Their maid! || A yandere book ||

Their maid! || A yandere book ||

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After y/n became an orphan, she had to do everything by herself. She might've managed by just one job but her mother had taken too much loans for her to clear with working just one job.

Therefore, to fight this problem and humiliation of people calling her always to return the money, she decides to find another job which would pay her somewhat more than the cafe she worked at.

That's when she saw the poster "A maid needed" and her life changed. She now worked with the three Greek god looking guys, who she couldn't even afford to see in her dreams. The pay was high and she could live with them, in the same mansion. But why didn't she think "So much money, just for being a maid?"

That's when her life turned upside down and now she's stuck and troubled. Will she successfully be the toy of the brothers or will she be able to run away and survive?

Let's find out in the book!

{Guys this is my second book, please show some love to this aswell, thankyou<33}

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