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Category: Teen Fiction
COMPLETED. Book 1/4 of the Adam's Series

She moved in with her twin brother. He lived with her brother. But, you can't blame gravity for falling in love.

Jessica Walker is your average seventeen-year-old. She fought with her parents and decided to move across the country with her twin brother. Her brother Matt Walker, moved out at 16 for a better opportunity with sports and academics.

The Adams family had a tragic accident, leaving Garrett Adams alone and homeless at 17. Matthew offered his home to him, immediately becoming best friends with him.

But when another resident decides to move into the California beach house with the two boys, accidents are prone to happen. Especially accidents like kissing your brother's best friend because he was holding you captive in the ocean, and you needed an escape.

Find out what happens to the three teenagers living in one household on My Brother's Best Friend.


a 2017 wattpad story || completed 02.18.18

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