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The Pet Shop (bxbxb)

(This has been rewritten, so old comments might not make sense.)Welcome to Flora's Pet Shop! Through these doors you will find the most adorable bunny rabbits!The most incredibly gorgeous birds! And don't forget the reptiles! Any pet you'd want, we've got it! Just come on down and pick out your new best friend!Disclaimer: Our employees are not for sale! Sorry!

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The Curse | BxBxB

Damien is an outcast in his community, after an incident that took place over 10 years ago, people didn't trust him and he didn't trust people. He was a quiet person and everyone was scared of him so he stayed in the shadows. What happens when everything changes and he gets his voice back? Read to find out! I hope you enjoy!I love reading all of your comments so feel free to do so, they make my day

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From The Other Side

Isaiah always had his focus set on school and baseball, but when he meets August, he suddenly begins questioning more than just his lack of a social life. ***** As the star of his high school baseball team, Isaiah Carr is looking forward to senior year. While not the most popular of guys, he's got his friends, he's a shoo-in for a baseball scholarship, and he's perfectly content sitting on the sidelines when it comes to his social life. However, when he meets August, a strange but cute boy with a prosthetic leg, there's no denying the connection between them. From friends to more, the two begin to grow a relationship that balances the troubles of their pasts with the hopefulness and acceptance of a future.[[word count: 90,000-100,000 words]]Cover designed by Eva I.WATTY'S 2020 YA WINNER

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Retrace bxbxb

(Book 2 of the Reverse series. This is a stand-alone story)What is a young boy to do when he is mistaken as a girl after stealing and offered a lifeline from possibly being hung, working as a service maid? Go along with the misunderstanding, of course. Harper intends to work his hands to the bone for his new master, an older earl who was in desperate need of a replacement for two of his workers that had left earlier in the season. After living on the streets of England for several years, Harper wis ready to try and better himself and make an honest living. Unfortunately, honest is the one thing he cannot risk being.

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The Dutch Boy [BxB]

Luca Bakker, a football jock with haunted eyes and a pretty Dutch accent. And Theodore Hart, a shy kid from school who works at the local pet shop. The idea that the two could ever cross paths - let alone build any sort of relationship - was almost laughable.And yet, here we are. Laughing away.

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The Human Experiment  (bxbxb)

My name is Rolland and I grew up in an orphanage in the middle of town. I've lived here as long as I can remember. I always tried to ask why me or any of the other kids were here but the woman who ran the orphanage just answered by holding up a sign saying 'I'm busy. Go play, Rolland.' After my eighth birthday I stopped asking. Besides, I think I already knew why my parents hadn't wanted me... I was completely deaf.(This will NOT be a super perverted book, even being bxbxb. So if you are looking for that, go elsewhere, k! I'm here for the story and a bit of horror and romance mixed in!)

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McLovin' [BoyxBoy] [Completed]

"Your name is Kenneth Kentucky and you work at McDonalds?"I glared at him, "Would you like Fries with that?" He began laughing hysterically and I sighed impatiently, waiting for him to stop. Suddenly, he stopped and then, putting both his hands on the counter, staring right into my eyes, he whispered, "I'd like Fries with you."My eyes widened as it slowly registered that Golden Boy McHarden had just openly flirted with me.

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Since I Laid My Eyes On You (BxB)

Nathan Edwards a cute sweet innocent lovable boy. His parents loves him but he has no friends and has three bullies who force him leaving school.Felix Wilson is a hot handsome guy. who has name and fame but no love in his life. Has three best friends and cares about nothing else.what happens when the hot guy meets the cute boy?[EDITED]-------#14 homosexual #461 boyxboy#76 bisexual #31 acceptance #956 highschool#943 friendship#113 bxblove#69 hotguy #804 bxb#345 football#96 cuteboy

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Someone To Stay [bxb]

Lucas Creed grew up in an abusive household, but one day the child protective services came to his and her little sister's rescue, revealing that their mother lied to them about the death of their father. Their father is in fact alive and wants them to stay with him . However, things at the new home might not look as perfect as they seems, there are more secrets than Lucas has never imagined .

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Make Luv | bxb

| "ʜᴏɴᴇꜱᴛʟʏ ʜɪꜱ ʟɪʟ ᴀꜱꜱ ɪꜱ ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ᴀꜱ ꜰᴜᴄᴋ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ'ꜱ ᴍᴀᴅ."-----------------------viewer discretion advised .based on song Make Luv by Brent Faiyaz

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Oneshots [GxG, BxB]

If you don't like it don't read it, otherwise have fun. I always take requests.

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Finding Home || bxb

【INCLUDES MATURE SCENES, READ AT OWN RISK】'There is always some madness in love. But there is also some reason in madness.' - Friedrich NietzscheAfter losing his family, Alden had lost a lot of himself too. Years later he still hadn't been able to make himself whole again. Maybe he never will, but with a new foster family, a loving purple haired friend, and a crush he might finally act upon, Alden's life might finally be getting better. That doesn't mean there are no more bad days, for him or the people around him, but maybe those bad days will become a little easier to get through.TW: - trauma, grief, sexual abuse related issues mentioned

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Alive // bxb

Liam Cole. He's got it all. Good looks, an intact family, and a future. Nothing can go wrong in his life, it just isn't fathomable. - Milo Lazos-Rodriguez. The omega of the pack. With social anxiety, a small house nestled into the woods, and a tragic past in hand; really, it's no wonder he's such an easy target. Everything just seems to go wrong in his life. - When two wolves on the opposite sides of the pack find out they're mates, their lives are turned upside-down. Their worlds collide and there seems to be no way of returning to the way things once were. Will they be able to show each other how truly alive they can be together, or will they be forced to separate and live their lives in the solitude they once endured?

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Did It Hurt? (bxb)

"Did it hurt?" "When?" "When you fell from heaven." "No, but I did scrape my knee crawling out of hell." "Heh. Good one."

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The Mouse and The Wolf | Gay BxB |

Oliver's life turns upside down when he learns that werewolves exist and one of them is his mate, but things get dangerous when he starts to learn more about himself. *****"It's a gift, and it's a curse."He never knew his father, and he was abandoned by his mother. Without a family to take care of him, Oliver was placed in a group home, unable of being fostered after one peculiar incident with his last foster parents. A happy child with a wild imagination turned into a timid shell of the boy he once was - a mouse who no one even noticed. On his sixteenth birthday, everything changes when he suddenly feels an odd connection with a guy he has never even spoken with. His name is Jaden, and everything about him spells trouble, but Oliver can't stop thinking about him - he is drawn to him.It is the start of his journey. Friends and enemies are made, secrets are unfolding, and the past comes back to haunt him as he learns more about himself, his family, and the fantastic world he has stepped right into.This is the path that was chosen for him.This is his legacy.|| Gay || BxB || MxM || LGBT || Romance ||

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There's A Jock in My Bed! [✓]

#1 & 3 in the "There's A..." series. #2 is on my profile.[Editing] He's popular, I'm a nobody. He's a senior, I'm a freshman. He goes to wild parties, I stay home all night. So how did he end up in my bed? Where will it go from here and how much will he pay to keep it all a secret? (Boyxboy) Cover by @LoveInsanity

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Glint | Stalker BxB ✓

He'd always be hiding behind the scenes- watching every move. Letting go of the one person he truly valued and loved wasn't an option. But as he got older, secret little notes and small presents weren't enough. He wanted to do something bigger, something more grand.He loved Caleb Chartier more than anyone could imagine. ONLY on Wattpad by @Luye60Published: 4/26/24➢ 𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: STALKING, CURSING, 18+ SCENES.

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TXT and EN- BxB Oneshots (Completed)

Started: October 23, 2021Finished: December 28, 2022Mostly Enhypen BxB Ships + A Few TXT BxB Ships(NO REQUESTS ANYMORE)Top ratings (as of 02/18/2024):#3 in txtbxb#16 in enhypenbxb

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Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️

{COMPLETED}Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill.Jayden Williams, the school quarterback. He's been asked to tutor Axel, in hopes of getting him back on track.A jock tutoring the nerd? That's unheard of.. Though, Axel isn't your typical nerd. Sure, he's a real bookworm and likes to spend his time reading, but that's not all there is to him. With a sob worthy past and hidden skills, Axel Miller may not be as much of a nerd as everyone thinks.---------------------Started: 01/11/2019Ended: 01/05/2020---------------------Top Rankings:#1 on jockxnerd 23/12/2019#1 on jockxjock 25/04/2020#1 on bxblove 20/05/2020#2 on lgbt 23/05/2020#1 on bxblove 29/05/2020 #1 on boyxboy 13/06/2020 #1 on familyconflict 22/06/2020#1 on lgbtfiction 27/06/2020#1 on fastpaced 27/06/2020#1 on gayrelationship 12/07/2020#1 on familyconflict 12/07/2020#1 on teenlove 16/07/2020#1 on fastpaced 16/07/2020#1 on gayrelationship 16/07/2020#1 on jockxjock 08/08/2020#1 on familyconflict 02/11/2020#1 on gayrelationship 02/11/2020Special Rankings: #69 on basketball 😛 12/07/2020

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You'll be loved (bxb)

Aiden, an 18 year old omega who has strikingly blue eyes has finally managed to escape his horrible pack after years of abuse. He wants to be free and live a quiet and lonely life in a small apartment and just make a living for himself without anyone hurting him again.But plans change and wounds can heal, even those inside. Everything comes to a halt as Aiden is working one night in a club as a waiter when he suddenly bumps into someone he never expected to see.__________This is a bxbxbxbxb story. I know, sounds freaking crazy but just go with it, haha :) If you don't like it, don't read it. If you do, you're in for a wild ride!

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Tender Love [BxB]

Miles Eaton. A boy who has been verbally abused his whole life. He has always been too hyper for his own good, and has absolutely no filter. His big puppy eyes didn't do much to help him. Calvin Reed. An Alpha who has been searching for his mate for 8 years. He goes to greet the new family in town, and meets his wild mate. Can this angry Alpha provide a hyper boy with tender love?

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Trevor Harrington is a normal human boy of 18yrs old with three brothers and a 10yrs old nephew living a not so normal lives because his two twin brothers are werewolves who are struggling to cope with their new powers without a help from anyone but their normal human family.After the death of his sister in law their brother wants to have a fresh start in a new area/ town because the place they are currently living have a lot of memories that is so hard for him to move on. Dylan Anderson a popular kid with a lot of friends and a soon to be alpha of the strongest pack because his older brother ( Current alpha) couldn't provide an heir to the pack as his mate was killed on one of the rouges attacks.But one day he comes and meet his mate. He couldn't believe because he is a male, human and have the most two strong protective brothers by his side all the time.What will happen when Dylan meets Trevor?Follow their journey and you will know.Vote, Comment, Follow and Share.

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Gay Chicken | ✓

"They have belligerent sexual tension." "What does that even mean?"--- James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten along, ever. And then comes along a game of Gay Chicken and a kiss that changed everything. (BoyxBoy)

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PRBLM (bxb) ✓

"I've got a big problem, Alec...I don't think I can hate you anymore." His breathing shallowed, but Alec's lips curved into a tiny smile that Apollo might've missed if he'd blinked. "You sure that's not a blessing, assface?" Beautiful people will ruin your life; and Alec's favorite boy to bully had been looking a little bit too good lately.

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The Stepbrother [BXB]

When Ashlynn enters his room, he was left in shock; he needs to share a room with his stepbrother he has never met. And he needs to share a bunk bed with him! Ashlynn and his stepbrother Newton start off harshly and hatefull, but maybe that bunk bed is more covenient than they first thought it would be. A love story between two hatefull lovers blossoms up, with a lot of confusion, questions and fear. For eachother and themselves.Long burn, internalised homophobia and mental illnesses. Not a good book tbh, bad representation of many subjects. I know my mistakes. Don't judge my spelling mistakes I wrote this when I was 16 BXB#1bxblove#5 lgbtlove#1 Randy

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The Life We Had | Gay BxB |

The new, geeky kid in school gets partnered with a popular jock in biology. He believes that geeks and jocks can't be friends until this particular jock proves him wrong. And there may be something even better in the air...*****After his family moves across the country, Sky has to start his life all over again in an unfamiliar environment. Without any friends or people who shares his passion for nature, he believes he is facing a lonely life, until he is being partnered with a popular athlete, Max, in biology.Becoming friends with Max is more than Sky could've asked for, but he also makes friends with Troy, the always cheerful best friend of Max, and even with the grumpy quarterback, Luke.But Sky will soon find out it is not just friendship that ties them all together...|| Gay || BxB || MxM || LGBT || Romance ||

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