After Dark

After Dark

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《 This is a BoyxBoy story 》

William Caddel wants to live. Between crushing expectations and the strictness that comes with them that seems like such an impossible thing to do.

He has so much of the world he wants to see, so much he wants to experience. He's a kid who is expected to act like anything but.

With the help of a friend he gets a tiny taste of freedom. He gets a grasp of what life could be like away from his pretentious private school and snobby parents. He gets to experience the life he's dreamed of and gets hooked fast.

For Ian Morrison it didn't take long to see through the boy his sister brought along to hangout one day. The awkward, anxious, shy type. The kid grew on him, faster than he could've imagined.

After learning about everything Liam has missed out on, Ian wants to help him. Doing things you've never done before with someone else as a guide opens up a whole new life. Liam is already trying many new things and getting opportunities he's never had before, so why not offer up one more?

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