Finding Braincell

Finding Braincell

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For Rachel lol
Save the enviroment y'all
I don't wanna die yet. Totally unrelated but whatever.

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Time travel to Mahabharata

Join our protagonist as she becomes the most vital part of dharmstapna.Will she side with Kauravas or Pandavas? Will she help Pandavas unite with their eldest?Will she help in the unification of radha-krishna? Will she fall in love and with whom? Is she really daughter of shiv-parvati? Watch our protagonist break all barriers and help her little brother🥺. Read to find out !!
Within The Bonds

She is innocent They are manipulative She plays it safe They thrive in danger She likes her normal life They rule the world of crime She didn't know they existed They missed her every day After her mother's tragic death, 14- year-old Astoria Lisa Santos now has to move in with a bunch of complete strangers who she now knows as her brothers. What happens when her normal life collides with their not so normal one? Secrets will be unraveled, questions will arise and trust will be tested. But one thing that she learns and will never forget throughout this journey, is that family is not just an important thing, it's everything. All right reserved ©~ Awesome cover made by @annie1loves1you - thank you.
Dealing with Unluckiness (Completed)

What would you do when you are constantly blamed of horrible things that are happening around you and you are innocent but it appears like you are indirectly responsible for it? Zoya Farooqi is considered as unlucky , every man that approaches her for marriage lands in mysterious accidents, with continuous taunts and being blamed starts breaking Zoya, watching Zoya loosing her confidence and herself, a heartbroken father takes a desperate step, her father Gafoor Farooqi makes a deal with Asad Ahmed khan his rival in architecture business to marry Zoya in return he promises a tender which would take Asad's company to new heights and 50% of Farooqi constructions. Is Asad trustable? He is a mystery within himself, Something haunts him and he hides it from all, will that affect their marriage in some way?The unluckiness still haunts Zoya, Is it her fate or a conspiracy?!Join me in the journey of unfolding the mysteries.... Started ➡️ 23 Oct 2018Ended ➡️ 14 Aug 2020P.s : A note for Perfectionists and Grammar Naziz's - Needs editing can contain grammatical errors.
The King's Dark Obsession (BOOK 2)

DARK ROMANCE...Being held within the huge walls of the castle.To feel the last string of sanity slipping out of your figures like soft sand.To be haunted by the past and present.To witness what kind of a monster you were and what kind of a monster you created.Sasha who thought surrendering herself to the monster would only ease her distress ended up falling into a pit with no way out. That pit was called love. She vandalized herself in order to love him until the very man who she was in love with, the very man who forced himself over her in every possible way decided to step back as if he didn't rejoice decades of his immortal life obsessing over her.WARNING!This book contains non consensual relationship, a toxic male lead and lots of gore.
Indulekha: The Sister of The Pandavas •  Mahabharat

𝑰𝒏𝒅𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒌𝒉𝒂, a young cheerful girl from Kaliyug, is reborn as the sister of the Pandavas after she dies. She was the apple of their eyes, their soul, their peace.She was Yudishthir's mind.She was Bheem's strength.She was Arjun's eyes.She was Nakul's speed.She was Sahadev's knowledge.She was their Indu. But, she didn't know that she was Karn's life. But what if she wants to help all of them instead?What if she tries to avoid Draupadi's marriage with the 5 Pandavas, what if she tries to unite Karn and Arjun, what if she tries to stop the dyut sabha?What if she changes the well-known tale of Mahabharata?And between the cobwebs of trust, lies and admiration, was stuck 𝑰𝒏𝒅𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒌𝒉𝒂, the Sister of the Pandavas........#1 in mahabharata#1 in pandava#1 in draupadi#1 in bheem#1 in sahadev#1 in yudishthir#2 in karna#2 in arjun#2 in pandava#3 in arjuna#3 in krishna#4 in mahabharat#4 in pandava
[BL] After Marrying the Disabled Warrior King

After Marrying the Disabled Warrior King嫁给残疾战王以后Author鱼不渡Status 45 ChaptersShen Muting is dead, but he is alive again! As an apocalyptic superpower, Shen Muting was unfortunate enough to dress up as a pitiful being bullied everywhere, and was forced to marry the disabled warrior king. It is rumored that King Zhan has a violent character and vicious methods. As long as the person who offends King Zhan will die miserably, everyone in the court will be in danger. Shen Muting on the sedan chair narrowed his eyelashes slightly, feeling that this disabled warrior was quite interesting. On the wedding night, Shen Muting waited for a long time and no one took off his hijab, only to see a dagger touching his throat when he lifted the hijab. The King of War sat opposite him, bloodthirsty and cruelty hidden in his eyes, the dagger pressed forward, "What is your mission? Kill me or military power?" Shen Muting reached out and gently twisted the blade, kissed his blade, Wan Er smiled, "Would you believe me if I said I was happy with my heart?" King Zhan felt that this scumbag with a famous flower name had a sick mind, and everyone was afraid that he would be too late, "what do you think?" Shen Muting laughed even wider when he heard the words, and swiped his index finger lightly on the tip of the knife and wiped it on the King of War's lips. Later, when the king of war met him with a sword, Shen Muting kissed the body of his sword, and took advantage of the situation to approach and caress his Adam's apple. Later, the King of War said to him: "If anyone loses you, I will kill whoever!" Shen Muting put his hand around his neck, "What if you lose me?" "I will never lose you!"NOTE: FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES SO DON'T REPOST MTLED IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEN IT IS IN POOR QUALITY I DID THIS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO CAN'T AFFORD PROPERLY TRANSLATED AND LIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION SO PLEASE DON'T CRITICIZE THE QUALITY NOR THE WAY I MTLED
Her fae & His fairy

What kind was there before the fae we know today?A story where our Inner Circle finds a fairy not a fae.AzrielxOC18+First uploaded: 15/9 2023
My Bad Boy Is A Murderer [EDITING]

Derek Knight has always been Kingsbury's bad boy. But when he's arrested his freshman year of high school, for the murder of Thomas Harding, his reputation goes from bad to worse. After a short three year incarceration in juvenile detention, Derek returns to Kingsbury High to finish his senior year. He's feared by everyone and afraid of no one. When Arabella Masterson, a quiet girl who prefers to blend in, is assigned to tutor Derek for the rest of the school year, Derek finds his hard shell slowly beginning to crack. When Derek brings a little spice to Arabella's world, she finds herself craving more. With issues from Derek's past and his bad boy reputation always getting in the way, can Derek and Arabella somehow fight through it all, or is the relationship they worked to build a means to an end?(This is an updated description for the book edit)

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Disclaimer: Just for fun and not at all a way to discredit what the men of Easy Company fought for. The concept of these stories are fictional.OngoingI'll take any requests :) (Willing to write about The pacific as well!)All gifs are from tumblr

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[ ONESHOT ][ CHANBAEK ] Chuyện của cậu và tớ.

Tay Baekhyun thật lạnh, xanh xao và nhỏ bé hai đứa cứ chạy và chạy. Tay của cậu ấy vẫn không vơi đi hơi lạnh, nên hắn cố gắng làm ấm đôi tay đó thật nhanh, cẩn thận để cậu ấy không bị téCó lẽ hắn luôn dành thời gian để chơi với cậu, chăm sóc cậu những điều tốt nhấtHắn yêu cậuKhông gì có thể hơn kém điều đóHắn quỳ trước mộ cậu nước mắt bắt đầu chảy hắn khóc, khóc rất nhiềuAuthor: Bi

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Y/n is a 15 year old maknae in a group name flowers girls a girl group under pledis entertainment everything was going well until she was ask to get in a relationship with someone...Samuel is always at pledis he comes to visit seventeen and during the time of visiting he started to fall for y/n but then someone gets in the way..She is in love ...with two idols .«Ongoing© MyshywooziEnding soon.

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The Boondock Saints xReader One Shots (Taking Requests)

This is a book of Connorxreader/Murphyxreader one shots (I'll only write those two)! I'll also take requests! Upon trying to find some xreader fanfic for the boys, I discovered that the world was in short supply of the stuff, so here I am. I hope you like it!WARNING: some one shots MAY contain smut. I will put a warning at the beginning of the one shot if it does.

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Time travel to Mahabharata

Join our protagonist as she becomes the most vital part of dharmstapna.Will she side with Kauravas or Pandavas? Will she help Pandavas unite with their eldest?Will she help in the unification of radha-krishna? Will she fall in love and with whom? Is she really daughter of shiv-parvati? Watch our protagonist break all barriers and help her little brother🥺. Read to find out !!

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LuckyFriYAY Bechloe Bucket list

Chloe tries to get Beca to notice her after moving into their apartment in L.A. and this is how she succeeds.

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Why Must I

Hey Besties! This is a long poem I wrote a few weeks ago! Hunni, I can't rhyme. Sorry about thatTHANKS!

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Wild One ||A Teen Wolf Fanfic||✓

Sour wolves, werewolf best friends, high school, monsters in the woods, hunters for family, mean girls, and the constant sarcasm of Stiles Stilinski; what's a girl to do? When Cody Argent imagined high school, it was anything but this. Instead of spending her free time studying and running track, she's chasing down werewolves, fighting very real creatures she once thought were mythical, attempting to stop her dad and aunt from killing her friends, and trying not to gawk at Derek Hale. It's an interesting existence in Beacon Hills, but Cody is up for the ride.Slow burn. Like hella slow burnDerek Hale x OCTeen Wolf-Season 1 1 in: #derekxoc

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How to Train Your Grimm

Ruby Rose grew up believing that Grimm were soulless creatures that only lived to kill. But when she starts to take care of a wounded Grimm, her core beliefs are challenged.

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Your name is Jorley. You are a 11 year old girl who has abusive drunks parents. You eventually run away and start to try and find a place to live... read more to find out what happens!

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