On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

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COMPLETED [boyxboy]

After his religious mother kicks him out for being gay, Elijah Ellis moves in with his father, where his step-mother, step-brother, and half-sister also welcome him.

Elijah aspires to continue doing what he loves and play hockey for his new school, but his past hookup with the closeted hockey captain, Fox Ridley, complicates things. While Elijah just wants to get through the season unscathed, Fox is hellbent on hating him.

Elijah is unsure whether he will ever overcome Fox's hatred, or if he will remain on thin ice.

~171k words

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📵🔞 Monthly Chest(1)🔞📵

Second Tran Book For Me?That manga is also 👉🔞👈So.......... 😝
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*** This story belongs to Lucy Maud Montgomery. I don't own anything.

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