Chapter 2

last weekend i had been to diagon alley to get my school stuff and now i'm saying bye to my mum, dad and sister on platform 9 3/4
"are you sure you have everything?" mum had been worrying all morning "promise me you'll-" i cut her off
"write, ofc i will mum and yes i have everything now i really need to go" i hugged her and my dad i turned to my sister who was holding back tears
"see you at christmas?" i smiled
"don't cause any trouble" she laughed and i promised i wouldn't "and don't do anything i wouldn't do" she joked
"but i just promised to not cause trouble?" i joked back

i hoped y/n would stay in a compartment with me, fred and lee. i thought she was so pretty from the moment i saw her come down with fred, using her metamorphmagus powers to turn her hair pink.
me and fred hadn't shut up about her since we saw lee on the platform suddenly someone opened the compartment we all turned to look and it was y/n, lee looked at us with a look of 'omg you guys were right, she's gorgeous' we nodded as if telling him we understood
"umm can i sit in here? with you guys?"
"YES" we all said at once making her jump a little
i got up apologising and offering to help with her bags she sat next to me opposite lee while fred was opposite me.
We are now half way through our long trip to hogwarts and i kicked lee under the table as i caught him staring at her reading her book, she seemed to notice and asked how long we'd be on then train until we were there, i told her it would be about a couple more hours she nodded and out her head back attempting to sleep, i put my legs up on the seat and opened them pulling her into me, she accepted and rested her head in my chest, i wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on hers while she listens to my heart beat, fred and lee both looked at eachother and then sulked down into the chair also attempting to sleep but craving to be in the position i was in right now with the girl i'm convinced is the prettiest person in the world.