Tae: You look so cute sleeping in my Arms... sleep well dolly cause Your life is going to change from tomorrow...~ *smirks*

*y/n woke up having headache...She sat on the bed...she remembered what had happened last night. And then she saw the room which was big as a hall room and was very beautiful, looked like a rich man's house...she was scared but suddenly the Maids of the house came into the room and greeted her.*
Maids: good morning miss..*while bowing*
y/n: where am I!??
maid 1: miss do your morning routine and wear this...after that come downstairs to have breakfast...
y/n: huh!? I'll not! tell me where is the main door.!!
maid 2: miss this is mr.kim's order..and you have to follow this...he doesn't like it when someone disobeys him.. so please corporate miss!
y/n: fuck your Mr.kim! Who the hell is he huh!?! I wanna go home!!

*suddenly the door of the room opened revealing taehyung*
Tae: what did you say dolly...*while walking towards her*
y/n: YOU!! you're the one at the cafe right!! let me go from here you bastard!!
Tae: Think before you speak girl because you're going to live here from now on and this is my house!
y/n: I don't wanna live here!! just let me go!!
Tae: I SAID you'll live here and that's it!!! Don't make me use my force on you darling.. you'll regret so bad!
Y/n: I'll Not-
*before she could complete he grabbed her throat harshly against the bed...she tried to remove his hand as she was not able to breathe. tears welled up in her eyes.*
Tae: don't test my patience , just do as I say if you don't want to die young..
y/n (in mind): ah it hurts..aaah my neck.. I'm not able to breathe.
Tae: who do think I'm huh!! I'm Kim - THE KIM TAEHYUNG!!
y/n (in mind): what!!!? *shocked* Is he the mafia!? omg..I've just heard about him before...now what should I do..

*he let her go as she started coughing*
Tae: Don't make these mistakes again.. i can kill you right now if I want to...don't u dare disobey me darling..now wear this and come downstairs.. i'll wait for you... *smiles with deadly eyes*
*Taehyung left from there along with all the maids from the room*

y/n: *cough* wth *cough* but why did he smile like that..he's scary...Guess I'll have to follow as he says as it's about my life btw he's more dangerous than he looks..Is there no way to escape from here!? I'm sure he'll kill me if I don't listen to him...I've to stay calm and behave properly as he says..

*she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, she was shocked to the bathroom cause it was as big as her apartment...she showered and wear the dress which he gave to her.*

y/n: this dress looks so expensive..it looks like I'm going on a date or something...but why should I wear such a dress at home? oh right rich people things...
(in mind): he'll not kill me right ... I'm doing as he said..no y/n no be positive..ohk let's go.

*y/n went downstairs as he said...she had never seen such a beautiful house before...She was lost in such a big house But a maid showed her the way to the dining room also she was amazed by the beauty of the house... she reached and saw that there was a very big dining table but only one person is sitting at the table. And it was none other than Taehyung then she went closer to the table pulling a random chair to sit...she was about to sit but.*

Tae: I haven't told you to sit yet!
y/n: huh.. sorry I thought- *she put the chair back on it's place giving an embarrassed look*
Tae: Keep your sorry to yourself and listen carefully..From now on this is your house and you'll live here forever so you'll have to follow some rules and always remember if you break any rule then I'll make sure not to go easy on you...I'll do something that you'll remember for the rest of your life...so always think twice before doing anything..
y/n: *nodded with fear*
Tae: I want WORDS!! *Shouted*
Y/n: Y-Yes.. I'll d-do as you s-say..
Tae: good girl! So you already know the 1st rule which is YOU BETTER OBEY ME...2nd is IF YOU WANT TO DO ANYTHING THEN ASK FOR MY PERMISSION FIRST...3rd is DON'T EVEN THINK OF GOING OUT OF THE HOUSE and..
Y/n: but what if it's importa-
Tae: 4th!!! DON'T INTERRUPT WHEN I'M SAYING SOMETHING..I fucking hate this!!
y/n: sorr- *scared*
*she was about to say sorry with tears in her eyes*
Tae: shut the fuck up!! and there's no need to cry just don't make me angry..
*she started to cry because this is the first time someone scolded her this bad.*
Tae: Aish..stop crying! are you a baby huh!?
Y/n: w-why are you s-shouting at m-me!? what d-did I do wrong?..why why did you bring me here at the first place!?.... *while sobbing*
Tae: o-ohk come here.. have breakfast anyway you haven't eaten since last night..
y/n: but h-how did you k-know I haven't eaten m-my dinner!?
Tae: I just know..are you going to ask only questions, don't you want to have breakfast?!!
y/n: y-yes..
Tae: then sit here! *he gestured her to sit next to him*
Y/n: I'm not comfortable sitting next to you *awkward smile*
Tae: but you have to! you remembered rule no.1 right! *annoyed face*
Y/n: yes b-but..
Tae: You!! ohk..then do you want me to make you sit on my lap huh!? *smirks*
y/n: w-what!!?
*She quickly went to the chair next to him and sat down. and then she looked at the food...He chuckled when she was busy looking at the food...she gulped looking at the food...she was only looking but not eating..there was no expression in her face..he looked at her with annoyed face.*
Tae: what happened now!!
y/n: actually I don't like salad...
Tae: god this girl!!
*he face palmed in frustration.*
Y/n: I can't eat t-this...I wanna eat p-pizza!!
Tae: salad is healthy..and you have to eat this!!
Y/n: no I'll not.. I want pizza please sir *with cute voice*
Tae: call me taehyung or whatever you want but not sir..and ok I'll get you a pizza but only if you eat this properly...
Y/n: fine...but promise me !!
Tae: I promise...now eat!!
y/n: okkk *smile*
Tae(in mind): don't smile don't smile taehyung!! control yourself...but why is she so cute!... I'm not able to resist her cuteness..but I have to act cold and strict with her!!!

*both are done eating...but then a bodyguard came and said something in taehyung's ear.*
Tae: ohk tell him I'm coming...
*he said to the bodyguard and turned towards her.*
Tae: y/n! you go to your room and don't come out until i say...
Y/n: but w-why!?
Tae: don't ask questions..just do as i say..go!! And listen y/n, pizza will be deliver in 30 min ok.
*he gestures to the maids to take her to the room and went to the hall with the bodyguard as the maids take her to her room...40 min later, she was sitting in the room bored then the maid came with a pizza box in her hand.*

~Taehyung pov~
??: hey taehyung!! long time no see!
Tae: Why are you here!!?
??: why!? am i not allowed here huh!?
Tae: just come to the point Jackson!!
Jackson: so rude of you.. I'll tell you later but you tell me first !! why did you bring a girl here huh?? who is she!? i didn't know you were a pervert!!you are more than that... Let me have some fun with her too !!*smirks with teasing tone*