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You must be a Diggory...

This story takes place from first year and goes on throughout the years of hogwarts, y/n is in the same year as the golden trio.(Newt and Theseus are in this story, just pretend they went to school at the same time as harry)cara and cora were always really good friends growing up (being twins and all has its perks) and both got placed in slytherin together when they attended hogwarts (neither were evil they were just strong minded pure bloods like many misunderstood slytherins) they both ended up falling in love with 2 hufflepuff boys after they were asked to go to the yule ball with them, Amos Diggory asked Cara and Felix Scamander asked Cora they ended up staying in very healthy relationships and even had a joint wedding a couple years after leaving hogwarts. A year later Cora and Cara both got pregnant only a week apart. Cora ended up giving birth to her son first and named him Theseus Scamander, 7 days later Cara gave birth to her son who she named Cedric Diggory. 2 years later the sisters got pregnant again, this time 2 weeks apart, Cora gave birth to her second son and named him Newt Scamander, only 5 days later (although very early) Cara gave birth to a healthy little baby girl who she named y/n Diggory, with the families being extremely close, with the mothers being twins and the fathers being lifelong bestfriends, Cedric and Theseus being only 7 days apart they grew up together basically as brothers and with Phoebe and Newt also being only 5 days apart they too grew up to be basically brother and sister, all 4 were always extremely close growing up and all were placed in hufflepuff house which their parents were extremely proud of, now on the present day, Newt is in his 1st year with the golden trio, cedric and theseus are in their 3rd year (with the weasley twins). y/n currently goes to beauxbatons but wishes to move to hogwarts.(also when we get to goblet of fire, Cedric doesnt die in the triwizard tournament but does compete)

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Sister Soot |tommyinnit X Reader

⚠️NO SMUT, TOMMY IS A MINOR⚠️You're wilburs little sister, tommys parents go away and tommy comes to live with us.

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Harry Potter One Shots

stories for most of the hp characters (mainly the twins) ⚠️INCLUDES SMUT⚠️

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lovers > bestfriends

Y/n is in the same year as the golden trio, however she's the third member of her own trio, with the weasley twins, her mother, andromeda and her father, ted are both part of the order, where they met molly and arthur, their 2 daughters, nymphadora, their oldest and y/n, their youngest get introduced to the weasley family, nymohadora new one of them as they were in the same year at hogwarts but y/n hadn't met any, straight away she was drawn to the twins and with the help of her sister and the rest of the weasleys she's convinced her mum and dad that hogwarts is still safe and she was allowed to attend, she gets placed into hufflepuff and a certain weasley reveals his feelings but does she feel the same??⚠️SMUT⚠️

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Slytherpuff |a love story|

a love story between the girl who is known as the 'slytherin princess' and the boy who is known as the 'hufflepuff' prince, the only hufflepuff she had any patience for was her bestfriend mia but then... forced to work with him in potions by her godfather severus snape, she falls for the innocent... and he falls the deadly... what will happen? will she hurt him? does he really trust her? would she end up loving a hufflepuff? and what will her pureblood parents think about her loving a mudblood? what will her cousin, draco, think? and will her friends accept who she loves? who knows and in her mind, who cares, she wonders if he could ever love a monster like her but for him, she's a slytherpuff...

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