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Y/n is in the same year as the golden trio, however she's the third member of her own trio, with the weasley twins, her mother, andromeda and her father, ted are both part of the order, where they met molly and arthur, their 2 daughters, nymphadora, their oldest and y/n, their youngest get introduced to the weasley family, nymohadora new one of them as they were in the same year at hogwarts but y/n hadn't met any, straight away she was drawn to the twins and with the help of her sister and the rest of the weasleys she's convinced her mum and dad that hogwarts is still safe and she was allowed to attend, she gets placed into hufflepuff and a certain weasley reveals his feelings but does she feel the same??


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Two years ago, Andra was the most popular girl in her high-school. She had it all- beauty, money, friends, and a boyfriend that was just as popular as she was. Now, she still has beauty. She still has money. But she has no friends. She has no boyfriend. And she's only known as Medusa. She turns the boys to stone. Maybe for revenge. Maybe because she wants them to hurt the way that she does. Until a group of new boys figure everything out. They refuse to turn to stone, and they refuse to let her be the monster that everyone misjudged.
A Muslim's Romantic Journey

As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienced love, and occasionally doubting whether she will, Safia feels herself growing impatient being single. She then sends her family to search for 'the one.' Trusting her family, she decides to say yes to the first person her family finds for her. She believes she will get married and face all her problems with her husband by her side. Is it really as simple as that?Yusuf feels a void in his heart. He tries to deny it, but he knows his mother's not proud of him. He knows she wishes he could be a little more modern like his brother. He wanted his family to find him a wife while he could focus on his deen (faith), but his idea of a wife clashes with his mother's. Seeing that his family were struggling to find him someone he likes, he decides to take matters into his own hands. But is he rushing into decisions without thinking?
I am ME : Self Love & Acceptance

Matthew 22 : 39'Love Your Neighbor as you LOVE YOURSELF. ' Without mincing words, The main aim of this book is to instill the act of SELF LOVE in people.This book as it corresponds with its title is all about finding yourself, unlocking your authentic self, digging out the real YOU and spreading your new found light to others through kindness.×××××××On another note, no part of this book should be duplicated in any form. It is purely my work and I would not like it being copied.××××××Did I mention there are also inspirational and motivational quotes from prominent figures that will fill you with positivity.What are you waiting for??? DIVE IN.
crushed lavender

yΕ«gen fantasies laced in velour reverie
You Changed Me || ~Ashtray

Ashtray love Story
Suryavanshi Yuvrani To Empress Of Aryavrat

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Every characters (beside my OCs) belongs to Maharishi Ved Vyas. "RAGHUKUL REET SADA CHALI AAYI, PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE""Per tradition of the Raghu clan, even if you have to die you should keep your promise."Ranjeet, Suryavanshi King of Kosala was the descendant of King Ram Chandra himself, had given his words to Maharaj Pandu before he brought the Princess of Kuntibhoj back home, that due to Maharaj Pandu's kindness, and as his token of gratitude, he would give his firstborn daughter to wed Maharaj Pandu's firstborn son. now years later, before completed the Guru Dakshina, the firstborn son of Maharaj Pandu, must go to Ayodhya to bring his supposed to be wife back.and he must aware that she is after all, the Pride of Suryavanshi, the Lotus of Raghu clan and the darling of Ayodhya.***Read how the great Suryavanshi Crown Princess's journey to become the Empress of the whole Aryavrat, especially in the midst of so called Cursed Lineage of Kuru Dynasty.

Jamiri decided to not give no nigga another chance he was just gonna stay single for the rest of his life I mean that's what he thought

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I Want To Come Home To You (one-shot)

Louis gets into these moods sometimes. These moods when he's by himself in Atlanta, or New York, Chicago, or LA, wherever he's needed to take a lot of pictures with a lot of fans. He finds a park, and walks alone at night and just thinks. Thinks about how simple it was in the early stages of the bands' career when he didn't have to hide his true self behind a closet door. Where he and Harry could be flirty and touchy all day at a photoshoot or interview and just get warned to be just a bit less of that~~Or the one where Louis is sad and lonely in Atlanta

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Beach Toys β€’ #PlanetOrPlastic

SO EXCITED to have been selected to write a story on behalf of @NationalGeographic 's #PlanetOrPlastic campaign! Not only have I read and loved National Geographic my entire life, but it's also for a cause that I'm extremely passionate about. As someone who grew up near the beach, I'm so grateful to be part of an initiative working to better our oceans. This contest is an amazing way to get involved!

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Battle of the Beasts

"Battle of the Beasts: Lions Triumph over Tigers in a Thrilling Cricket Encounter" is a short story that describes a fiercely contested cricket match between two teams, the Lions and the Tigers. The story takes the reader through the entire match, starting from the toss and ending with the Lions' hard-fought victory. The narrative is filled with thrilling moments, such as the Lions' captain scoring a century and the Tigers' valiant fightback. The tension and drama of the match are palpable, with the outcome remaining uncertain until the very end. The story also highlights the spirit of sportsmanship, with both teams acknowledging each other's efforts and the crowd applauding both sides. Overall, the story captures the essence of cricket, showcasing the excitement, skill, and passion that make the sport so beloved.

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Escaping the Monster's Embrace

Everything changed when they came out of hiding, terror spread across the world as people began to question if our presidents and our global leaders lied to us and weren't from the same race. The Beasts blended in amongst us as if we were the same, except humans didn't have the same predatory instincts and we couldn't change our forms like they could. Soon after we learnt that we weren't the only species people began going missing. Some were unlucky and taken as something that the Beasts called a Mate that one word made fear spread throughout my veins, I would rather sell my soul than have one of them mutts chain me to them. Six months went by before the government, that was un-tainted by this vile race began to take action into their own hands contacting other countries and militaries causing the great war to happen, sending both my parents off to fight for our rights. Only one of them came back, two months was the longest we lasted before we were overpowered by them. Six years of living in this dysfunctional environment and my hatred had never dwindled. Some people still believed in god and had faith in him, I didn't know what I believed in but I prayed like everyone else that I would get through another day without hearing the soul crushing word 'Mate'.DARK THEMES THROUGHOUT. UNEDITEDΒ© All rights reservedΒ©#1 in hunt 19/06/2019#1 in human 19/06/2019#1 in sanity 19/012019#3 in mate 19/06/2019#4 in mates 19/06/2019#5 in hunted 19/06/2019#1 Post-apocalyptic 30/8/19#8 in dystopian 7/10/19#4 in Escape 24/10/19

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INSECURE: Her Biggest Battle

Insecure: not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious Only certain girls are affected by this disease.I can feel them staring at I that ugly? I can hear them whispering...are they talking about me? My mama always told me that it was just a figment of my imagination but I can't help but be insecure.Karmella Young has always been insecure about a lot of things like her hair, her face, her body, and how she talks. It has been like this since high school , she has always been this shy and insecure little girl. Being shy makes everyone think they can run all over you and Karmella hasn't tried to stop anyone from running all over her. Someday Karmella will grow out of being shy and insecure , maybe she'll do it on her own , or maybe she'll have help. Being insecure has been one of her biggest battles.Vote and comment for the first chapter! ❀️Copyright © 2015 Msfanfictional

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Some weird kpop shizz

Mostly some thirsty smuts...Some angst,fluff,comedy and more shizz.Please don't be a silent reader.I do requests.<3

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Take You There ~~~

Just trust me and follow me.I will take you there ~~~~Character - Bang Yongguk, Kim Himchan & B.A.P members.Author Noted: These characters are not my own. I just inspire and imaging on this characters. This is my first fanfic and I'm so sorry for my worst English writing skill. Thanks a lot. ^_^By Sojiro

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Still Breathing

This is a collection of many pieces. Mostly poetry or short creative writing.{Content may trigger/be triggering to some}

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Stranbys Technologies: Unlocking the Digital Wonderland for Your Business

"Stranbys Technologies - the gateway to endless possibilities."

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My Ship Book ~ Options On Ships

Let's see how much people hate me after this.

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