/n.. Are you okey!?
Y/n: Do you think I'm okey!? Can't you see..!?? *rudely with straight face*
Jackson: first eat something...
*He didn't say anything cause he know she was done with all this as she couldn't stop herself being rude.*
Y/n: No!! I don't wanna eat anything..!! Can you please let me die peacefully..!! I don't want this life.!!
Tae: You have no rights to end your life because it is mine now, your everything is mine...!
*Taehyung entered the room as his hands were in his pocket, he came near them.*
Jackson: Can't you now stop being selfish now, She's already in pain , let her eat peacefully!!
Y/n: I said I don't wanna eat anything..!! I'd rather choose to die than be with this merciless man..!!
Jackson: Y/n..!! stop this nonsense and eat!!
Y/n: why do you care Jackson!!? I don't even know you properly..! you're also a mafia anyways!!
Jackson: Yes I'm!! but I'm not heartless...!
Tae: So you're indirectly saying that I'm heartless huh!!
Jackson: oh taehyung you intelligent too!?
Tae: stfu jackso-
Y/n: So what are you gonna do huh!? kill me!? then do it, I'm already asking for it!!
Tae: stop this "let me die" shit!!
*Taehyung picked her up as she started screaming trying to get rid of him and started to walk towards his room ,and left Jackson there alone.*
Jackson (in mind): This fucking Kim taehyung!! what's with his mood.!??
*Jackson closed the door of the basement and walked towards the hall room.*
Tae: stop this drama y/n!!! I'm tired of this now!! can't you live here properly.!?? what is your problem!!
Y/n: I'm not doing any drama!! and why should I live here!!?
Tae: I see you're not scared anymore..!
Y/n: and why should I!!? I'm not afraid to die!!
Tae: Ohk then let me give you an offer!!
Y/n: What is it..!?
Tae: You wanna know..!? Ohk then listen...!! I'll let you do whatever you want, you can rule here as a queen..But you have to stay here and don't ever think about running away..!
Y/n: Huh!? and why would you let me do this..!?
(in mind): If this is true then see what I will do Mr. Kim Taehyung...anyways you didn't saw my real self yet..you haven't seen my acting skills. *smirks internally*
Tae: If you don't want this offer then it's okey.!
Y/n: And what makes you think that I'll decline it..!?