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Category: Teen Fiction
"My intentions would be simple," he says with a deep, heated gaze, his warm breath fanning across my face.

He slowly moves himself even closer to me so that our bodies are mere millimeters away from touching, causing breathing to become a chore. "My intentions would be a kiss."

"You know once we went there, we wouldn't be able to come back," I breathe, my voice barely above a whisper as my heart pounds out of my chest, adrenaline mixed with desire coursing through every cell of my being. "There are other things going on that would make even just a kiss way too dangerous."


🚨 WARNING! 🚨 This book contains suggestive content, mature themes, language and main characters with a love for sexual innuendo. 😉

If you like cliches, high school love stories and a bit of mystery, strap yourself in and get ready to enjoy the ride, baby. Make sure you add this to your library + click "Follow" on my profile to get a notification when I add a chapter, that way you don't miss out on anything!

#1 in Badboy.
#1 in High School Experience.
#1 in Perfect.
#1 in Friendship.
#1 in Teens.
#1 in Athletic.
1st place in @EliahGreenwood 's "Greenwood Christmas" competition.

This book is not to be reproduced, copied, modified, or adapted in any way without the express written permission of the author.

Copyright © 2018-2021 | Rachael Johnson | All Rights Reserved

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