~Wedding Preparations~

Yoona: That's the plan we needed..!! It'll work for sure!!
Jackson: I agree with yoona dad..! we'll try our best..!
Dad: I just want success... best of luck to you both..!

*She woke up and instantly checked the time.*
Y/n: It's 10 AM already? I overslept due to tiredness...
*Then suddenly someone knocked and she opened the door.*
Tae: dolly... it's your day to be mine officially, why did you woke up so late huh??
Y/n: dolly...? I had forgotten that you used to call me by that name earlier...Why suddenly dolly!?
Tae: It depends on my mood...stop questioning..we don't have much time left so go shower, change, and came downstairs...my parents will also come soon.!
Y/n: oh..then why didn't you told me earlier??
Tae: wow look who is saying this!? you sleepyhead! I was banging the door since 7AM..!!
Y/n: how dare you call me sleepyhead..! I was just very tired!!
Tae: don't shout did you forget the rules!!
Y/n: rules, my foot!!
Tae: don't forget I'm a Mafia and everyone is scared of me!!
Y/n: So what? I'm not scared of you!! what'll you do huh?
Tae: I'll kiss you...! *Smirks*
Y/n:*Disgusted look* I am going to take shower...!
*She went to the bathroom and closed the door.*
Tae: *laughed* It's so easy to tease her...!
Y/n: I can still hear you!!
Tae: I'll be waiting downstairs!
*He was smiling to himself thinking about the her.*
Tae: so cute... *chuckled*

*When Taehyung reached the hall room he saw his parents sitting on the couch.*
Tae: Mom Dad? I thought you would take time to come.
Mrs.Kim: I could not control myself to see my daughter-in-law!! where is she taehyung? I also want to see my son's choice, I'm so happy!! I will treat her like my daughter.
Mr.Kim: Did you listen taehyung? she was talking so much since you told about the marriage yesterday..she was surprised at first but now!...She said and I'm here.. *Teasing* think again taehyung, you're a Mafia but she'll rule you like your mother is ruling me...!
Tae: *Laughing* Dad..!
Mrs.Kim: If you both are done joking then taehyung can you tell me where she is?
Tae: mom she's showering.
Mrs.Kim: Ig we'll have to wait more...
Tae: I've already told her that you both are coming, so she should come down immediately after taking shower.
Mrs.Kim: that's great..!
Mr.Kim: Taehyung listen..!
Tae: yes dad?
Mr.Kim: did you invited yoona too?
Tae: yes dad..She's my friend-
Mr.Kim: taehyung..! You know that she still loves you...how will she feel..!
Tae: but dad I told her that I always considered her my friend.
Mr.Kim: I'm not taking about your relation with her taehyung.. it's about her feelings..!
Tae: I specially talked to her on phone and invited her...She said she's happy and now she don't love me, she moved on and already have someone in her life...so I told her to bring him here too.!
Mr Kim: And you believed her...? anyways if it's true then that's good..! I'm happy for both of your as long as you both are happy...btw Did you checked the hotel you booked? How's the preparation for tonight..!
Tae: yea I asked them, they are decorating the hotel like I told them to..!
Mr.Kim: My all friends will be there.
Mrs.Kim: whatever but I just don't want any drama cuz I don't believe mafias or gangsters..! Don't know when they get angry for what or on whom and create drama..!
Tae: Yes Mom my bodyguards will manage that..you don't need to worry..!
Mrs.Kim: After being the wife of a mafia.. I've been all through this..and I don't want my daughter-in-law to suffer this shit..! Did you both get this!
Mr.Kim: Yes love... we'll handl-
Tae: Mom look y/n is here!
*She came directly near the couch and greeted them with a beautiful smile.*
Mrs.Kim: oh my princess..!!
*Mrs.Kim got up and hugged y/n.*
Mrs.Kim: you're so pretty, my baby.
Y/n: thank you a-aunt-
Mrs.Kim: Mom! call me mom.! *smiled*
Y/n: *Smiled* ohk Mom..!
(in mind): I thought that she would be very strict..but She's way to sweet..!
Mrs.Kim: let's eat something first.
*She nodded and everyone ate breakfast.*
Mrs Kim: let's go to taehyung's room now..we'll talk a little then you also have to check the fitting of the wedding dress and we'll choose your makeup and hairstyle in the hotel...We don't have much time, let's go!
*She nodded and both went to the room... After sometime yoona also came.*
Tae: Yoona you're here already?
Yoona: yes I was bored so I thought to spend some time with the bride...And congrats taehyung!
Tae: thanks...And She's in my room with my mom.
Yoona: ok.. that's great! It's been a long time since I met your mother.

*Yoona directly went to the room and opened the door to find y/n in the wedding dress...She was jealous inside but was hiding her feelings behind a beautiful smile.*

(It was her dress)

Y/n: This is so much different for a wedding dress...no?
Mrs.Kim: actually taehyung likes sexy things over cute things...But you're looking very hot..!
Y/n: I don't feel like talking to my mother-in-law.
Mrs.Kim: I'm not old fashioned , or not old minded. *Laughed* anyways ngl but your body curves are so visible and looking sexy in this gown..!
Y/n: I've never worn THIS type of revealing dress...It's quite uncomfortable...
Mrs.Kim: yes it is...But you don't have to wear it for too long..right! I hope you'll be able to manage it for 3-5 hours..
Y/n: don't worry, I'm not professional but I'll try my best...!
*Suddenly Mrs.Kim turned her head towards the door and found Yoona standing there.*
Mrs.Kim: oh yoona!? when did you came here! *excited*
Yoona: since the two of you were talking.
*Mrs.Kim hugged yoona as she came near them.*
Yoona: you're looking really pretty y/n.
Y/n: oh thanks yoona..long time no see..?
Yoona: actually I was busy but taehyung told me about your wedding so I'm here!
Mrs.Kim: yoona you sit..! and Y/n you also need to try the heels that I've brought it of my own choice..

Mrs Kim: It is so beautiful that I couldn't control myself from buying it.! Isn't it?
Yoona: Right Mrs.Kim it's so pretty!
Y/n (in mind): why is yoona behaving different? It doesn't feel like the Yoona I met that day...But now that she's talking like this, I'll do the same.

*Y/n wore those heels and they were exactly of her size.*
Mrs.Kim: nice!
Y/n: It's really good and also matching the outfit.
Mrs.Kim: yes!!...but wth!? look it's 2AM already!
Y/n: what? I didn't realize..!
Mrs.Kim: and we have to leave for the hotel by 4.!
Yoona: then we don't have much time left cuz her makeup and hair will take almost 2 hours!
Y/n: 2 hours?? for what?!
Yoona: you're a bride y/n! And after makeup and everything, you'll have to stay in the bride's room, at that place many people will come to meet you except taehyung! groom will only gets to see the bride when she'll walk on the aisle with her father and all.
Y/n: I don't have father.
Mrs Kim: don't worry y/n , taehyung already told us that he'll walk with you.! And he'll be there with you on the bride's room after greeting his every guest.
Yoona (in mind): then we have to change our plan a little bit... we've to do it before taehyung's arrives.
Mrs.kim: and yk I'm his mother so I've to greet them personally too...
Y/n: yea so-
Mrs.Kim: yes I can't stay in the room with you too.
Yoona: don't worry Aunty I'll be there with her..Is it okey y/n.?!
Y/n: yea It's good cuz I need someone with me who can introduce everyone to me.
Mrs.Kim: yoona is also like my daughter so you can trust her...you've chosen the perfect girl! She knows everyone very well and is recognized by everyone...I was about to say the same!
Yoona (in mind): my work is getting a little easier now. *smirks*
Mrs.Kim: btw yoona!? *teasing tone* I heard something about you today!
Yoona: what's with this expression? what's it?
Mrs.Kim: I get to know that you've a boyfriend and he's coming here tonight! Who is he? what's his name!?
Yoona: huh? W-who told you t-this?
Yoona (in mind): damn I lied to Taehyung because I wanted to make him jealous, what should I do now?
Y/n: come on yoona! don't be shy! tell us already!
Mrs.Kim: we bet he's mafia! isn't he?
Yoona: y-yeah..he is!! and he's name is j-jackson..! y-yes ! Jackson is my boyfriend...! but don't tell anyone! not even taehyung!
Yoona (in mind): ahh sorry jackson but i had no choice but to say your name.