You and I

You and I

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MCU Reacts to Comics

I do not own anything. Properties belong to their owners.What if the MCU reacted to their comic book counter part. Not really focused on any specific character.Peter Parker x Michelle JonesTony Stark x Pepper PottsSteve Rodgers x Natasha Romanoff (maybe)
What The Heart Craves (Complete)

Lacey Harper is in love with her brother's best friend, Adonis Grayson, who is also the lead singer of a famous band. When she is faced with a life changing situation, it rocks everyone close to her including Adonis and she discovers nothing is simple in life or love. *****Lacey Harper is in love with Adonis Grayson, but he only sees her as the younger sister of his best friend. She has tried everything to get over him, but the heart wants what it wants. How is she supposed to move on when he is the lead singer in a band and his photo is plastered across every magazine? It's only when she has to navigate a serious life experience does she discover nothing is simple, even when everything she has ever wanted is within her grasp.
The Otherworlders - The Novel

Teenage Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Academy to train to fight off a demon horde and save the Otherworlder realm!Welcome to the rewrite of The Otherworlders! (This is v2 version, which explains the odd read to vote ratio, btw) :-)Anyway! If you're new, just a little info: โ˜… MY READERS LOVE โ˜… - Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Miraculous Ladybug, KOTLC, Teen Wolf, and Warrior Cats. If you love those stories, you'll love "The Otherworlders" too!******THE STORY: Forced to call a truce to the Shadow Wars and set their prejudice aside, Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters create the Otherworlder Integrated Academy. Nine students are chosen, three from each race, to train under Headmaster Pierce and his staff. But this is no ordinary school. No. These students are training to fight an encroaching demon horde while hunting down a magical tablet that can save the Otherworlder realm from utter destruction. "The Otherworlders" is filled with supernatural threats, magical powers, complex and layered storylines, and adorable yet complicated characters readers absolutely love!****** [[Wattys 2016 Winner]][[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]
The Secret Garden (Completed)

The Secret Garden is a children's novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published as a book in 1911 after a version was published as an American magazine serial beginning in 1910. Set in England, it is one of Burnett's most popular novels and is considered a classic of English children's literature. Several stage and film adaptations have been made.

[Slow updates]A simple girl who never experienced any kind of attraction in her life, never had crush on anyone, never really cared about her looks. A little straight nature but caring at the same time, bubbly but lonely, jolly but badly want someone who can embrace her in her tough time, someone whom she can rely on and can share her every insecurity without the fear of being judged .Will she find anyone like her innocent dream.Let's dive into her life and see what will happen when a man come in her life like an angel...โคThere will be other cute love stories too beside hers...soEnjoy reading!!!!๐Ÿ’ซ*Minimum update: 2 (in a week)...*(..โ—œแด—โ—..) if possible hehe!โ– Rankings°#1 thoughtful 13|Nov|23#2 thoughtsandfeelings 14|Nov|23#5 babylove 19|Feb|24๐Ÿค
The Saintess Is A Villainess

SYPNOSISReading Purifying Love made Rachelle D'magiba feel very insulted. The ending that the author had written didn't go well with her expectations. Rather, it was one of the shittiest novels that she ever had read. But just because of one mistake, she found herself inside the novel that she had read. She had thought that she had already died but it seems that she went inside the novel! What's even worse is that she reincarnated as the villain of the story! None other than Felicia Vivianne Del Montague who was burned alive.Will she be able to escape and save herself from dying once again? Or will she find truths to uncover from the novel and avoid her death flag? Cover by: Jazzy Pazzy[NOTE: This is an original work made by the author herself. All places, names, and events used in the story are all fiction, created by the author. Copyright infringement under Section 217 of Republic Act 10175, Plagiarism has a consequences or penalties for about six years of imprisonment, and a fine of fifty thousand to one hundred fifty thousands pesos or equivalent to one two hundred dollars to three thousands six hundred dollars.]HIGHEST RANK ATTAINMENT:#1 in Archmage (02/15/24)#1 in Aristocrat (02/17/24)#1 in Duke (9/26/23)#1 in Duchess (01/04/24)#1 in Empress (10/6/23)#1 in Historical Romance (01/05/24)#1 in Saintess (01/07/24)#2 in Revolution (01/22/24)#3 in Girl Boss (02/15/24)#3 in Historical (12/20/23)#3 in Queen (01/27/24)
Senki Isekai Gaiden

Three boys who are fans of tokusatsu accidently ended confronting a cult who ends up sending them all to another world where they must face a corrupt church, evil adventurers, rapist monster girls and an evil race of deities who plan to destroy the world.
The Football Player's Roommate

| COMPLETED | Highest Ranks: #1 in Teen Fiction (06/11/17) & #1 General Fiction (07/22/17) | When Amaya receives an acceptance letter to her dream college, she is ecstatic. It has been her dream for as long as she can remember to follow in her father's footsteps of graduating top of her collegiate class. She has been working her whole high school career to be chosen for a scholarship to the university, so when she received it, Amaya thought it would all be smooth sailing from there. It truly was going well until her roommate jumped ship...well schools, and dumped all costs on her. To avoid getting a job that would distract her from her studies, Amaya decides on renting out the other bedroom in her apartment to split the costs and save some money. Poor Amaya didn't know when she made this decision, that a smooth-talking and annoyingly attractive, football player could be just as distracting, if not more, than employment. *****************************Theodore Thompson, or as he liked to be called Theo, is a hot shot football player quickly climbing the charts and earning many of the NFL scout's watchful eyes. He could care less about morals, or even schoolwork. But for some odd reason Theo does care about good financial opportunities and saving money. So when a flyer goes up advertising an exceptional deal on a nice apartment, he goes for it. Unfortunately, at the time, Theo didn't know that getting a roommate came along with such an amazing arrangement.Cover made by: WinterFeels_

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Cross gets pulled into the Antivoid by a glitch who wants to destroy him.

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MCU Reacts to Comics

I do not own anything. Properties belong to their owners.What if the MCU reacted to their comic book counter part. Not really focused on any specific character.Peter Parker x Michelle JonesTony Stark x Pepper PottsSteve Rodgers x Natasha Romanoff (maybe)

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Wanderlust: A Travelogue

There's only one thing I love more than writing: Traveling. And I've been lucky enough to do so constantly. There's no hierarchy or actual order to these fragments - they are simply bits and pieces of places that have stirred words within me. This travelogue combines my love of writing, traveling and photography, and I invite you to come take a look.

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My Brothers Are My Bodyguards

Francesca is a 15 year old girl living in North Carolina, in a beach house near the ocean. Frankie has to live with her 4 older brothers, because her parents and big sister died on a plain ride back from a mission trip. The boys and her get along pretty well but there is one problem, here brothers are like her personal body guards most of the time. Yes they do let her have many freedomes, but not as many as she would if her parents were still here. Saddly, most guys can't get within 3 feet of Frankie without getting her brother's approval. But it doesnt happen to much because she is not a skiny little make up face Barbie doll, and she is proud of it. So hopefully in highschool.... any guys who would be interested, will soon become aware of the limits.... and no one will die.... Will Frankie be able to get through high school, or will her brothers driver her to the limit?

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๐–๐‘๐„๐ โ”† ๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ฆ๐ž ๐๐ฎ๐ฆ๐ฉ

WRENโ”†๐ข๐ง ๐ฐ๐ก๐ข๐œ๐ก... mochi dumps her themes!

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ั ะฑัƒะดัƒ ะถะธั‚ัŒ ะฟะพะบะฐ ั‚ั‹ ะผะตะฝั ะปัŽะฑะธัˆัŒ

ัั‚ะพ ะธัั‚ะพั€ะธั ะพ ะฑะตะทัƒะผะฝะพะน ะปัŽะฑะฒะธ. ะพะฝะธ ะฟั€ะพะนะดัƒั‚ ะผะฝะพะณะพะต ะธ ะฒ ะธั… ะถะธะทะฝะธ ะฝะฐัั‚ะฐะฝะตั‚ ั‚ะฐ ัะฐะผะฐั ะฑะตะปะฐั ะฟะพะปะพัะฐ. -ะฟะพะถะฐะปัƒะนัั‚ะฐ ะถะธะฒะธ!,- ะพะฝ ะฟะตั€ะตั…ะพะดะธะป ัƒะถะต ะฝะฐ ะบั€ะธะบ,- ั‚ั‹ ะฝัƒะถะฝะฐ ะผะฝะต!-ั ะฑัƒะดัƒ ะถะธั‚ัŒ ะฟะพะบะฐ ั‚ั‹ ะผะตะฝั ะปัŽะฑะธัˆัŒ,- ั…ั€ะธะฟะปั‹ะผ ะณะพะปะพัะพะผ ัะบะฐะทะฐะปะฐ ะพะฝะฐ.-ั‚ะพะณะดะฐ ั‚ั‹ ะฑัƒะดะตัˆัŒ ะถะธั‚ัŒ ะฒะตั‡ะฝะพ,- ะพั‚ะฒะตั‚ะธะป ะพะฝ,- ั ัั‚ัƒ ะฒะตั‡ะฝะพัั‚ัŒ ะผั‹ ะฟั€ะพะฒะตะดั‘ะผ ะฒะดะฒะพั‘ะผ!

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Me ranting about Rosaria

idc about childe i WILL get herUpdate: i didn't get her.

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๐‘๐Ž๐‹๐„๐๐‹๐€๐˜ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„

๐‘๐Ž๐‹๐„๐๐‹๐€๐˜ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„ โ”† ๐ข๐ง ๐ฐ๐ก๐ข๐œ๐ก... mochi roleplays with you guys! <3

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My Name is Omega, Not Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson ran away from his family and friends because they betrayed him. Zeus and Hades ask if he wants to be in Chaoses army as a commander. Percy accepts and becomes Omega (his code name.) Percy never wanted to go back to earth but when the gods and demigods need his help to defeat Kronos and Gaea he must become the hero he once was. Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Rick Riordan, only one character belongs to me, and that is the forgotten god, oh and Daniel. This is not a Pertemis story, but has a little Pertemis in it. Under revisions.

2.1M 79 52.4K Full