Unwanted Guest (TaeKook)

Unwanted Guest (TaeKook)

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Unwanted Guest


Eomma, try to understand I DONT want to share my room with anyone. Please.

He is the only son of my best friend. so you have to listen to me or else you have to come back to Busan for forever.

With that his mother cut the call.





Number #1 on Taekook (18.09.2021- 23.09.2021)
Number #5 on Fanfiction (18.09.2021- 24.09.2021)
Number #1 on The best ( 26.09.2021, 12.11.2021, still number 1)
Number # 1 on Moments (27.09.2021)
Number# 1 on jeonjungkook
Number# 13 on vkook ( 20.2.2022)
Number# 2 on kimtaehyung

Started: 28/04/21
Finished: 15/09/21

Cover pic: @ Iram savage
Pic credit: Hybe

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