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lost in translation // a writing collection

in which letters are conjoined to create a form of art// original works

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한류 // a fic collection

❝love hurts and hurts again;farewell hurts and hurts even more❞// open to fic requests

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babysitter // haylor a.u.

PREQUEL TO ANGELStaylor had decided to move to london in hopes of leaving the memories of her past relationship. however, she stumbled upon something that led to her falling in love, all over again.-// fluff; angst; coarse language; violence //

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his smile // haylor a.u.

Harry was the bad boy.Taylor was the good girl.But when two worlds collide,everything will change.-ps. i wrote this in my early years of writing ,so don't be fooled by the aesthetic cover. read at your own risk and excuse my poor writing skills :)

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angels // haylor a.u.

SEQUEL TO BABYSITTERinspired by "fangirl" by rainbow rowell-why is she staring at me?did i do something wrong?do i even know her?-should i say something?is it wrong to just keep looking?will he be fine if i don't watch over him?-// fiction; haylor //

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